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Mysteryland USA Lineup Announced!

festivalmysteryland4Big news ladies and gentlemen, big news- The artist lineup for the 2nd Mysteryland USA is officially no longer a secret. Before we proceed to give you that information (don’t look down…yet), we want to ask you a few questions first. Are you a fan of underground techno and/or house music? Do you appreciate the presence of grassroots DJ’s who started their careers in the genesis of such music? Do you like really awesome pizza? If you answered “No” to these, we have other articles you might be interested in. If you answered “Yes”, then you might want to set aside a clean pair of underwear before reading the pink pretty page below. Check out the lineup!


Out of all the festival lineups that have recently dropped, this one is our favorite. Sure it’s geared specifically for fans of electronic music, but when they cater to their fans, they cater baby. Unlike Electric Fairy Festival, where the music literally doesn’t matter to the organizers, this event spends big money on every in-demand DJ they can get their hands on during the festival season. As you read down the lineup, the quality vs. demand for any given artist there doesn’t decrease a bit. There’s some garbage, but it’s an electronic music festival and that comes with the territory unfortunately. On the other hand, the mainstream acts don’t really mesh with the underground, which is one of the best aspects of this festival. The organizers have selected some amazing curators to take care of that for you. You’re not going to have a hard time weeding out the good artists with this lineup. It’s a techno-junkie’s wet dream come true, not to mention a plethora of niche acts spread over two days. How could we leave out the gorgeous backdrop of Bethel Woods, NY? These are the kind of lineups we don’t see in America too often, so perhaps we’re just a tad biased. Still, if this doesn’t tickle your fancy a little bit, then you’re either wearing too many layers, or your dead.

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Lackluster Coachella Lineup Announced…



Goldenvoice announced the lineup for the annual Coachella Music Festival, which will take place in Southern California this April. Every year it’s a huge debate whether to go back or not, however, this year the decision was much easier to make. We just don’t see it this time around. The lineup (pictured above) certainly includes some must see material. The newly formed Todd Terje live band and the super-duper techno group J.E.S. + S (featuring Jackmaster, Eats Everything, Skream, and Seth Troxler) would be enough to get our pants off, but not for the $1500+ we’d have to spend to see them. Money should never interfere with music, that’s not what we’re saying. It’s really not that glamorous is all. Diversity is rarely an issue for this festival, and in the case of this lineup it still isn’t. There’s just no “bang!” to the lineup, and from the feedback we’ve seen across the music community, we’re not alone in that sentiment. Apparently people still don’t care about AC/DC. It just seems like the organizers took the top 50 acts from every hipster music forum and made a bill out the averages, and then threw the world’s most generic rock band on top. Perhaps they should stop relying on Pitchfork for input and connect with the fans again, something that Coachella was once very respected for. What do you guys think about it?

Are You Ready For Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival 2014?

Reagenz (Move D & Jonah Sharp) Performing Live

Reagenz (Move D & Jonah Sharp) Performing Live

When some think of Autumn, picking apples and colorful foliage might come to mind…not so much for the enlightened folks in Brooklyn. They don’t care about that stuff, not anyone with an affinity for getting down at least. Right now they’re too busy getting pumped for this year’s Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival, and so are we. Each year BEMF books a myriad of top-notch DJ’s, ranging from a few mainstream essentials to a heap of underground champions both local and international. Over the weekend these artists are mixed into various splurge-worthy bills spread across different venues and clubs. You can choose to attend individual gigs or buy festival passes to the entire event. This year they cooked up a ridiculously good lineup, undoubtedly their best one yet. Safe to say next weekend is going to be insane folks…absolutely wild.

A.Pop ♦ Aeroplane ♦ Alessandro Cortini ♦ Alvin Aronson ♦ Ambassaduers ♦ Aphrohead ♦ Beckwith ♦ Billon ♦ BitFunk ♦ Bitchin Bajas ♦ Blacky II ♦ Booka Shade ♦ Bryan Kasenic ♦ Chris Malinchak ♦ Cut Chemist & DJ Shadow ♦ Damian Lazarus ♦ Dan Wender ♦ Dave P ♦ Delroy Edwards ♦ Deru   1979 ft. Effixx ♦ Different Sleep ♦ Dorian Concept♦ Eats Everything ♦ Fahad ♦ Forma ♦ Fort Romeau ♦ Francesca Lombardo ♦ Fur Coat ♦ Galantis ♦ The Gaslamp Killer♦ Heathered Pearls ♦ Huxley ♦ Jackmaster ♦ Jamie Principle ♦ JDH ♦ Jozif ♦ Jubilee ♦ Lee Bannon ♦ Linsay Lowend ♦ Little Boots (LIVE) ♦ Machinedrum ♦ MANIK ♦ Martyn ♦ Mike Servito ♦ Morgan Louis ♦ Move D ♦ Omar S ♦ Pangaea ♦ Paul Raffaele ♦ Pinch ♦ Prefuse 73 ♦ Reagenz ♦ Route 94 ♦ Shift K3Y ♦ Taimur ♦ Todd Edwards ♦ Trent Cantrelle ♦ Turtle Bugg ♦ Universal Cell Unlock ♦ Young Male

