History in the Making: A Sorted Tale

 sorted-icon     As I sit here and continue to bang my head against the work desk, I can only conclude that Tuesday morning at the office has never felt so bleak. That’s only in contrast to the wonderfully depraved experience I had over just over a week ago. Last Saturday was the 3rd edition of Sorted, an event catered to the lovers of Techno and everything else that goes bump in the night. What transpired is exactly what makes Denver so integral to the country’s pulse in underground electronic music. Solid bookings of underground enforcers like Call Super and Hodge kept the sweat going and the floor burning all night long. It was vicious, communal to the core, and everything we needed. Did I mention it’s happening again?

     It’s human nature to want something different. No matter how good we have it in Denver (and we have it good), things grow stale. Thai food, television, Daft Punk albums; you can’t burn the same candle forever. Sometimes you stray into the unknown, and what lies beyond drives you back into the embrace of the familiar. On the other hand, you might find the risk has paid off with triumphant reward. In the case of Sorted 3 last Saturday it was the latter. I arrived at the warehouse on Washington St. presuming it would be another satisfying, yet exasperating electronic show in the city. Contrarily, I was greeted by the devouring roars of techno fury at it’s charismatic best. To fully understand you need to ask yourselves, “what makes this different from a Techno set at any other club in Denver? Is it really different, or is that just a symptomatic bias gained from being in a new venue?” You see, questions like that keep the diversity flowing and the promoters at work. And I can proudly affirm that “Yes, it was genuine, and unarguably distinct”. It felt like you were transported to an inner-city rave back in the 90’s, only without homicidal promoters in drag. The narrow halls lead to multiple rooms, including the main floor where our headliners performed until dawn. We were miles away from downtown, and anyone present was there for a distinct purpose. Each space featured varied branches of music from Drum & Bass, to House, and of course Techno. The sets were dark, literally. The rooms provided just enough lights to give the place color and visibility for the audience. Now mix that with contemporary luxuries. When met with the advantages of the modern day, it was a one night stand with a utopia. We went to Detroit 1999, and got an Uber home after.

     Atmosphere and vibe are everything, and that’s what we’re really talking about here. Without them, talent and reputation are irrelevant to the people paying attention. Those are the primary elements in a great DJ set. Dean Grenier was a stark testament to this. If not for his relentless locomotive performance, I don’t think the crowd would have gone into the headliners with so much momentum. It goes much deeper than that though. The music could easily fit into a Proper Sundays event at Beta, or a night at Vinyl, but that’s not the point. This wasn’t a social gathering you could just walk down Capitol Hill to get to. This event showcased a completely different side of people. It was a collection of music-loving people who had no single other motive than to dive head-first into what they constantly crave. The minds organizing Sorted are those same caliber of fans, and they’re putting valiant effort into bringing that culture to their own home.  This is a 30 year old movement and it is still alive and well in the heart of Denver.

     At a certain point, we all need to stop banging our faces against proverbial walls and just dissolve into our passions. You can’t survive on routine alone, or you’re basically dead already. Around the lesser known corners of the city, there are opportunities waiting. If you feel that urge deep down for something new and exciting like I was last weekend, you can catch the upcoming Sorted 4 on October 8th! Don’t hesitate. Every once in awhile, you need to get things sorted out.

Grab your early bird tickets HERE!



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