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Way Out West Comes Way Out West

     This Saturday the British duo Way Out West is performing LIVE in Denver for the last stop on their US tour! I warn you, sleeping on this might result in a lifetime of self-loathing and detrimental regret, ultimately leaving you permanently damaged and alone. OK that might be exaggerating, but they did establish themselves as one of the most authoritative DJ duos since the turn of the millennium. Imagine for a second, if Danny Boyle and Guy Ritchie made a film together. These guys would helm the soundtrack. Yeah. So, do you have plans this weekend? Perhaps you’re going to Club Vinyl on March 25th for a space-bound foray into the most cosmic party this Spring? 

     In 1997, Global Underground superstar Nick Warren and teen prodigy Jody Wisternoff combined their talents to form Way Out West, successfully blending multiple genres into one sonic morphogenetic force. Shortly after their inception they carved their own niche out of an already deeply layered musical movement: the trance/progressive house scene of the late 90’s/early 00’s. The duo garnered huge praise for their soul piercing track “The Gift”, released on their debut album Deconstruction in 97′. Being only the second track on their first LP, one could argue it’s the genesis of the breakthroughs they were about to make in the scene. (In fact, it had such an impact in the clubs back then that there is a rumor it was remixed over 400 times.) While emotional and melodic versatility was starkly present in the Global Underground community of the early 2000’s, nobody else seemed to be as proficient at developing it. The danceability of “The Gift” is undeniable, but the emotional response from the song is inescapable. One is powerless against drifting into a deep and personal space when immersed in those vocals, “The Moon and the stars, were the gift you gave”.


     That was just the beginning folks. It’s fascinating how we go out of our way to recognize brilliance, but so easily forget that which we honor. Even more fascinating is how quickly we move on from artists even if their talent never faded. Nick and Jody are nowhere near becoming an epitaph of electronic music history. In fact, they are still churning out songs as W.O.W on labels like Anjunadeep, and even their own platforms. Even more admirable is that despite the pressures of evolving music and transitioning generational trends, they have held onto the style that made them what they are through all these years. The 2016 release of “Tuesday Maybe” last year broke a lot of tropes in the dance music realm. After 20 years, they’re actually still capable of topping themselves while staying true to their roots.

     There is a fairly definitive reason this duo has stayed relevant and succeeded at remaining in electronic music’s upper echelon. They essentially represent the entire spectrum of 90-00’s dance music under the umbrella of one moniker (minus disco). No other act can flow between break-beat, drum & bass, techno, house, and especially trance like them. If they could, they were nowhere near as adept as W.O.W. In just minutes you can go from wiping the sweat off your brow to wiping proverbial tears from your eyes (unless you’re really sensitive which is cool too). I was vaguely familiar with their work and decided to see them play at Vinyl last summer. What took place that night quickly transcended into an experience I didn’t think was still possible with modern dance music. Then again, chances to see respected OG’s like this come few and far between. Not only was their work translated perfectly, it was weaved into a completely unpredictable performance utilizing tools outside the usual DJ decks. If you’ve forgotten, or are perhaps unaware, you have a massive opportunity to witness a chapter of music that never should’ve faded into the background. In most ways it really hasn’t. This duo is sewn into history with the likes of Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Deep Dish, and Sasha, and you can see them perform this weekend. It’s past, present, and future all at once.

     We have all yearned for that  sonic comfort within ourselves at some point. That place that strikes a chord in you so deep you could swear you were mainlining the secrets of humanity itself. That is what truly lies under the surface of these dance music gurus. There is a living-soul embedded in their work. So when the party ends and you look at that city skyline, and the weight of the world comes back, what do you really want as the soundtrack to your life at the end of the night? Oh yeah, and the whole detrimental regret you might be risking. Event info and ticket links below, my friends!



New Podcast From Raxon!

Raxon, rax-off, don’t forget to breathe, very important Daniel-son.”

If Mr. Miyagi was a real person in the modern day, do you think he’d incorporate house music into his martial arts training? It can be quite physical. Maybe he could start teaching all of those terrible dancers we see at the clubs some decent moves. (We don’t actually discriminate against bad dancers. Everyone’s guilty of a poorly executed robot at least three times in their life. We do discriminate against bad taste though.) I’m pretty sure I’d be a blackbelt, but who could say? What I do know for sure is that this newest Raxon tape is absurdly ninja-like. Zen meets zap, mind meets grind, check it >>>



Watch Jamie Jones and Seth Troxler B2B at CRSSD Festival!