bemf-logo-250x250Take the clubland shenanigans that happen there year round, and condense them into a weekend summary. That’s basically what the guys at BEMF have done. The multiple-venue format really works to the music’s advantage as well. In the end, you’re combining the diversity of a typical music festival with the intimate feel of a one-off club event. When you roll into a room everyone in the crowd has the same agenda: to see those specific artists perform. It works the same way on the opposite spectrum; when the artist gets on stage, they know that room is for them. It’s like playing on home field against the Yankees. In that sense, everyone is interconnected. It’s a beautiful thing. Now throw this year’s lineup into the mix (pun intended). There are so many good acts to choose from you’d think we were talking about a European event. Fans can see The Gaslamp Killer go psycho at Verboten, or hop over to the Music Hall of Williamsburg for the US return of Booka Shade, all in one night! Scared of falling too far into a dark techno abyss? Pull yourself out with the classy Belgian beats of Aeroplane ! It’s all there in a musical dream come true. In other words, Brooklyn slays it once again.

Now who could be ready for such an enduring marathon of techno-tronic calamity? Only a trained beat junkie and live music extraordinaire like you and I, that’s who! If you have a game face, this is the time to put it on. Will you take next weekend off and remind yourselves of what it is that makes you tick?  Tickets are available here. We hope to see you there 😉

Mixmag Adds New Streams From ADE 2014!

ADE2You can’t turn a single corner on the internet without seeing an ad for the Amsterdam Dance Event right now. The annual electronic music festival has become one of the best collections of live DJs in the world. Naturally, Mixmag was on scene filming the Diynamic Music Showcase along with some other performances, and they were kind/awesome enough to post four epic streams from the event! Well thank you kindly guys, we’ll be melting accordingly this Sunday evening. You can watch this 3 hour set that Solomon & Kollektiv threw down together right now, and just head to the link below to see the others!


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Safe Travels To Bella Terra Music Festival!

To all of you attending the Bella Terra Music Festival, we wish you a fantastic and SAFE weekend! Take care of the property, the surrounding town, and most importantly take care of each other. You just might see us up there this Saturday covering music!


The Disco Biscuits Sell Out 2nd Night Of Upcoming 930 Club Shows

The Disco Biscuits live @ Irving Plaza in NYC

If you haven’t heard yet, read it and weep. The Disco Biscuits have officially sold out the second night of their two day run in Washington DC next month. On July 31st the band will play the 9:30 Club for two back-2-back shows leading up to their headlining performance at Gathering of the Vibes. This also marks the first time they’ve played the venue in two years. According to the fans themselves, this club witnessed some of the most highly regarded performances in the group’s history. From what we’ve heard in the recordings, their shows in New York City last weekend were top notch as well. This band doesn’t tour by themselves like they used to, and it’s not often you get an opportunity to see them outside a festival for an old-fashioned run. After these two shows, they’ll take the stage with Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann of the The Greatful Dead for a collaborative performance. If you have a burning desire to see this band again, you know you don’t want to sleep on those last tickets!

Some Bonus Advice: Seth Troxler will be playing after the show at the U-Street Music Hall on July 31st! Plan your epic night accordingly friends.

Sunday School: An Intimate Musical Experience At A Not-So-Intimate Festival

The Main Stage @ Mysteryland USA

The Main Stage @ Mysteryland USA

Memorial Day Weekend has taken on a completely different meaning to the lovers of live music, and it would seem everyone got their own little piece of heaven this weekend, especially the techno junkies (guilty). From the furthest depths of the underground to big stage DJ’s, everyone got their fix as hundreds of performers from around the world shared bills at multiple festivals across the country last weekend. Detroit celebrated the annual Movement Electronic Festival with a seemingly endless bill of top-notch producers. Once again, Insomniac took over New York City with this year’s initial Electric Daisy Carnival. Then there was the Mysteryland Electronic Music Festival held in Bethel, NY which made history both with it’s first US appearance, and as the first camping event on the original Woodstock grounds since 1969! While it is true that the title slightly reminisces some pop star’s mansion that you’d never let your kids near, this fest actually proved to be really unique.

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Dominican Holidaze Announced!

The annual Mayan Holidaze event may be done with, but something better has popped up in it’s place! allow us to present to you the Official Dominican Holidaze Announcement!


Greatful Biscuits and Gathering of the Vibes: What to Expect?

