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The New Deal Still Has It…LISTEN HERE > > >

NewDeal-colourThe New Deal just released their first fresh soundboard recording in years, and it is good my friends. Toronto’s live techno trio have skipped the warming up stage by miles from the sound of their recent performance in Silver Springs, MD. Listen to the entire second set below! After a two year absence, band members Dan Kurtz (currently of Dragonette) and Jamie Shields (Suckerpunch) answered the fan’s demand for a reunion, not without some unfortunate conditions though. Sadly, original drummer and frontman Darren Shearer decided he would not move forward with the group. Joel Strouffer has taken his place, but not without a skeptical eye from their followers. Can the New Deal capture the interest of fans and musicians alike as they did back in the day?

Hopefully I can put some of your worries to rest. After their hiatus-breaking performance at the now infamous Hudson Music Project (no doubt a highlight in a cataclysmic weekend), they shot over to Silver Springs for two personalized sets at the Fillmore. Missed the shows? Apprehensive to buying tickets for their upcoming tour? We don’t blame you, but check this out! While Darren did have a lot to offer in the trio’s dynamic sound, we think you might be pleased with what you hear. From a fan’s perspective, this group still fully accomplishes what they set out to do in the first place: To be a truly live house/techno group, an exclusively electronic band, and to do it well. The style has shifted a little bit of course, but not as much as you may think. They still have that classic sound, plus a lot of new tricks as well. The direction in their improvising hasn’t veered much. However, now they’re going different places on top of the old ones. Jamie has a whole new batch of effects and momentum to go with them, and that alone is worth the time. They still milk those huge build-ups to their fullest peaking potential. Joel’s drumming is slightly less evolved than Shearer’s, but it sounds like even that might change after some more shows together. It’s The New Deal 2.0 and if you embrace that concept, you might find that you’re not too far from home.



The Disco Biscuits Sell Out 2nd Night Of Upcoming 930 Club Shows

The Disco Biscuits live @ Irving Plaza in NYC

If you haven’t heard yet, read it and weep. The Disco Biscuits have officially sold out the second night of their two day run in Washington DC next month. On July 31st the band will play the 9:30 Club for two back-2-back shows leading up to their headlining performance at Gathering of the Vibes. This also marks the first time they’ve played the venue in two years. According to the fans themselves, this club witnessed some of the most highly regarded performances in the group’s history. From what we’ve heard in the recordings, their shows in New York City last weekend were top notch as well. This band doesn’t tour by themselves like they used to, and it’s not often you get an opportunity to see them outside a festival for an old-fashioned run. After these two shows, they’ll take the stage with Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann of the The Greatful Dead for a collaborative performance. If you have a burning desire to see this band again, you know you don’t want to sleep on those last tickets!

Some Bonus Advice: Seth Troxler will be playing after the show at the U-Street Music Hall on July 31st! Plan your epic night accordingly friends.

May 2014 Event Calendar

James Ford of Simian Mobile Disco Spinning Live

James Ford of Simian Mobile Disco Spinning Live

May is finally upon us ladies and gentlemen and that means blue skies, backyard BBQ sessions, and the first mow of the season. It also means sunny drives with your windows rolled down, and your speakers turned up as you travel to your next live music destination. Don’t listen to the act you’re going to see on the way there though, it’s bad luck! You guys will have plenty of opportunities for that, maybe too many perhaps. This month is STACKED with live dates across the Northeast, it’s absurd. We’ve provided you with a guide to some tasty events in NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, and several others, and there are always more. If your fancy doesn’t get tickled, well we might just not be a good fit for you. Safe travels friends, we’ll definitely be on the scene for several of these dates!

TONIGHT Umphrey’s McGee (release party!) @ Brooklyn Bowl- Brooklyn, NY [jamband, funk, rock]

TONIGHT Conspirator @ The Abbey Bar- Harrisburg, PA

5/7 Odesza and Manic Focus @ The Middle East- Boston, MA [experimental, dub, glitch]

5/7 Fikus and MUN @ Brooklyn Bowl- Brooklyn, NY [jamband, live, electronic]

5/8 The Breakfast @Johnny D’s- Somerville, MA [funk, jamband]

5/8 Joy Orbison @ Output- Brooklyn, NY [house]

5/8 Turbine @ Black Oak Tavern- Oneonta, NY [jamband, rock, folk]

