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The New Deal Still Has It…LISTEN HERE > > >

NewDeal-colourThe New Deal just released their first fresh soundboard recording in years, and it is good my friends. Toronto’s live techno trio have skipped the warming up stage by miles from the sound of their recent performance in Silver Springs, MD. Listen to the entire second set below! After a two year absence, band members Dan Kurtz (currently of Dragonette) and Jamie Shields (Suckerpunch) answered the fan’s demand for a reunion, not without some unfortunate conditions though. Sadly, original drummer and frontman Darren Shearer decided he would not move forward with the group. Joel Strouffer has taken his place, but not without a skeptical eye from their followers. Can the New Deal capture the interest of fans and musicians alike as they did back in the day?

Hopefully I can put some of your worries to rest. After their hiatus-breaking performance at the now infamous Hudson Music Project (no doubt a highlight in a cataclysmic weekend), they shot over to Silver Springs for two personalized sets at the Fillmore. Missed the shows? Apprehensive to buying tickets for their upcoming tour? We don’t blame you, but check this out! While Darren did have a lot to offer in the trio’s dynamic sound, we think you might be pleased with what you hear. From a fan’s perspective, this group still fully accomplishes what they set out to do in the first place: To be a truly live house/techno group, an exclusively electronic band, and to do it well. The style has shifted a little bit of course, but not as much as you may think. They still have that classic sound, plus a lot of new tricks as well. The direction in their improvising hasn’t veered much. However, now they’re going different places on top of the old ones. Jamie has a whole new batch of effects and momentum to go with them, and that alone is worth the time. They still milk those huge build-ups to their fullest peaking potential. Joel’s drumming is slightly less evolved than Shearer’s, but it sounds like even that might change after some more shows together. It’s The New Deal 2.0 and if you embrace that concept, you might find that you’re not too far from home.



Live This Week In Boston: Dr Fameus (of The Disco Biscuits)

25-atxl1On a scale of one to ten, describe how much it hurts to not see live music. When you’re away from festivals, nightclubs, and summer tour, do you often feel fatigued, run-down, or depressed? Do you find yourself short of breath after long bouts of silence? How long have you felt like this? OK, now just turn and cough please. OK I know where to go for help, there’s a doctor right down town. You can always talk to me. Dr.Fameus is making a house-call at the Wonderbar this Wednesday, and he’s ready to remedy, my friends.

You may know him as a sort of robotic octopus being. You might know him as the current drummer of The Disco Biscuits, widely recognized for his quick draw of the sticks, handsome smile, and ability to write some killer setlists. His parents usually refer to him as Allen Aucoin. When he’s not touring with the Biscuits (which gives him a lot of free time), this assiduous musician still performs and keeps the momentum rolling. The Fameus project features Allen playing solo over programmed segments on Ableton Live, and sometimes performing with various special guests in the process. The programmed loops leave a lot of room for improvisation and the man basically goes nuts. While this format isn’t overly complicated, the Doctor is. What you’re seeing has plenty of substance. He tears through several styles of drumming at hyper speeds, and with an uncanny sense of time signatures and measurements. It’s really quite amazing to stand right in from of him, and still fail to follow the details of his precise movements.

With tDB having just announced six new gigs this coming September, it looks like the Doctor will be hitting the road for some bar room warm-ups. Hop over to the Wonderbar in downtown Boston tomorrow night, tickets at the door!


Phish Kick Off Summer Tour With A Bang! 3 Nights @ SPAC Begins Tonight!

10464194_10152109530181290_6992559018564462517_nPhish officially kicked off their 2014 Summer Tour at the Xfinity Center in eastern Massachusetts the other night. While they did play a hefty chunk of material from their just-released studio album ‘Fuego’, the second set takes you right back to the 20th century. The band got a chance to break in their new catalog and gain a stage perceptive of the fan’s reaction. The crowd heard the songs live for technically the second time (the band played the entire album in Chicago last summer), and they themselves were able to get a more raw feel of the new tunes. Everybody wins. That’s where it counts anyhow. These guys were basically born to play on stage, come on. A studio experience is really just simple fun when you think about it. They had no hesitation in proving it either. In the second set they really threw things into 5th gear with some immense improv, and exploratory playing from lead guitarist Trey Anastasio. Now Phish has made their way to NY for three solid nights at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, starting TONIGHT! We highly recommend heading down early on Friday to catch the oh-so-funky Z3, featuring original Zappa tunester Ed Mann himself, perform the Phourth of July Official Pre-Party! Have a great Independence Day you rascals.

7/01/2014 Setlist:

( Xfinity Center- Mansfield, MA )

Set 1-

Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan, Fuego, Back on the Train, Halfway to the Moon, The Wedge, 555, Stash, Bouncing Around the Room, Birds of a Feather, Wingsuit


Mike’s Song, Simple, Free, Waiting All Night, Ghost, Weekapaug Groove, Harry Hood, Cavern, (Encore) Julius 

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