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Brand New Mix from Denver’s Own Movesayer

Photo Credit: @Jim Mimna

Who else likes to lurk in the shadows of the cosmos at night? Deep in the trenches, when you’re lying still and finally free to digest the experiences of your day. The moment after you crack a cold one, take your socks off, and let gravity seduce your eyes shut. I’m sure we’re not the only ones who enjoy creeping through the depths of consciousness. Movesayer is certainly no stranger to such things. That’s inherently clear in his new conceptual piece ‘Fever Dreams’, which we’re spilling into your ears today. Read the rest of this entry


Why You Don’t Want To Miss Proper Sundays Tomorrow…



     Ending the week on a high note is a custom here in Denver. That tradition is going stronger than ever, perhaps with more concentrated passion than the actual weekend itself. Summer is upon us and it’s time to move outside my friends. As part of the Proper Sundays series, Afterhours Anonymous is bringing the eclectic duo Thugfucker to Beta Nightclub tomorrow afternoon for a daytime shindig! For those of you who haven’t been to these day parties, you’ll notice a refreshing lack of spiked high-heels and overcrowded bottle service tables. Instead you’re greeted with a crowd predominantly made of people who are there for the music and not the potential selfie opportunities with one-night-stands. This event series has produced some of the most quality underground electronic performances Denver has seen this year, and it’s not over yet.  Read the rest of this entry

Shall Ocin Celebrates DGTL With Some Evil Grooves…

The DGTL Electronic Music Festival is right around the corner, and with it a stockpile of brand new releases to celebrate! If you’re under the presumption that this is your typical mind-blowing International event, stacked with a lineup you’d kill your 2nd cousin to see, you’re right on the money. As lame Americans like ourselves, you might not be heading to Amsterdam this April to lose your heads; but you can still hear it. Take the enigmatic Shall Ocin for example. His label Ellum Audio will be showcasing some of their top acts at the festival, and to celebrate he released this DGTL podcast! Kiss your sense of reality goodbye and dive in below!

If you’re just hearing about him now, then this is the perfect introduction to his intricate world. Ellum has been mostly recognized as a mainstay for the iconic Maceo Plex, however, it’s artists like this that really grab our attention. Over the last several months Ocin’s name has been coming up more and more, with artists like Scuba or Steve Bug showcasing some of his beats on the stage last fall. You can find his work on some of the top electronic music labels in the world including Akbal, Get Physical, Culprit, and of course his current home at Ellum. Where DJ’s like Maceo kind of smash your skull into oblivion with raw Techno fury, this guy smashes your concept of reality with Techno innovation. Shall’s decelerated approach to Tech-house bears a refreshingly psychedelic sound, and even more so aesthetic. Each track is door to another world, leading to the next door after that, and opening the next after that. The themes are inherently heavy and full of shadow, but his manner of constructing and deconstructing those sounds is uniquely delicate. Everything unfolds at just right the pace, never jumping the gun or derailing from the flow. One moment you’re experiencing a world of cosmic psychosis, and the next you’re lost in a face-melting exchange of crunchy bass lines. And rather than observe these various elements from afar, you become immersed in the thick of them. Conventional dynamics are tossed out the window, and you are no longer just the person on the other end of the speakers. The boundaries of your typical producer v. listener relationship dissolve, and the music becomes personal. There isn’t a single moment of static. You are always present and in the moment at hand. It’s as if he were a sonic architect and these compositions are the schematics to his own little world, to which you’ve all been invited. Suffice to say we are thoroughly impressed with what we’ve heard from Shall Ocin. It’s a new story all it’s own, instead of another retelling. We hope you enjoy…


Lotus 2015 Winter Tour (Part 2): FREE BOSTON WEBCAST!!!


Couch touring has begun and Phish isn’t even on the road yet. Can’t make it to the Lotus shows this weekend? (See previous article below for more tour info) Well then it’s your lucky weekend folks. If you were too lazy to get tickets and move your booty to a venue (just kidding guys), then worry not. The electronic jamband sensation that is Lotus will be doing a FREE webcast from their House of Blues performance tomorrow night! Their guitarist’s overly-awkward eye contact might be missed in your screen’s resolution, but as long as your speakers are functional then you’ve got party potential. Tune into the Yahoo! Live link below and you’re on you’ll be on your way to a crunchy-funk, jam-fueled Friday night! The webcast starts around 9pm!