5/9 Optimo (rare US appearance!) @ Output- Brooklyn, NY [house]

5/9 Pleasurekraft and Oliver$ (Kraftwerk showcase) @ Bijou Nightclub- Boston,MA [techno tribute, house, various] Read the rest of this entry

Local Fury- Triumph:A Tribute to The Disco Biscuits


1094821_645731838820950_1050034319_nHow did you spend last weekend? Well if you live in some place extravagant like New York City, you probably did something awesome. If you live in some place like Boise, well then we’re not quite sure what you did. If you reside in the quaint blue hills of Western Massachusetts however, then you got a party worth writing home about. Triumph: A Tribute to The Disco Biscuits set the quiet streets of Pittsfield on fire. Over a week later, social media outlets are still buzzing with praise and accolades.

We’re not completely bereft of entertainment. Over the years Berkshire County has seen some true talent roll through, but you wouldn’t want to hold your breath between such instances. Folk heroes James Taylor and Arlo Guthrie reside in these hills and mountains on a permanent basis, and acts like Blue Oyster Cult, Yonder Mountain String Band, and Keller Williams have all made appearances in the southern half of the county. There is an outdoor amphitheater in the county that bills some really huge acts, but it still doesn’t provide a weekend music scene. Those sporadic events nowhere near qualify this place as a destination for live music. For the most part, residents who crave the stage mainly have to travel to get their fix. Ironically, this is where we also call home at the moment ladies and gentlemen, and it is quite beautiful.

946104_10152121483380336_515926580_nJust over a week ago we caught a big break. Triumph gave locals a performance they deserved. Why are we writing about a tribute band? And at such great length you ask? Well for one thing, believe it or not they are the first official Disco Biscuits tribute band, or at least the only active one that we can think of (and we’re usually pretty good at that stuff). Really it’s because they set out to cover the music of one of the most technically innovative bands around, and they did a remarkable job. Jon “Barber” Guttwillig, the lead guitarist of tDB is one of the most abstract players around, and really what makes the band so unique. Our local Dan Greene stepped up to the plate and nailed his style fairly well, and he doesn’t even like the band he’s covering! If he can play like a top-tier guitarist he isn’t even a fan of, who knows how good he might at his real passions. They took a risk attempting to replicate such unique music, and it goes way beyond skill to accomplish a solid, cohesive improv jam between four individuals and make it sound good. That takes a lot of chemistry and practice, but Triumph are no underdogs. These guys avoided static and had a clear direction in their playing throughout the entire duration of the show.

Pete Matthews, aka DJ Mathematics, kept the crowd moving with opening and set-break DJ sets. Rather than playing the role of some bar room DJ for hire, Pete held his own. Bringing out classy tracks from artists like Flying Lotus, he did a fine job veering far and true from any run of the mill chart selections. The opening set concluded with a segue into Triumph‘s opening “M.E.M.P.H.I.S.” cover. Any dance junkies in the room that night left more than satisfied, especially thanks to Aaron Nackoul on the keys and synths. Fans of the jam got the most exciting performance in town since Dark Star Orchestra performed across the street a couple of years ago. More importantly, fans of the cult followed Disco Biscuits got a very accurate presentation of the band’s catalog, as well as a very impressive slew of improv segments. We’re not exaggerating here folks. The local fans aren’t even close to the only ones who feel this way either. Fan forums and message boards with members based all over the US have been talking about this little tribute band. You can listen for yourselves HERE or on Archive.

Triumph is Brad Greene on drums, Dan Greene on guitar, John Kelly on bass, and Aaron Nackoul on keys.



Greatful Biscuits and Gathering of the Vibes: What to Expect?

