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Ichisan Sends More Musical Love From Home

Our man Ichisan steps up again- This artist simply doesn’t quit. It seems like he’s always in the studio working up some interstellar magic. Check out this exclusive podcast he did for the Slovenian record label/festival-combo Stiropor! It’s good to know his community appreciates him as much as ours, as that’s not always the case with some artists. Press play and do your thing folks, the download is FREE!


LIVE This Weekend: Disco Biscuits Electric Factory Webcast!!!

10432541_10153641414683136_8944875394356057938_nThe Disco Biscuits are headed home for three nights at the Electric Factory this coming weekend! If you can’t make it to the shows in person, then get over the guilt, take the pistol out of your mouth, and start planning your couch tour party. The Philly-based electronic jamband is going to stream the entire run via LIVE WEBCAST! Boom. Every day is a walk in the park here at HoA. Just head to the link below for more info!

>> The Disco Biscuits LIVE WEBCAST From The Electric Factory! < <

March Madness: Gigs With Fur Coat, Maceo Plex, and More Announced At…

storelogoIf you live in the Northeast, there is simply no better time to see electronic music than in the month of March. The weather absolutely sucks, and the asphalt is plagued with open sores and cracks that tear your car to pieces. You’re going to brave it all though, and do you know why? Because the booking, especially in NYC, doesn’t get any better. (more…)

Shall Ocin Celebrates DGTL With Some Evil Grooves…

The DGTL Electronic Music Festival is right around the corner, and with it a stockpile of brand new releases to celebrate! If you’re under the presumption that this is your typical mind-blowing International event, stacked with a lineup you’d kill your 2nd cousin to see, you’re right on the money. As lame Americans like ourselves, you might not be heading to Amsterdam this April to lose your heads; but you can still hear it. Take the enigmatic Shall Ocin for example. His label Ellum Audio will be showcasing some of their top acts at the festival, and to celebrate he released this DGTL podcast! Kiss your sense of reality goodbye and dive in below!

If you’re just hearing about him now, then this is the perfect introduction to his intricate world. Ellum has been mostly recognized as a mainstay for the iconic Maceo Plex, however, it’s artists like this that really grab our attention. Over the last several months Ocin’s name has been coming up more and more, with artists like Scuba or Steve Bug showcasing some of his beats on the stage last fall. You can find his work on some of the top electronic music labels in the world including Akbal, Get Physical, Culprit, and of course his current home at Ellum. Where DJ’s like Maceo kind of smash your skull into oblivion with raw Techno fury, this guy smashes your concept of reality with Techno innovation. Shall’s decelerated approach to Tech-house bears a refreshingly psychedelic sound, and even more so aesthetic. Each track is door to another world, leading to the next door after that, and opening the next after that. The themes are inherently heavy and full of shadow, but his manner of constructing and deconstructing those sounds is uniquely delicate. Everything unfolds at just right the pace, never jumping the gun or derailing from the flow. One moment you’re experiencing a world of cosmic psychosis, and the next you’re lost in a face-melting exchange of crunchy bass lines. And rather than observe these various elements from afar, you become immersed in the thick of them. Conventional dynamics are tossed out the window, and you are no longer just the person on the other end of the speakers. The boundaries of your typical producer v. listener relationship dissolve, and the music becomes personal. There isn’t a single moment of static. You are always present and in the moment at hand. It’s as if he were a sonic architect and these compositions are the schematics to his own little world, to which you’ve all been invited. Suffice to say we are thoroughly impressed with what we’ve heard from Shall Ocin. It’s a new story all it’s own, instead of another retelling. We hope you enjoy…


Straight From The Garage…

Sometimes ladies and gentlemen, you just want to get hit with a brick (musically speaking, of course). When that feeling comes there is nothing better than some good old fashioned Garage music. We’re talking about the electronic kind, not the high-school indie band kind. Before trampolines came into the picture this timeless genre was a standard of House music production. Carrying that legacy now with a tough-beat attitude is Germany’s Ben Mono. Check out his new exclusive mix for White Widow Records!


The New Deal: Spring Dates In Northeast Announced!


Spring is in the air…well at least the notion of it is. While the rest of the country flips out over Bruce Jenner and shovels snow out of their driveway, we’ve got our heads in the distant sunshine. That’s partly because The New Deal just added some live tour dates in the Northeast this April. After they take of care of things in Colorado, they’ll be hitting Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and more importantly two nights at the Brooklyn Bowl! It seems like the Toronto-based live techno group is sticking around for another year (they just got back together after a 2 year hiatus). Those Brooklyn gigs are going to explode too. Don’t worry, you could take refuge in the bumping walls of the Output nightclub, located just across the street. Yes, those are the makings of an epic night on town indeed. Take a look at the dates here and start planning your Spring with us!


Back 2 Back Sets From Electricano & Johny Adroit!

Electricano recently teamed up with Johny Adroit for a back to back performance, and the recording is finally available! For about 94 minutes straight, these two producers pull every cerebral ghost beat they see fit from the shadowy depths of their collection. A man can be heard repeating the words “I thought he left the psychedelic stuff behind him” in the background of one of the tracks. It’s almost as if they were repying “No sir, no quite”. Once again Electricano executes his role of the dark passenger on the decks with much class, gracefully adding his signature dark and aggressive Deep House grooves into the mix. Furthermore, his tastes have proven to be pleasantly unpredictable, which is a characteristic you should cherish in today’s world of modern electronic music. Just like his work, he sits in the shadows on the production realm, patiently building toward the payoff. Once he makes his mark, however, it’s impression lingers for a long time. This isn’t the first feature we’ve done on him and it certainly won’t be the last. Enjoy!