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Are You Ready For Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival 2014?

Reagenz (Move D & Jonah Sharp) Performing Live

Reagenz (Move D & Jonah Sharp) Performing Live

When some think of Autumn, picking apples and colorful foliage might come to mind…not so much for the enlightened folks in Brooklyn. They don’t care about that stuff, not anyone with an affinity for getting down at least. Right now they’re too busy getting pumped for this year’s Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival, and so are we. Each year BEMF books a myriad of top-notch DJ’s, ranging from a few mainstream essentials to a heap of underground champions both local and international. Over the weekend these artists are mixed into various splurge-worthy bills spread across different venues and clubs. You can choose to attend individual gigs or buy festival passes to the entire event. This year they cooked up a ridiculously good lineup, undoubtedly their best one yet. Safe to say next weekend is going to be insane folks…absolutely wild.

A.Pop ♦ Aeroplane ♦ Alessandro Cortini ♦ Alvin Aronson ♦ Ambassaduers ♦ Aphrohead ♦ Beckwith ♦ Billon ♦ BitFunk ♦ Bitchin Bajas ♦ Blacky II ♦ Booka Shade ♦ Bryan Kasenic ♦ Chris Malinchak ♦ Cut Chemist & DJ Shadow ♦ Damian Lazarus ♦ Dan Wender ♦ Dave P ♦ Delroy Edwards ♦ Deru   1979 ft. Effixx ♦ Different Sleep ♦ Dorian Concept♦ Eats Everything ♦ Fahad ♦ Forma ♦ Fort Romeau ♦ Francesca Lombardo ♦ Fur Coat ♦ Galantis ♦ The Gaslamp Killer♦ Heathered Pearls ♦ Huxley ♦ Jackmaster ♦ Jamie Principle ♦ JDH ♦ Jozif ♦ Jubilee ♦ Lee Bannon ♦ Linsay Lowend ♦ Little Boots (LIVE) ♦ Machinedrum ♦ MANIK ♦ Martyn ♦ Mike Servito ♦ Morgan Louis ♦ Move D ♦ Omar S ♦ Pangaea ♦ Paul Raffaele ♦ Pinch ♦ Prefuse 73 ♦ Reagenz ♦ Route 94 ♦ Shift K3Y ♦ Taimur ♦ Todd Edwards ♦ Trent Cantrelle ♦ Turtle Bugg ♦ Universal Cell Unlock ♦ Young Male

bemf-logo-250x250Take the clubland shenanigans that happen there year round, and condense them into a weekend summary. That’s basically what the guys at BEMF have done. The multiple-venue format really works to the music’s advantage as well. In the end, you’re combining the diversity of a typical music festival with the intimate feel of a one-off club event. When you roll into a room everyone in the crowd has the same agenda: to see those specific artists perform. It works the same way on the opposite spectrum; when the artist gets on stage, they know that room is for them. It’s like playing on home field against the Yankees. In that sense, everyone is interconnected. It’s a beautiful thing. Now throw this year’s lineup into the mix (pun intended). There are so many good acts to choose from you’d think we were talking about a European event. Fans can see The Gaslamp Killer go psycho at Verboten, or hop over to the Music Hall of Williamsburg for the US return of Booka Shade, all in one night! Scared of falling too far into a dark techno abyss? Pull yourself out with the classy Belgian beats of Aeroplane ! It’s all there in a musical dream come true. In other words, Brooklyn slays it once again.

Now who could be ready for such an enduring marathon of techno-tronic calamity? Only a trained beat junkie and live music extraordinaire like you and I, that’s who! If you have a game face, this is the time to put it on. Will you take next weekend off and remind yourselves of what it is that makes you tick?  Tickets are available here. We hope to see you there 😉


Raxon- Warped Podcast 028 *FREE DOWNLOAD*

New music from the deep house producer/DJ Raxon! Check out this new podcast he did for Warped; the mix kicks off with his new single “Round 1”, which is out now on the Sincopat Label. Oh and of course, the download is free > > >

Asheville Police Shut Down STS9 Show Last Night

10659236_10152789624382710_4848020673671108438_nAsheville, NC was the site of some not-so-great jamband debauchery last night. Just after midnight on October 26th, local police shut down the STS9 performance at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium. After 7 patrons were rushed to the hospital for confirmed overdoses, and 4 others landed in Police custody, officials ended the concert early for security reasons. The fans present didn’t take the news too well, as bottles and various items were being thrown at police officers. Not long after that, social media outlets and various message boards were buzzing with furious posts and pictures of fans allegedly convulsing and falling ill. Police comments confirmed that drugs were the cause of last night’s calamity. Many fans seem to claim that some particularly malignant substances were being circulated under the guise of something else. We won’t release the names like other sites have, but the charges being pressed on the currently-incarcerated don’t typically match such allegations. While irresponsible use of such chemicals is never acceptable, knowledge is power folks. We’re not condoning substance abuse here, but to each their own. You’re free to live your own lives through what experiences you choose. However, please do be responsible. Times have changed for the better, and instances like these are much more preventable than before. It’s a shame that this happened, and we wish the people receiving medical care the best. If you think someone or someone’s illicit actions are doing outright harm to a person, then alert the authorities. Help your fellow fans experience the same music you love in a healthy and safe way. STS9 posted this reply to the incident an hour ago:

“Hey all, we’re real sorry about last night in Asheville. We were indeed asked to wrap things up a little bit early due to some folks at the show that needed some extra medical attention. We hope everyone is feeling better today. It’s a good reminder to keep an eye on our friends and family out there and try to help everyone make solid decisions. Our thoughts go out to those that need it most right now.” 