GatheringofthevibesWe don’t rely on some cute fluffy marmot to tell us when Spring is coming. Do we get our confirmation with the first flowers attempting to bloom from beneath the thawing ground? Is it the scent of Earth making it’s return through the cracks in our windows? No, the most reliable indicator to the coming spring season is found in the festival flyers and lineup announcements currently flooding your news feed and social media channels. One of the biggest announcements so far this year came from the Gathering of the Vibes music festival being held in Bridgeport, CT. As you may have heard, jam-fusion pioneers The Disco Biscuits are collaborating with former Greatful Dead members Bill Kreutzman and Mickey Hart for the headlining performance. Such a notion, once limited to the pillow talk of dreaming hippies, is coming into practice at this summer’s 19th annual GOTV event.

thediscobiscuits-mickeyhart-billkreutzmannWe would really like to know what the fans think about this. Both of the collaborators have reputably obsessive followings, and it’s safe to say that this performance won’t resemble anything either have seen before. We’re kind of scratching our heads on this one ourselves, especially when we read ex-Dead member Mickey Hart stated in a recent Rolling Stone article that “The Disco Biscuits seem to prefer trance/space, moment music. Bill and I are quite familiar with the genre”. Who knows, maybe patrons will get a “Truckin” drum and bass improv jam? Despite that all parties involved are prominent figures in the jamband universe, and that The Greatful Dead are significant forefathers in this American music movement, we are talking about two completely different worlds. Don’t mistake our bemusement with apprehension though. The musical result of this collaboration will be interesting to say the least. Aron Magner, keyboardist of The Disco Biscuits, makes a valid point in the same article when he says, “though our music is quite different, the ethos is the same – both on the improvisational level as well as in the sense of community that our bands have created with our fans.” Everyone seems to have confidence in the experiment, and that’s the most important thing. In a recent interview, bassist Marc Brownstein stated that the Biscuits were going back to their rock n’ roll roots, instead of relying so much on the techno concept. That statement has held up so far, with their last three runs being regarded by fans as their best performances in years. GOTV will only be the 2nd festival appearance outside their own event since 2011. Coincidentally, it is Kreutzmann and Hart’s first performance together since 2011, marking a legendary return.

3006326076_b6bf8774a5_mGathering of the Vibes is heavily rooted in the jamband community, in fact it’s gates have witnessed countless pieces of history from dozens of musicians. Wavy Gravy, a festival icon since 60’s era counterculture, has been the festival’s MC since the first event. This year’s initial lineup is a wet dream for fans of this genre, a 4-day long lucid wetdream. Among a plethora of varying musical acts, this summer’s bill will feature performances from jam giants Leftover Salmon, Umphrey’s McGee, Moe, Dark Star Orchestra, and Widespread Panic. Throw that Biscuits/tGD icing on the cake and this will mark one of the biggest jam-related events of the year, with more artists to still be announced. Between the headliners and several other acts on the lineup, you can expect to hear whole lot of Dead covers over the weekend. One question remains: Is there enough room for “Eyes of the World” and “Story of the World” in one set? Maybe we’ll have a Ghostbusters versus Gozer scenario on our hands; less evil and potentially world ending, but equally epic by some standards. Don’t cross the streams!

Tickets, full lineup, and Info can be found here. Other acts include Ziggy Marley, Edward Sharp & the Magnetic Zeroes, John Fogerty, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, Keller Williams’ GreatfulGrass w/ Jeff Austin & Reed Mathis, Kung Fu, American Babies w/ Tom Hamilton, late nights sets from EOTO, Dopapod, Digital Tape Machine, Deep Banana Blackout, and much more to come!


Dopapod Live Show

Dopapod Live Show

Here’s a list of some great acts coming through the Northeast over the next week. Ranging from New England, Philly, Rhode Island, and New York City, there’s something for all tastes and regions. Despite the festival season being in full swing this week is looking packed! If you can make it to one of those Floating Points dates then we strongly recommend it, he is one exceptional artist that seldom tours.

Fri 8/2 Jeff Bujak @ Fiori – Great Barrington, MA [Ambient, Improv, Synth]

Sat 8/3 Midnight Magic @ Brooklyn Bowl – Brooklyn, NY [Disco/Pop]

Sat 8/3 Yonder Mountain String Band w/ Railroad Earth @ Saranac Brewery – Utica, NY [Jamband/Bluegrass]

Sat 8/3 Dopapod @ Ocean Mist – Wakefield, RI [Electronic/Experimental/Jamband]

Mon 8/5 >>FIVE NIGHTS!<< Dark Star Orchestra @ Full Moon Resort – Big Indian, NY [Jamband/Grateful Dead tribute]

Tue 8/6 Disclosure @ Central Park Summer Stage – New York, NY [House/Live Deep House]

Wed 8/7 Dr.Fameus (featuring Allen Aucoin of The Disco Biscuits) @ The Blockley – Philadelphia, PA [Drum & Bass/Ambient]

