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CITY BISCO: The Disco Biscuits & Ichisan

Disco-Biscuits-2-600x400The bill for this weekend’s City Bisco is stacked high with heavy hitting artists. People will have the opportunity to see four sets from The Disco Biscuits, as well as performances from Gigamesh, Method Man & Redman, Emancipator, Treasure FingersShpongle(who just released a new album), Twiddle, and much more. From the reviews so far of the The Biscuits’ performance in Baltimore this evening, the next two nights should turn out to be an epic run from the electronic jamband. We’ll be coming back with reviews on the shows and possibly some interviews too, have a safe weekend!

A couple weeks ago Eskimo Recordings released a compilation album titled, ‘The Pink Collection’. Slovenian electronic artist Ichisan produced an exclusive track for album called “Jugoton, which you can listen to below. Several months ago we published an article about Ichisan, which he chose to be featured in his section of the album insert. So this weekend we’ll be journeying to Philadelphia for City Bisco to catch up with him at his first US appearance! Friday night at the Blockley he’ll share the late-night bill with Australian disco outfit The Swiss(DJ set) and Kung Fu, and Saturday he’ll be joining up with LA’s Plastic Plates, and the instrumental Brother’s Past project, BpM!

You can view the original article on Ichisan here.

You can view the album insert of the Eskimo Recordings compilation ‘The Pink Collection’, featuring Ichisan here.




NEW MUSIC: Eskimo Recordings Alumni


I Love You Mixtape for Eskimo Recordings

Copenhagen’s rising star Brynjoflur is a brand new addition to Europe’s disco mafia, Eskimo Recordings. His first single with the label, “I Love You”, was made as an exclusive for the compilation album ‘The Pink Collection’, in addition he released an EP as well.  Disregard the fact you’ve never heard of him. Like that matters, because you will. The kid is fierce, and nestles nice and snug with Eskimo. Far from a lethargic DJ (we don’t deal with those types), he’s been playing piano since he was a tiny Danish lad and experimenting with house music since his adolescence. This is his first EP and he already has support from Tensnake, Djuma Soundsystem, and the release features remixes from Pharaoh Black Magic, and Peter Visti. His discography is short but saturated with style and zeal. Check out the new “I Love You Mixtape for Eskimo Recordings” linked above, starting off with the title track and over an hour of first class disco-house picks.



Surahn- Wonderful (Aeroplane Remix)

Aeroplane just released a new remix of Surahn’s “Wonderful”, which you can stream now (linked above). This tune is classic Vito (Aeroplane).  To this day he hasn’t produced a track faster than 120 beats per minute, and he has no need to. The melodic piano rolls, the walking bass that just won’t quit, the flashy synthesizers, it’s all there. He has a brand, a patented style, and that is only one of several indications of his talent. After a long career with Eskimo Recordings and a brief hiatus, he founded his own Aeropop label last year. You can see him perform courtesy of FIXED in New York City at the Highline Ballroom on September 27th! The remix will be available for purchase on DFA Records September 24th!


La Crique August Mix Tape

Check out the new ‘La Crique’ August Tape from Zimmer! Summer may be at an end, but that doesn’t we can’t pretend. Zimmer crafted this mix to be “the perfect pool party music”, and meets that goal with much success.


Enjoy the beats folks, it’s a pleasure as always -Cb

Chromeo Announce Live Dates

chrGuess what? Turns out that Chromeo will be touring this fall. The duo announced earlier today that they will only be doing three live performances this November. Dave’s words were exactly this:

“Funkateers, Chromettes, we’re only doing THREE live shows this year. That’s it. Here’s the list…tickets go on sale later this week. 

Nov 6th, 2013 – London, UK XOYO

Nov 8th, 2013 –Manchester, UK Annie Mac Presents – The Warehouse Project

Nov 14th, 2013 – New York, NY Webster Hall

You might assume correctly that those tickets will disappear within 72 hours. The Webster Hall is a solid venue in the heart of New York City. This will also be their first tour as a live act in quite a while. This is a can’t miss event in a season that’s abundant with “can’t miss” events. Chromeo live is something of whole new breed. It’s ridiculous, amazing, hilarious, intelligent, clever, and unbelievably tight. Both Dave and P-Thugg are incredible musicians who are clearly born to be on stage and doing exactly what they are doing. You can watch an excellent video of one of their performances here. They will inevitably go down in history as some of the most talented songwriters and live performers to grace the stage. You certainly won’t be disappointed. The tour is also in support of their soon to be released 4th studio album, ‘White Women’, making this show one of the most anticipated of the year. Tickets will go on sale later week as our man Dave stated, so keep a close eye on those sale dates!