⇒ Head HERE for the FREE WEBCAST of Lotus In Boston 1/30/2015!!! ⇐


Exclusive Review: Holy Ghost! Live In Boston 1.16.2015


Have you ever just known deep down that you made the right choice about something? An unshakable confidence in your decision that no variable could alter? That’s what it’s like eating at In & Out Burger, or seeing Holy Ghost! spin live. Except the music is even better than an Animal Style cheeseburger. Last weekend they played their first stretch of DJ sets in almost a year, and in the process gave Boston the most proper Friday night they’ve had in who knows how long. (No offense Boston, your promoters just don’t book enough acts.) With this duo riding out the success of their live band over the last few years, it’s become a rare and special thing to see them tour on the decks. After last Friday’s experience at the Sinclair, however, I’m glad to know that one truth remains after all these years: There’s nothing like a Holy Ghost! DJ set ladies and gentlemen. Read the rest of this entry

When Does A Producer Become An Artist?


Ah yes, the quintessential debate that has thrown countless individuals under a compromising spotlight- What qualifies a DJ/producer as an artist? In terms of integrity and musicianship, Electronic music has received more skepticism from critics than any other genre. Who could blame them though? The lack of a clear answer has allowed people like Steve Aoki to be Read the rest of this entry

Aeroplane Kicks Off New Website With A Fresh Mix!!!


The weekend just got a little more funky ladies and gentlemen. It is with great pleasure that we present the first Aeroplane mix of the year! You can listen to the appropriately titled ‘What Do You Mean Balearic?!’ now, and head to the link below for a FREE DOWNLOAD! Just as the name implies, Vito is getting back to his roots and kicking things up a notch. The release celebrates his latest musical strategy, a brand new website called AeroplaneConnect (where you’ll download this mix), which is just getting started this week. Check it out and read more below!

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New 4mplify EP Released For Free!


Alright, it’s January 7th and we’re still seeing Robin Meade covering New Year’s Eve pet photos on the so-called HLN network. The hangovers have dissipated, empty Christmas trees have begun to line the road side, it’s about time we get started with the new year don’t you think? 4mplify is back on our radar with the release of his new ‘Thrill EP’. To kick off 2015 with a cosmic bang, the Belgian producer dropped the two new tracks for FREE DOWNLOAD. What a guy. Now, are you going to let him go through all that selfless trouble for nothing? Check out a review of the release and grab the EP below! (The “PLAY” button is the big one on the left). Read the rest of this entry

Tiger & Woods: The Mystery Revealed

tiger_woods_1000x664Once again the elusive Tiger & Woods have teamed up with Red Bull Music Academy Radio, only we can’t really call them “elusive” anymore. They sat in with RBMA for a rare chat about the music that got them started, how Italo impacted their style, and where their career began. Over the next hour they’ll walk you through some of the classic tunes that inspired the edits we love today, including their ridiculously sexy spin on “Plastic Doll”, the 1982 release from Dharma. We’ve been following these two chaps for over 3 years and we’ve never heard them say more than 10 words so this pretty darn exciting.

It’s quite the privelge folks. How often do we get a personal tour of a musician’s key influences? People always bring up artists like Giorgio Moroder or Greg Wilson when it comes to the “true legends” of disco DJ edits, and they’re certainly not wrong. They’re grossly misinformed if they think that such nostalgic greatness doesn’t exist in a modern form though. Tiger & Woods will be remembered as some of the scene’s greatest. Every gem they put their paws on instantly glows with rejuvenated authenticity. Now that we’ve confirmed one of them has a mustache it’s even more clear just how much they mean business. Don’t be surprised when Daft Punk calls them up for a collaboration 15 years down the road. Listen to this very special showcase below!

*>> Tiger & Woods – Creative Influences Revealed on Red Bull Music Academy Radio HERE  <<*

Side Projects Are Getting Old, Well Maybe Not This One…


Billy & The Kids have officially arrived! The newest side project from jamband land played a solid gig at the 26th Annual X-Mas Jam in Asheville, NC last Saturday. This “super-group” is lead by Bill “Billy” Kreutzmann of The Grateful Dead, and features members from Brother’s Past, The Disco Biscuits, and more. Now that lineup certainly looks explosive, but how does it sound? Is this new band going to sweep us off our feet, or are they going just going to remind us of what’s gone? We’re leaning toward the former but we’ll let you decide. Check out this video of them performing The Dead’s “Crazy Fingers -> Bertha” below and see how they stack up! Read the rest of this entry