Wed 8/7 Twiddle @ Nectar’s – Burlington, VT [Jamband]

Thu 8/8 Destructo @ Output – Brooklyn, NY [House]

Thu 8/8 Floating Points @ Dolphin Tavern – Philadelphia, PA [Ambient/IDM]

Fri 8/9 Break Science & Paper Diamond @ Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion – Bangor, ME [Experiemental/Improv]

Floating Points on live synthesizers

Floating Points Performing Live

Fri 8/9 Floating Points @ Output – Brooklyn, NY [Ambient/IDM]

Fri 8/9 Bag Raiders @ Morgan’s Pier – Philadelphia, PA [Disco/House/Pop]

Sat 8/10 Turbine @ Spaceland Ballroom – Hamden, CT [Jamband]

Jamcruise Lineup Announcement

jamcruise-11-full-lineup-2013What’s better than six days of festival-style shenanigans and top notch musicians from around the globe? Doing it on a cruise. Jamcruise has announced the lineup for it’s 12 annual festival event, due to set sail on January4th 2014. The ultimate party boat will depart from Miami and make its way to Jamaica and culminate in the tropics of the Bahamas. Purchase tickets for your cruise cabins may 30th!

12th Annual Jamcruise Lineup

Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang.Thievery Corporation. Bootsy Collins and the Unity Funk Band.Robert Randolph and the Family Band.Galactic.Surprise Set on Private Island.Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe.Lotus.The Wailers.Lettuce.Keller Williams.Conspirator.Keller and the Kimocks.Giant Underground Conspiracy.Dumpstafunk.The New Mastersounds.John Popper & DJ Logic.The Infamous Stringdusters.Anders Osborne.Rob Garza(of Thievery) solo DJ sets.ALO.MarchFourth Marching Band.Orgone.Pork Tornado.Bonerama.The Revivalists.Robert Walter’s 20th Congress.Monophonics.The Mike Dillon Band.Eric Krasno Band.DJ Logic.Everyone Orchestra.Alan Evans Super Jam.Brock Butler.Nathan Moore.Stanley Jordan.Cyril Neville.Oteil Burbridge(of the Allman Brothers Band).Bill Evans.Sherik.Alecia Shakour.Will Bernard.Victor Wooten.Butch Trucks.Col Bruce Hampton.Kofi Burbridge.Luther & Cody Dickinson

Disco Biscuits To Stream Red Rocks Event


It appears the demand for streaming the band’s performances live has finally been met. The Disco Biscuits will be streaming the Feed the Rocks event at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado this Saturday. Better late than never we always say. Following two shows at the Boulder Theater, the band will be playing two sets at Red Rocks with support from Shpongle, RJD2, and local acts. This being the first time they have streamed a show live in years, the decision is more than a sigh of relief for fans across the country who are unable to attend.

db110707_02The Disco Biscuits formed in Philadelphia in 1995 playing college parties and dive bars and have since made a name for themselves as one of the highest selling jam band acts in history. Known for pioneering in the electronic jamband genre that has become quite popular in the Northeast, the band has made a home in Colorado as well, selling out virtually every show they play there. You can watch the entire performance on the web live this Saturday night. Head over to to pre-order the stream and make plans for your Couch Tour weekend!

Order the live stream of The Disco Biscuits @ Red Rocks Amphitheater 4/27/13 here

Electric Forest Round 2 Artist Announcement

electricforestfamilybhockensmithElectric Forest Music Festival announced its second round of artists, including exclusive curated events from top acts around the country. Adding some serious flavor to the weekend will be Orchard Lounge, Eskmo, Luke the Knife, Polish Ambassador, and Nigel Hall to name a few. The initial lineup was less than sparkling, but since then the heap of musicians( including super group Suckerpunch) that have found their way to the bill have given it a substantial amount of character. With the heavy addition of 40+ acts, the festival’s lineup is shaping up to be one of the years most diverse. The curated events are especially appealing, particularly the Fools Gold Clubhouse featured at the Tripolee Stage. The Brooklyn based label will be bringing you sets from Danny Brown, OLIVER, Just Blaze, Caze, Nick Catchdubs, Treasure Fingers, Party Supplies and award-winning turntablist A-TRAK.