Download the new single “Over Your Shoulder” from Chromeo here!


1045127_469638509780076_707405106_nPaulie, formerly of The Cosmonauts, just dropped the 6th edition of his Hot Paulie Mixes. The project hasn’t been around for that long but he’s doing some great things. The bass oriented disco trademarked by The ‘Nauts has definitely overlapped with the new focus on house, producing a sound equally unique as his former project. Why they split is a mystery, but we have Paulie now. The potential for his talent has already been established, and although he’s staying modest in production output, we’re sure that we’re gonna see some really good work from him.

>>Listen/Download the Hot Paulie Mix #6 from Paulie here!<<

The Magician To Release EP This Fall…

artworks-000057515613-59rhkv-t500x500Rather than kicking off the month with another installment of his Magic Tape series, mysterious disco debonair The Magician just dropped a preview of his new single, “When the Night is Over” featuring Newtimers. Even better, he will be releasing his untitled debut EP on Parlophone Records this November! Not only will the EP include at least one original track, but it seems he has already gained remix support from Busy P, Digitalism, Todd Edwards, and more!

This will be The Magician’s first studio collection released since the formation of the solo project. He has a couple handfuls of original tracks and remixes he has dropped over the years, such as his remix of Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers” which continues to circulate on dancefloors across the globe after being released 2 years ago! He’s been known to collaborate with Yuksek, releasing tracks as Peter & The Magician, the most recent of which was “On My Brain”. The two have a couple EP’s together: On My Brain and Twist. The upcoming debut in November will be the first EP released solely by the Magician however.

>>Listen to The Magician’s “When The Night Is Over (featuring NewTimers)” here<<

1234692_597081687009633_1137040986_nFormerly the second half of Aeroplane, in 2010 Stephen Fasano said his goodbyes to his partner Vito.  The Magician started out a small DJ project as an attempt to keep his career moving forward after leaving Vito Deluca and the Aeroplane moniker behind. From the beginning his Magic Tapes were catching on. He was coming out strong, and he needed to with the large portion of fans still attached to the Aeroplane name. The disappointment from the breakup was a quickly being forgot, soon to become an anecdote in the two artists’ history. This was especially true once he did his first US tour, showcasing his genuine skills as a DJ and taking clubs by storm. By the time the 3rd installment to theMagic Tapes was released, it was clear that The Magician was going to do big things. 

The new single will be available for purchase and download on September 23rd, and keep your eyes for the new EP, out November 4th on Parlophone Records! Who knows, perhaps we might get a little tour out this too…



Chromeo Release Trailer For New Album

chromeo-concertIt’s about time Dave & P.  Just hours ago the chic disco-funk phenomenon Chromeo released a teaser video for their upcoming album, White Women! The album was originally set to drop last April, and has been repeatedly  pushed back for months. Fans can breathe at least a small sigh of relief with this trailer, it’s quite the step up from the “Coming Soon”, and “#NewAlbumOClock”, posts on Facebook or Twitter. There is still no official date for White Women‘s debut upon the world but we do have an official announcement, and a new song, “Over Your Shoulder”, which is featured in the video. We will just have to continue anxiously sitting on the edge of our seats until the moment comes.


>>Watch the Teaser Video for the new album ‘White Women’, from Chromeo here!<<



To support his newest release ‘Even Tundra, Benji Vaughan, aka Prometheus, will be playing at  SRB Brooklyn this month! On September 20th in the empty warehouse district of Brooklyn, New York, this venue will be host to yet another prestigious electronic event. The show will feature a headlining DJ set by Younger Brother and live performance by Prometheus, as well as five circulating openers. Minus a few random gigs a year(if that) with various acts, Vaughan hasn’t made an appearance of this magnitude in the Northeast since Camp Bisco VIII 2009, where he also shared the bill with Younger Brother. The venue is excellent too. They definitely pack the place up when the bigger acts are booked, but there’s a lot of floor space. Other than one little adjacent dive bar and the very nearby subway entrance, there’s nothing but street lights and shadows for blocks. Sounds scary but it’s not folks we assure you.

