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Watch Jamie Jones and Seth Troxler B2B at CRSSD Festival!

What happens when you put two legendary DJ’s on a sunny San Diego festival stage together? Well ask yourselves folks- what happens when you light a stick of dynamite? What happens when you give Paris Hilton too much alcohol? What happens when it rains in Southern California? Explosions, sex, and a lot of dancing is what. And that’s pretty much what we got when Jamie Jones and Seth Troxler decided to throw down a back to back heater at the CRSSD Festival last weekend (which had one of the best American lineups we’ve seen so far this year). It’s like a celebrity death-match of electronic music icons, we just need Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond to MC. On the left we have Jones- a UK-born, palm tree-loving House producer. On the right we have Troxler- an often naked, mustachioed menace with a permanent place in the history of Detroit Techno. Punches are thrown. Acid is dropped. Did we mention the transition into a beautiful California sunset? Watch it the whole thing below, courtesy of Mixmag >>>


Silky: Live In The Lab

Mixmag asked DJ Silky to stop by for a live set in their DJ Lab this week! When he’s not quietly tearing up the local London club scene, he’s hitting the studio with his companions at My Favorite Robot Records. His name might not be frequenting the Beatport charts, but between the Ray Ban aviators he never takes off and his classic approach to Deep House, he’s as much a rockstar DJ as any. Rather than pumping his fists or chatting it up with a stage full of girls, however, he’s got his head down and his mind in the mix…always. Silky is all flow and fluff ladies and gentlemen. You recognize that sound? Well it’s the underground!


This Week At Mixmag: Patrick Topping, Richy Ahmed and WaFF LIVE In The DJ Lab

Hot Creations took over the London Mixmag office for the latest guest spotlight. These three spinsters just finished their b2b2b performance in the DJ Lab, check it out!!! In the elegant words of one of our consultants, “waFF is WaFF-tastic“.

Mixmag December Cover Mix Featuring MK!


Need a little strut in your step? House legend Marc Kinchen, aka MK, is the featured cover artist for this month’s issue of Mixmag! You know what that means, don’t you? It means a new exclusive mix to get down to. Listen to the new Cover Mix below and head to Mixmag to get your own copy!

We aren’t sure if we’re allowed to diffuse his moniker so casually, but you deserve to know his name so whatever. The man spins truth. This DJ has gone from the birth of underground techno, to Hollywood studios, to retirement, and back again. With “Deep House” winning the electronic popularity contest, at least we have a seasoned veteran like MK to show us the light (until next month). Hopefully his presence in the spotlight will benefit the progression of House music like it did back in the 90’s. Kicking off this new mix with his Dub version of “Boy”, a piece of gold from that very decade, is certainly a great start. Perhaps he can make DJing a trend again and show the masses how far House music can actually go, and what it can truly do. The whole concept behind this electronic subculture was the sharing of music and showcasing real soul, not building a creation model of your colleague’s previous works. One thing is certain, MK stands out. That’s because he puts 100% of himself into everything he does. His sets, his productions- they are all extensions of himself forming a connection with you. That’s what it’s all about. Deep House music is soul music, and what glory is there in trying to mimic another man’s soul?

Mixmag Adds New Streams From ADE 2014!

ADE2You can’t turn a single corner on the internet without seeing an ad for the Amsterdam Dance Event right now. The annual electronic music festival has become one of the best collections of live DJs in the world. Naturally, Mixmag was on scene filming the Diynamic Music Showcase along with some other performances, and they were kind/awesome enough to post four epic streams from the event! Well thank you kindly guys, we’ll be melting accordingly this Sunday evening. You can watch this 3 hour set that Solomon & Kollektiv threw down together right now, and just head to the link below to see the others!


>>  <<

Tiga Hits The Cover Of Mixmag, Exclusive Mix Below

10614273_10152655490155837_7322468557158421644_nUsually we’d leave it to Mixmag to tell you about stuff related to, well, Mixmag. We can’t resist sharing the labor of bringing this month’s cover mix however. Each month the electronic media giants feature a new artist on the cover, and with it an exclusive mix they’ve put together for the occassion. For October’s issue, they’ve chosen Tiga, one of house music’s longest running, and consistent icons to date. This guy likes to keep things modest, but he’s been leaving his mark on music for decades. When he does have something to say, it’s probably something you should take time to hear. Listen to his exclusive cover mix now!

Tiga  (n) [tee, gah’/] – a cheeky electronic music producer from Montreal who specializes in variations of extraterrestrial house music and robot mating calls.


Mixmag July Cover Mix: Scuba

scubaweb_0Mixmag is one of the leading sources of electronic music media, and that’s because they actually cater to their fan’s interests once in a while. For July, they’ve featured Hotflush founder and deep house all-star ScubaWhile that genre might be the current trend in the DJ world, that doesn’t mean you have to ignore talent when it’s thumping right before you. Dive deep into Scuba’s exclusive new mix a little early and grab it below!

New Solomun EP: Review and Preview Inside…

Solomun1Solomun just released his new ‘Samson’ EP this month on DIynamic Records. For those who are now being introduced to this fine gentleman, he is from Germany, and he makes electronic music. This creature of the Black Forest is no stranger to the studio or the stage. In one solid year, he received the honor of winning Best Producer at the Ibiza DJ Awards, and Mixmag Magazine’s DJ Of The Year award. His “music is moments” motto is something he embodies on a daily basis.

Solomun specializes in meditative, cerebral house grooves. Although his music takes a fairly classic approach to the genre, this artist has rewritten the formula with his own unique twist. He is like the ghost of an era haunting the corridors of the modern electronic industry. The heavy notes of trance, disco, tribal, and especially house influences are all wrapped together in a semi-conventional yet somber format. He is in tune with something higher than the basic desire to make dance music. His tendency to reference theological figures in his titling could have something to do with the otherworldly feel to his sound. As to what, we do not know. Perhaps he chose that moniker because he himself is a prophet, like the Muslim’s fabled Solomon. The ‘Samson’ EP is out now, and you can purchase it on Beatport here! Preview the two new originals below and check out the review>>> Read the rest of this entry