GatheringofthevibesWe don’t rely on some cute fluffy marmot to tell us when Spring is coming. Do we get our confirmation with the first flowers attempting to bloom from beneath the thawing ground? Is it the scent of Earth making it’s return through the cracks in our windows? No, the most reliable indicator to the coming spring season is found in the festival flyers and lineup announcements currently flooding your news feed and social media channels. One of the biggest announcements so far this year came from the Gathering of the Vibes music festival being held in Bridgeport, CT. As you may have heard, jam-fusion pioneers The Disco Biscuits are collaborating with former Greatful Dead members Bill Kreutzman and Mickey Hart for the headlining performance. Such a notion, once limited to the pillow talk of dreaming hippies, is coming into practice at this summer’s 19th annual GOTV event.

thediscobiscuits-mickeyhart-billkreutzmannWe would really like to know what the fans think about this. Both of the collaborators have reputably obsessive followings, and it’s safe to say that this performance won’t resemble anything either have seen before. We’re kind of scratching our heads on this one ourselves, especially when we read ex-Dead member Mickey Hart stated in a recent Rolling Stone article that “The Disco Biscuits seem to prefer trance/space, moment music. Bill and I are quite familiar with the genre”. Who knows, maybe patrons will get a “Truckin” drum and bass improv jam? Despite that all parties involved are prominent figures in the jamband universe, and that The Greatful Dead are significant forefathers in this American music movement, we are talking about two completely different worlds. Don’t mistake our bemusement with apprehension though. The musical result of this collaboration will be interesting to say the least. Aron Magner, keyboardist of The Disco Biscuits, makes a valid point in the same article when he says, “though our music is quite different, the ethos is the same – both on the improvisational level as well as in the sense of community that our bands have created with our fans.” Everyone seems to have confidence in the experiment, and that’s the most important thing. In a recent interview, bassist Marc Brownstein stated that the Biscuits were going back to their rock n’ roll roots, instead of relying so much on the techno concept. That statement has held up so far, with their last three runs being regarded by fans as their best performances in years. GOTV will only be the 2nd festival appearance outside their own event since 2011. Coincidentally, it is Kreutzmann and Hart’s first performance together since 2011, marking a legendary return.

3006326076_b6bf8774a5_mGathering of the Vibes is heavily rooted in the jamband community, in fact it’s gates have witnessed countless pieces of history from dozens of musicians. Wavy Gravy, a festival icon since 60’s era counterculture, has been the festival’s MC since the first event. This year’s initial lineup is a wet dream for fans of this genre, a 4-day long lucid wetdream. Among a plethora of varying musical acts, this summer’s bill will feature performances from jam giants Leftover Salmon, Umphrey’s McGee, Moe, Dark Star Orchestra, and Widespread Panic. Throw that Biscuits/tGD icing on the cake and this will mark one of the biggest jam-related events of the year, with more artists to still be announced. Between the headliners and several other acts on the lineup, you can expect to hear whole lot of Dead covers over the weekend. One question remains: Is there enough room for “Eyes of the World” and “Story of the World” in one set? Maybe we’ll have a Ghostbusters versus Gozer scenario on our hands; less evil and potentially world ending, but equally epic by some standards. Don’t cross the streams!

Tickets, full lineup, and Info can be found here. Other acts include Ziggy Marley, Edward Sharp & the Magnetic Zeroes, John Fogerty, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, Keller Williams’ GreatfulGrass w/ Jeff Austin & Reed Mathis, Kung Fu, American Babies w/ Tom Hamilton, late nights sets from EOTO, Dopapod, Digital Tape Machine, Deep Banana Blackout, and much more to come!

CITY BISCO: The Disco Biscuits & Ichisan

Disco-Biscuits-2-600x400The bill for this weekend’s City Bisco is stacked high with heavy hitting artists. People will have the opportunity to see four sets from The Disco Biscuits, as well as performances from Gigamesh, Method Man & Redman, Emancipator, Treasure FingersShpongle(who just released a new album), Twiddle, and much more. From the reviews so far of the The Biscuits’ performance in Baltimore this evening, the next two nights should turn out to be an epic run from the electronic jamband. We’ll be coming back with reviews on the shows and possibly some interviews too, have a safe weekend!

A couple weeks ago Eskimo Recordings released a compilation album titled, ‘The Pink Collection’. Slovenian electronic artist Ichisan produced an exclusive track for album called “Jugoton, which you can listen to below. Several months ago we published an article about Ichisan, which he chose to be featured in his section of the album insert. So this weekend we’ll be journeying to Philadelphia for City Bisco to catch up with him at his first US appearance! Friday night at the Blockley he’ll share the late-night bill with Australian disco outfit The Swiss(DJ set) and Kung Fu, and Saturday he’ll be joining up with LA’s Plastic Plates, and the instrumental Brother’s Past project, BpM!

You can view the original article on Ichisan here.

You can view the album insert of the Eskimo Recordings compilation ‘The Pink Collection’, featuring Ichisan here.