>>Watch Prometheus Live in Moscow 2011<<

Twisted Records is celebrated for it’s unique collective of musicians, and the originality of each of the artists signed. The two acts billed are both creators of hauntingly beautiful psytrance and experimental electronics. Both dismiss any notion of boundary and push the envelope with every track they produce, and both have Benji Vaughan behind them. He’s a mad scientist. This will definitely be an interesting, and very weird evening. ‘Even Tundra’, available now, is the first solo album he has released as “Benji Vaughan”. The material on his new solo project is a lot more ambient and exploratory, a step in a different direction from the dark and intensely melodic psytrance of the headlining Prometheus moniker. What mix of musical sorcery will take place is up to you to find out. His set alone is worth attending. As a musician himself, and literally the supervising album producer at Twisted Records, his experience shines on stage. No gimmicks, straight to the point.

He will also be doing a DJ set as Younger Brother which has the potential to be epic. The group was founded as a “psytrance supergroup” of sorts by him and Simon Posford (Hallucinogen, Shpongle) but various other members have been involved as well, such Marc Brownstein of The Disco Biscuits, Tom Hamilton of Brother’s Past, and Joe Russo. The last album, titled ‘Vaccine’, was very focused on vocals and song writing, leaving out a lot of the characteristics of their previous work. However, they are currently working on a more “electronic” version of the release says YB. No matter how artistic or refined a DJ is, they love giving fans a taste of some fresh productions they won’t find anywhere outside that show. That being said, we’re sure that some of the new material will be heard, it is the theme of the night after all. Feel free to express your anger if we’re wrong too, we have a wonderful comments section. Hope to you all at the show!

>>Benji Vaughan- ‘Even Tundra’ CD on Soundcloud<<

Event Website:

Upcoming Fall Jam Dates

umph guitarThis past summer showcased a particularly memorable onslaught of Jam Band assaults on the country, and now it is spilling into the fall. The so called “STUM” tour with Umphrey’s McGee and STS9 (which just ended this weekend) made multiple headlines in places like Jambase and Deathwaltz Media Group. Phish is just culminating a phenomenal summer tour, breaking open the heads of their fans with Herculean jams like the much obsessed 37 minute “Tweezer” in Lake Tahoe, or the recent 23 minute “Chalk Dust Torture” opener in Colorado. The Disco Biscuits’ performances at the annual Camp Bisco this year were undeniably their best of 2013 thus far. We can’t leave out the fact that alongside the festival hosts, the stage was shared with Umphrey’s McGee, Lotus, and STS9. The last time all four of those bands were together was Rothbury 2009! Those are just a few highlights, needless to say it was a huge summer for these guys.

disco-biscuits-city-bisco-2013-lineup-ticketsAfter you clean the mud out of your car from the festivals, or the fast food remains from being on the road, we’ll help you gear up for the season change. We certainly hope your summer was a spacey ride, but the impending chills are coming with some thrills. If your sense of reality and your wallet can take it, the upcoming months are overflowing with dates in the Northeast. The festival season still has the green light; check out the Catskill Chill Music Festival this weekend featuring Lotus, RAQ, Kung Fu, Brother’s Past, and others. On October 18th Phish will kick off their Fall Tour with a three night run in Hampton,VA. Just weeks away the 2nd Annual City Bisco will take place at the gorgeous Mann Center in Philadelphia! The event will feature four sets from The Disco Biscuits as well as performances by Shpongle, Emancipator, Gigamesh, Method Man & Redman, Treasure Fingers, and a whole lot more. The fanbase for Zoogma has sprouted a huge growth over the last year, and they have quite a few dates coming up in New England. That’s just to butter you up, check out all the links below for what’s in store for some of the most elite improv bands this fall season!

Catskill Chill Music Festival

September 6-8th Camp Minglewood- Hancock, NY (HAPPENING NOW!)



The Disco Biscuits Present City Bisco

September 27-28th The Mann Center- Philadelphia, PA


Zoogma Tour Dates

Phish Fall Tour Dates

Umphrey’s McGee Fall Tour

Tea Leaf Green Tour Dates

Lotus Fall Central USA Tour

Kung Fu Tour Dates

Leftover Salmon Fall Tour

Gov’t Mule Fall Tour

Yonder Mountain String Band Fall Tour

Twiddle Tour Dates