Notice how they said “hey all”, instead of “y’all”? It seems their grammar skills have improved quite a lot in David Murphy’s absence.

Mixmag Adds New Streams From ADE 2014!

ADE2You can’t turn a single corner on the internet without seeing an ad for the Amsterdam Dance Event right now. The annual electronic music festival has become one of the best collections of live DJs in the world. Naturally, Mixmag was on scene filming the Diynamic Music Showcase along with some other performances, and they were kind/awesome enough to post four epic streams from the event! Well thank you kindly guys, we’ll be melting accordingly this Sunday evening. You can watch this 3 hour set that Solomon & Kollektiv threw down together right now, and just head to the link below to see the others!


>>  <<

New Bricolage EP From Ryan Crosson Out Monday

99255-1Ryan Crosson unveiled his new Bricolage EP this weekend, officially out next Monday. The Visionquest superstar took some time off from his ridiculously busy touring schedule to hit the studio for his first 12″ solo release in almost six years! Bricolage features three forward-thinking original tracks that will no doubt be another paradigm of the Detroit background he’s emerged from. Preview one of the new tracks now before it’s official release on October 27th! Read the rest of this entry

Sasha Extended Performance In NYC Announced

DJ_Sasha_at_Arenele_Romane,_Bucharest_(2006)_(rear_view)The one and only Sasha is bringing his no-nonsense tech beats back to New York City this holiday season. Not only that, but the show marks another installment of his famous ‘Last Night on Earth’ performance series! There isn’t a single instance that really comes to mind when this guy didn’t tear the roof off a joint. Head over to Verboten NYC on December 13th and watch him perform a special extended set! Tickets go on sale today on Resident Advisor! Grab them quick, this gig will definitely sell out quickly. While you’re waiting, listen to the most recent ‘LNOE Set’ he played.

New Original Track From The New Deal

The New Deal dropped a brand new track this week. Since returning from hiatus, the Toronto-based live electronica group has been quite unpredictable. The fact that they’re even the studio is a sign they’re here to stay though. This is the first studio track they have done together in over 3 years. Check out their new song “Sabotage The System” now!

This is definitely where they start to define a line between their old material and the sound they currently have. I can already see a lot of the older fans being disappointed by this so. I don’t agree nor disagree, but I have been listening to them for quite some time and the song is definitely a far cry from previous works like “Gone Gone Gone” or even newer material like “Octobong”. There some merit to the direction this song has taken. To some it might sound a little too close to “big room house”, but the choice of sounds and dramatic melodies more closely resemble the old school Russian synth music of the 80’s. That’s a very integral influence to their style, and I hope their newer material will hold true to that. We will just have to see how the next tour goes won’t we?


American Babies Announce Fall Tour

American_BabiesAmerican Babies is hitting the road for a fall tour! You can’t go far in the Northeastern jam-scene without hearing about these guys lately. Babies is yet another Philadelphia super group featuring guitarist Tom Hamilton as the frontman. Since forming in 2007 the band has done impressively well to fill the hole that his other group, Brother’s Past, has left since going on hiatus. When they’re not playing their own compositions, this band takes classic songs like Dylan’s “Tangled Up In Blue” and open new doors with improvised experimental jamming. With Phish playing out West, and The Disco Biscuits going into hibernation until New Years, it’s a great feeling to get excited about a jam band tour again. See where they’re playing below>>>

10339755_10152383129287036_64790385780509985_nIf Mugatu was a real person, he’d probably say “Tom Hamilton…so hot right now”. The Philly guitarist has been making headlines left and right lately, and it’s no surprise. Hamilton has made a name for himself as one of the most respected musicians in the jamband circuit. It seems like that audience is only getting bigger these days too. Whether playing with Electron, his cult followed group Brother’s Past, or his many other side-projects, he puts 100% passion into his performances. American Babies are here stay it appears, and if they keep going at this rate they’ll be headlining theaters like The Best Buy in no time at all. I think we can even say, guitar-wise, that 2014 is indefinitely The Year Of The T-Ham.


The Results For DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs of 2014 Are In…

20130719-OUTDOORS-slide-NTT4-superJumboThe votes are in, the polls have closed, and the results for DJ Mag’s annual Top 100 DJs are in. Guetta stays in the top 10, but I don’t imagine that will ever change (that would call for a majority of enlightened listeners). There’s some reasonable choices in the rankings, so it’s not a complete joke. Head to the link below for some cheap laughs, followed by a frightening realization that these “artists” are going to be the ones remembered for making this music 50 years from now. >>>

Watch New “Lies” Music Video From Bottin!

The King of Italo Space Disco Bottin premiered the music video for his song “Lies” this week! Directed by Sara Tirelli and done entirely on 16mm film, the video was shot on location in beautiful Venice. Featuring some stunning views and of course the culturally intrinsic tunes of Bottin, the film stands as a true piece of art in our eyes. The finished product of everyone involved is quite amazing, especially with that extra nostalgic punch. Boogie. Plus visuals. Think no more. Watch the video for “Lies” below!