Round 2 Artist Additions:

Curated Events With Fool’s Gold Clubhouse, Detroit Movement Spotlight at Electric Forest, and Deep in the Forest

Above & Beyond – GrizMatik with Special Guests – Morgan Page – The Polish Ambassador – Orchard Lounge – Eskmo – Eliot Lipp – Cyril Hahn – A Tribe Called Red- No Regular Play – Lynx – Quixo tic – Nigel Hall – Lance Herbstrong – Delhi 2 Dublin – Russ Liquid – Shreddie Mercury – The Floozies – Mutrix – DVBBS – Beard-o-Bees – Dopapod – Luke the Knife – The Nth Power – Rosin Coven – Thriftworks – Vokab Kompany Dustin – Thomas Jessijem n’ the Infamous Crotch Kickers – Sam Klass – Silent Disco

The Electronic Forest Music Festival is June 27-30th in Rothbury, Michigan. Don’t miss it!



April Jam Calendar for the Northeast

4/5/13- Jeff Bujak @ Mill Street Brews, Southbridge MA
4/5/13- Jimkata @ Water St Music Hall, Rochester NY 
4/6/13- Kung Fu @ Fairfield Theatre, Fairfield CT
4/6/13- Rusted Root @ Atlantic City Convention Cntr, Atlantic City NJ
4/6/13- Jimkata @ The Haunt, Ithica NY
4/6/13- The Manhattan Project @ Oasis Cafe, New Paltz NY
4/6/13- The Indobox & Jeff Bujak @ The Blockley, Philadelphia PA
4/9/13- Nigel Hall @ The Wescoot Theater, Syracuse NY
4/11/13- The Manhattan Project @ High Noon Saloon, Norwhich CT
4/11/13- Kung Fu @ The Wescott Theater, Syracuse NY
4/11/13- Goosepimp Orchestra @ Nectar's, Burlington VT
4/12/13- The Manhattan Project @ Main Pub, Manchester CT
4/12/13- Kung Fu @ Nietzsch's, Buffalo NY
4/12/13 >> 4/14/13– Rock N’ Roll Resort @ Hudson Valley Resort, Kerhonkson, NY
4/13/13- Turbine @ Bullfrog Brewery, Willaimsport PA
4/14/13- Juggling Suns @ The Stone Pony, Asbury Park NJ

4/16/13– STS9 @ Town Ballroom, Buffalo NY

4/17/13 STS9 @ Higher Ground, Burlington VT

4/17/13- Dopapod @The Stanhope House, Stanhope NJ
4/18/13- Dopapod @ Toad's Place, New Haven CT
4/18/13- Kung Fu @ Middle East, Cambride MA
4/18/13- Turbine @ Thirsty Moose Taphouse, Portsmouth NH
4/18/13- Future Rock & Luke the Knife @ Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn NY

4/18/13- STS9 @ Landmark Theater, Syracuse NY

4/19/13– STS9 @ State Theater, Portland ME

4/19/13- Kung Fu @ Pearl Street, Northampton MA
4/19/13- Dopapod @ Port City Music Hall, Portland ME
4/19/13- Future Rock & Luke the Knife @ Union Transfer, Philadelphia PA
4/20/13- Dopapod @ Pearl Street, Northampton MA
4/20/13- Goosepimp Orchestra @ Mill St Brews, Southbridge MA
4/20/13- Turbine @ Velvet Lounge, East Setauket NY

4/20/13– STS9 @ Roseland Ballroom, New York NY

4/20/13 Keller Williams @ The TLA, Philadelphia PA

4/20/13- MUN @ The Rocks Off Concert Cruise, New York NY
4/20/13- Papadosio @ The Blockley, Philadelphia PA
4/20/13- Twiddle and Kung Fu @ Higher Ground, Burlington VT
4/20/13- The Manhattan Project @ Water Street Music Hall, Rochester NY
4/20/13- Future Rock & Luke the Knife @ Higher Ground, Burlington VT
4/25/13- Dopapod @ The Abbey Bar, Harrisburg PA

4/25/13- Keller Williams @ Avalon Theater, Easton MD

4/26/13- Les Claypool @ The TLA, Philadelphia PA
4/27/13- The Indobox @ Church of Boston, Boston MA
4/27/13- Max Creek @ Capitol Theater, Port Chester NY

4/28/13– Les Claypool @ Gramercy Theater, New York NY