What happens when you put two legendary DJ’s on a sunny San Diego festival stage together? Well ask yourselves folks- what happens when you light a stick of dynamite? What happens when you give Paris Hilton too much alcohol? What happens when it rains in Southern California? Explosions, sex, and a lot of dancing is what. And that’s pretty much what we got when Jamie Jones and Seth Troxler decided to throw down a back to back heater at the CRSSD Festival last weekend (which had one of the best American lineups we’ve seen so far this year). It’s like a celebrity death-match of electronic music icons, we just need Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond to MC. On the left we have Jones- a UK-born, palm tree-loving House producer. On the right we have Troxler- an often naked, mustachioed menace with a permanent place in the history of Detroit Techno. Punches are thrown. Acid is dropped. Did we mention the transition into a beautiful California sunset? Watch it the whole thing below, courtesy of Mixmag >>>

March Madness: Gigs With Fur Coat, Maceo Plex, and More Announced At…

storelogoIf you live in the Northeast, there is simply no better time to see electronic music than in the month of March. The weather absolutely sucks, and the asphalt is plagued with open sores and cracks that tear your car to pieces. You’re going to brave it all though, and do you know why? Because the booking, especially in NYC, doesn’t get any better. (more…)

Straight From The Garage…

Sometimes ladies and gentlemen, you just want to get hit with a brick (musically speaking, of course). When that feeling comes there is nothing better than some good old fashioned Garage music. We’re talking about the electronic kind, not the high-school indie band kind. Before trampolines came into the picture this timeless genre was a standard of House music production. Carrying that legacy now with a tough-beat attitude is Germany’s Ben Mono. Check out his new exclusive mix for White Widow Records!


Back 2 Back Sets From Electricano & Johny Adroit!

Electricano recently teamed up with Johny Adroit for a back to back performance, and the recording is finally available! For about 94 minutes straight, these two producers pull every cerebral ghost beat they see fit from the shadowy depths of their collection. A man can be heard repeating the words “I thought he left the psychedelic stuff behind him” in the background of one of the tracks. It’s almost as if they were repying “No sir, no quite”. Once again Electricano executes his role of the dark passenger on the decks with much class, gracefully adding his signature dark and aggressive Deep House grooves into the mix. Furthermore, his tastes have proven to be pleasantly unpredictable, which is a characteristic you should cherish in today’s world of modern electronic music. Just like his work, he sits in the shadows on the production realm, patiently building toward the payoff. Once he makes his mark, however, it’s impression lingers for a long time. This isn’t the first feature we’ve done on him and it certainly won’t be the last. Enjoy!

Mix Of The Week (end): Ripperton- Defected In The House

The latest Defected In The House podcast series featured the legendary Ripperton on the decks for an exclusive mix. It seems only fitting that a House music staple like this gentleman should team up with one of the genre’s best and oldest labels. Much like the names implies, Ripperton rips, well sort of. The word “rip” seems a bit too abrasive to describe his style. It’s a lot more surgical and precise, perhaps “methodical” would be suit him better. His latest hour of beats cut nice and deep and take the time to sink in. That’s his whole shtick: Instead of bashing your head against the wall with an overzealous bass line, he likes to shake your hand, and let you settle in before taking off. The Ripperton portion of the broadcast starts around one hour into the mix. Enjoy yourselves.


Silky: Live In The Lab

Mixmag asked DJ Silky to stop by for a live set in their DJ Lab this week! When he’s not quietly tearing up the local London club scene, he’s hitting the studio with his companions at My Favorite Robot Records. His name might not be frequenting the Beatport charts, but between the Ray Ban aviators he never takes off and his classic approach to Deep House, he’s as much a rockstar DJ as any. Rather than pumping his fists or chatting it up with a stage full of girls, however, he’s got his head down and his mind in the mix…always. Silky is all flow and fluff ladies and gentlemen. You recognize that sound? Well it’s the underground!


Mix Mondaze: Kolombo LIVE 2015.01.02

Kick your week off with the sonic ‘sleeze ladies and gentlemen. The recent Kolombo performance at Warung is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD below. Once again, Belgian’s resident gangster has proven he is the king of Balearic thug-beats. Over 90 minutes of to-the-point dancefloor heat is right at your fingertips. Be warned though, before you proceed we recommend high decibels. This is a “get down or lay down” situation folks.

Mix Of The Day: Raxon

How about a banging hour of Galactic, House-infused Bounce to kick your Sunday up a notch? Raxon hits our headlines yet again with the release of his new FACT Radio DJ set! It seems like this producer’s career is in overdrive lately. Perhaps his boost in fame will land him some US tour dates this year, one can only hope. Download the guest mix here!

This is pretty spunky man. – One of our readers