Brand New Mix from Denver’s Own Movesayer

Photo Credit: @Jim Mimna

Who else likes to lurk in the shadows of the cosmos at night? Deep in the trenches, when you’re lying still and finally free to digest the experiences of your day. The moment after you crack a cold one, take your socks off, and let gravity seduce your eyes shut. I’m sure we’re not the only ones who enjoy creeping through the depths of consciousness. Movesayer is certainly no stranger to such things. That’s inherently clear in his new conceptual piece ‘Fever Dreams’, which we’re spilling into your ears today.

The mix is quite versatile in it’s dark approach. You can dance to it, you can sleep to it. Each groove builds on thematic progressions that form malleable soundscapes which roll in and out of each other. You can’t really pinpoint it as house or techno, and trying to would only neglect it’s value. It slowly pulls you into a dimension in between here and there, where the mind is free to wander. Imagine the Upside Down only without a Demogorgon or Wynona Ryder. If you pay attention, you’re rewarded by intricately connected notes that form peaks and valleys of intensely patient but gratifying beats. Or, you could also choose to fall through the floors into a selfless state of hypnotic ecstasy and drift away with no promise of return. It’s some Grade-A disassociative grandeur. 

Movesayer is one of our top upcoming prospects in the local Denver music scene. He basically came out of the woodwork, having only started playing shows last December. After only a few months of effort his resume is already juicing up. In a short time he’s already headlined a show at Hailands Underground with his Replicate outfit, played an opening set for Red Axes, and opened for Allen Aucoin, aka Dr. Fameus, the drummer of The Disco Biscuits. We’re stoked to add him to the arsenal of local heat we have in this city. You can catch him at Your Mom’s House next Wednesday FREE of charge and get a taste for yourselves! He’ll be joined by Josh Verse and an all-vinyl performance from Sevin. It’s summer in Colorado people, get up and hit the streets! 



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