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Brand New Mix from Denver’s Own Movesayer

Photo Credit: @Jim Mimna

Who else likes to lurk in the shadows of the cosmos at night? Deep in the trenches, when you’re lying still and finally free to digest the experiences of your day. The moment after you crack a cold one, take your socks off, and let gravity seduce your eyes shut. I’m sure we’re not the only ones who enjoy creeping through the depths of consciousness. Movesayer is certainly no stranger to such things. That’s inherently clear in his new conceptual piece ‘Fever Dreams’, which we’re spilling into your ears today. Read the rest of this entry


LIVE This Weekend: Disco Biscuits Electric Factory Webcast!!!

10432541_10153641414683136_8944875394356057938_nThe Disco Biscuits are headed home for three nights at the Electric Factory this coming weekend! If you can’t make it to the shows in person, then get over the guilt, take the pistol out of your mouth, and start planning your couch tour party. The Philly-based electronic jamband is going to stream the entire run via LIVE WEBCAST! Boom. Every day is a walk in the park here at HoA. Just head to the link below for more info!

>> The Disco Biscuits LIVE WEBCAST From The Electric Factory! < <

Lotus Tour Hits New England This Week!

Lotus (10-30-2011) Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OHLet’s give it up for an epic “Jam-uary 2015” guys! I’m not positive if that’s actually a real thing or not. If it is, then what could be better than a Lotus tour to close out the month?! Their stops in Vermont, Boston, and Connecticut this weekend are still only the beginning of a four month stretch of shows, one of the longest running tours of their career. Such a commitment to the asphalt might seem overwhelming to some, but these guys are killing it to be frank. The great thing about jambands and improv-acts is that the more they play, the better they get. I suspect after a week’s worth of “warming up”, these guys will be riding a mean wave by the time they get to Boston on Friday night. Check out a fan video of their recent performance in Pittsburgh >>>

Unlike a lot of other bands in their class, you can almost always count on Lotus to deliver. Over the last few years this Philly-based electronic jamband seems to have really found the sound they’ve been looking for. They’re taking more risks in their improv, their song-writing is getting more intricate, and they’re taking the old material to new places with considerably developed jamming (that’s “improvising” to the Lamens). Mike Rempel is still good at weirding you out with over-abundant eye-contact, but he’s also shredding the funk better than ever. With Electron being back in the picture, drummer Mike Greenfield is the most live getting practice he could ask for. A lot is happening for this quintet, and this tour is a huge testimony of that. They put the work in and that’s what counts these days. You can tell they practice, and that they’re serious about what they do and don’t take it for granted. They’re locked into their music 100% of the time, regardless of taste or quality, although they shine in both contexts. If The Disco Biscuits or Phish have taught jam-fans anything, it’s that we shouldn’t take them for granted either. Every show is a new adventure into the funky, jam-fueled Cosmos. Head out to one of the dates below and you’ll see what I mean. Who could ever take such a thing for granted? (wink wink)


Side Projects Are Getting Old, Well Maybe Not This One…


Billy & The Kids have officially arrived! The newest side project from jamband land played a solid gig at the 26th Annual X-Mas Jam in Asheville, NC last Saturday. This “super-group” is lead by Bill “Billy” Kreutzmann of The Grateful Dead, and features members from Brother’s Past, The Disco Biscuits, and more. Now that lineup certainly looks explosive, but how does it sound? Is this new band going to sweep us off our feet, or are they going just going to remind us of what’s gone? We’re leaning toward the former but we’ll let you decide. Check out this video of them performing The Dead’s “Crazy Fingers -> Bertha” below and see how they stack up! Read the rest of this entry

Marc Brownstein Featured In The Huff…


Marc Brownstein, the bass player and frontman of The Disco Biscuits, was featured in the Huffington Post yesterday. When Marc’s not touring with one of his many band projects, he’s on the political frontlines trying to get his fans and other young Americans to vote. He’s the co-founder of HeadCount, an organization dedicated to getting young voters in action through live music. A true man of the people, you can often see Marc at a booth himself. You can read his article on Midterm Elections below.


American Babies Announce Fall Tour

American_BabiesAmerican Babies is hitting the road for a fall tour! You can’t go far in the Northeastern jam-scene without hearing about these guys lately. Babies is yet another Philadelphia super group featuring guitarist Tom Hamilton as the frontman. Since forming in 2007 the band has done impressively well to fill the hole that his other group, Brother’s Past, has left since going on hiatus. When they’re not playing their own compositions, this band takes classic songs like Dylan’s “Tangled Up In Blue” and open new doors with improvised experimental jamming. With Phish playing out West, and The Disco Biscuits going into hibernation until New Years, it’s a great feeling to get excited about a jam band tour again. See where they’re playing below>>>

10339755_10152383129287036_64790385780509985_nIf Mugatu was a real person, he’d probably say “Tom Hamilton…so hot right now”. The Philly guitarist has been making headlines left and right lately, and it’s no surprise. Hamilton has made a name for himself as one of the most respected musicians in the jamband circuit. It seems like that audience is only getting bigger these days too. Whether playing with Electron, his cult followed group Brother’s Past, or his many other side-projects, he puts 100% passion into his performances. American Babies are here stay it appears, and if they keep going at this rate they’ll be headlining theaters like The Best Buy in no time at all. I think we can even say, guitar-wise, that 2014 is indefinitely The Year Of The T-Ham.


Live This Week In Boston: Dr Fameus (of The Disco Biscuits)

25-atxl1On a scale of one to ten, describe how much it hurts to not see live music. When you’re away from festivals, nightclubs, and summer tour, do you often feel fatigued, run-down, or depressed? Do you find yourself short of breath after long bouts of silence? How long have you felt like this? OK, now just turn and cough please. OK I know where to go for help, there’s a doctor right down town. You can always talk to me. Dr.Fameus is making a house-call at the Wonderbar this Wednesday, and he’s ready to remedy, my friends.

You may know him as a sort of robotic octopus being. You might know him as the current drummer of The Disco Biscuits, widely recognized for his quick draw of the sticks, handsome smile, and ability to write some killer setlists. His parents usually refer to him as Allen Aucoin. When he’s not touring with the Biscuits (which gives him a lot of free time), this assiduous musician still performs and keeps the momentum rolling. The Fameus project features Allen playing solo over programmed segments on Ableton Live, and sometimes performing with various special guests in the process. The programmed loops leave a lot of room for improvisation and the man basically goes nuts. While this format isn’t overly complicated, the Doctor is. What you’re seeing has plenty of substance. He tears through several styles of drumming at hyper speeds, and with an uncanny sense of time signatures and measurements. It’s really quite amazing to stand right in from of him, and still fail to follow the details of his precise movements.

With tDB having just announced six new gigs this coming September, it looks like the Doctor will be hitting the road for some bar room warm-ups. Hop over to the Wonderbar in downtown Boston tomorrow night, tickets at the door!


The Disco Biscuits Sell Out 2nd Night Of Upcoming 930 Club Shows

The Disco Biscuits live @ Irving Plaza in NYC

If you haven’t heard yet, read it and weep. The Disco Biscuits have officially sold out the second night of their two day run in Washington DC next month. On July 31st the band will play the 9:30 Club for two back-2-back shows leading up to their headlining performance at Gathering of the Vibes. This also marks the first time they’ve played the venue in two years. According to the fans themselves, this club witnessed some of the most highly regarded performances in the group’s history. From what we’ve heard in the recordings, their shows in New York City last weekend were top notch as well. This band doesn’t tour by themselves like they used to, and it’s not often you get an opportunity to see them outside a festival for an old-fashioned run. After these two shows, they’ll take the stage with Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann of the The Greatful Dead for a collaborative performance. If you have a burning desire to see this band again, you know you don’t want to sleep on those last tickets!

Some Bonus Advice: Seth Troxler will be playing after the show at the U-Street Music Hall on July 31st! Plan your epic night accordingly friends.

Dominican Holidaze Announced!

The annual Mayan Holidaze event may be done with, but something better has popped up in it’s place! allow us to present to you the Official Dominican Holidaze Announcement!


Relix Magazine On The History Of “Livetronica”

Brothers Past performing live

Brothers Past performing live

Relix Magazine, the periodical representative of the jamband community, just published a very intriguing article on the oral history of “livetronica” today. The article features a chronological series of oral passages from musicians including  Jamie Shields (The New Deal), Dominic Lalli (Big Gigantic), and Marc Brownstein (Conspirator/ The Disco Biscuits). These artists and more give their own first-hand input on the roots, and exponential growth of this dynamic, multi-branched genre, and for that reason it’s a particularly interesting read. You can read the full article here, or below!

READ>> Relix Magazine- An Oral History of Livetronica 

“After the death of Jerry Garcia and the rise of Phish and Widespread Panic, the next generation of jambands emerged. Though firmly rooted in the Grateful Dead’s commitment to improvisation, many of these groups looked past American roots music to such sources as jazz, funk and even hard rock. While musically worlds apart from the early electronic movement that was simultaneously blossoming, the two scenes had a number of similarities. Both audiences liked to dabble in drugs like acid and ecstasy and dance for hours on end.

A few enterprising young jambands saw the crossover appeal and began to incorporate electronic sounds and beats into their live, improvisational-based jam-rock. Enter the Disco Biscuits from Philadelphia, Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) from Atlanta, Lake Trout from Baltimore and The New Deal from Toronto. And a scene and a genre were born.” -excerpt from “An Oral History of Livetronica”