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Exclusive Review: Holy Ghost! Live In Boston 1.16.2015


Have you ever just known deep down that you made the right choice about something? An unshakable confidence in your decision that no variable could alter? That’s what it’s like eating at In & Out Burger, or seeing Holy Ghost! spin live. Except the music is even better than an Animal Style cheeseburger. Last weekend they played their first stretch of DJ sets in almost a year, and in the process gave Boston the most proper Friday night they’ve had in who knows how long. (No offense Boston, your promoters just don’t book enough acts.) With this duo riding out the success of their live band over the last few years, it’s become a rare and special thing to see them tour on the decks. After last Friday’s experience at the Sinclair, however, I’m glad to know that one truth remains after all these years: There’s nothing like a Holy Ghost! DJ set ladies and gentlemen. Read the rest of this entry


#SundayFunday Mixes: Magic Tape 48

Here’s your #SundayFunday mix of the week! In case you missed it, The Magician dropped another ‘Magic Tape’! As always, no tracklist and a free download- enjoy!

The Magician- FALL TOUR Announced!

10648901_786221324762334_6944277795615295643_oThe Magician just pulled some fall tour dates out of his hat! Take it from us folks, that silver-tuned Casanova with a wand is about drop some heat on the USA. His former partnership with Aeroplane is barely a memory now. This artist has more than proven his worth in the electronic world as an individual heavy hitter. In just a few years he’s gone from playing a school-house rave in Connecticut (we were there), to having a video on MTV, worldwide radio presence, and bookings at venues like Exchange LA. The Magician puts 110% passion into his music and his performances. His styles may have shifted over the years, but we take full responsibility if you don’t have a blast at these shows. As far as the Northeast is concerned, he’ll be hitting Output in Brooklyn with the FIXED crew! Hope you’re ready for a pop soaked, piano-laden house party everybody!




download (1)Yuksek has become an iconic name in modern electronic disco. There isn’t a crowd out there that he couldn’t woo. In 2009 he was putting the works on boogie-junkies with his  ‘Away From the Sea’ LP, and his collaborations with The Magician still circulate the dance floors worldwide. It seems this year, however, we can’t turn a corner without hearing his name or music somewhere. Whether it be in studio, or live on stage with synthesizers, he has a head-turning passion for music. See what the buzz is all about with this performance in the Boiler Room last weekend. For an old-school, piano laden disco-house party, just hit PLAY!

The Magician: Magic Tape 36

1377447_613953931989075_1048124476_nThe Magician dropped his 36th installment to the Magic Tape series. No tracklist of course, he’s come too far to change his mysterious ways now. Kick your shoes off, light some candles, and work your way through another hour of charming, poetic disco-house to woo your brain into a romantic fervor. Rumor has it he might hit the Northeast for couple live dates after his appearance in Los Angeles, so keep an eye out. He is a magician after all, tour date miracles are sure to be right up his alley. The mix is available for free download now>>

426b16fd-daa4-408f-bece-dcce1d4a12a8FREE DOWNLOAD: The Magician – Magic Tape 36

The Magician To Release EP This Fall…

artworks-000057515613-59rhkv-t500x500Rather than kicking off the month with another installment of his Magic Tape series, mysterious disco debonair The Magician just dropped a preview of his new single, “When the Night is Over” featuring Newtimers. Even better, he will be releasing his untitled debut EP on Parlophone Records this November! Not only will the EP include at least one original track, but it seems he has already gained remix support from Busy P, Digitalism, Todd Edwards, and more!

This will be The Magician’s first studio collection released since the formation of the solo project. He has a couple handfuls of original tracks and remixes he has dropped over the years, such as his remix of Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers” which continues to circulate on dancefloors across the globe after being released 2 years ago! He’s been known to collaborate with Yuksek, releasing tracks as Peter & The Magician, the most recent of which was “On My Brain”. The two have a couple EP’s together: On My Brain and Twist. The upcoming debut in November will be the first EP released solely by the Magician however.

>>Listen to The Magician’s “When The Night Is Over (featuring NewTimers)” here<<

1234692_597081687009633_1137040986_nFormerly the second half of Aeroplane, in 2010 Stephen Fasano said his goodbyes to his partner Vito.  The Magician started out a small DJ project as an attempt to keep his career moving forward after leaving Vito Deluca and the Aeroplane moniker behind. From the beginning his Magic Tapes were catching on. He was coming out strong, and he needed to with the large portion of fans still attached to the Aeroplane name. The disappointment from the breakup was a quickly being forgot, soon to become an anecdote in the two artists’ history. This was especially true once he did his first US tour, showcasing his genuine skills as a DJ and taking clubs by storm. By the time the 3rd installment to theMagic Tapes was released, it was clear that The Magician was going to do big things. 

The new single will be available for purchase and download on September 23rd, and keep your eyes for the new EP, out November 4th on Parlophone Records! Who knows, perhaps we might get a little tour out this too…



Happy Magic Day, the Last of the Year



Mr. Fasano, who’s wonder is known to all as The Magician, released his 28th Magic  Tape today. This is the last one of 2012 folks, so get your groove on with this til we see a return next year 🙂

Listen and download The Magician- Magic Tape 28

Happy Magic Day


The Magician released his 27th installment to the Magic Tape Series this morning, so get your magic on ladies and gentlemen! Download here…

Belgium Producer Aeroplane Flies Off Course

Eskimo Records’ disco superstar, Aeroplane, dropped his much anticipated August Chart Mix on Soundcloud this week, his first release in over two months. Formerly a duo consisting of he and partner Stephen Fassano (now The Magician), Aeroplane’s been flying solo since July of 2010. The Belgium native has continuously modified his style over the years, adapted to the split and impressing fans and critics over and over again. Over the course of 2012 however, he has openly taken a different path in his work as musician, and with some disappointment.

Aeroplane, also referred to as Vito Deluca within the confines of Earth, has stated on several occasions that his passion doesn’t lie within the context of EDM, but rather more classical, orchestrated styles. In an interview with Greg Bowler for Scion AV, Vito said he was put in a position where he had to put a dance-able twist on his compositions, and the ensuing formation of Aeroplane occurred. This just shines a dim light on the inner workings of his genius, openly producing some of the most acclaimed hits in modern electronic, such as the album We Can’t Fly, but with no background experience in the genres. However, the European synth-pop style unique to the Brussels-born duo has long since departed from his craft. With the Magician gaining instant success with his project after the split, Vito seemed to effortlessly bounce back on the scene as a new artist, starting fresh, both taking full advantage of their opportunity to pursue their own desired sound.

As we progress through 2012, his works are getting slower and deeper with the passing time. No exception to the liberty of artistic freedom, but it would almost seem that the producer is growing tired. Perhaps the recent sluggish and drawn-out mixes are an attempt to distance his work from that of the Magician’s, or, as Vito has implied, perhaps he is ready to pursue a style more adept to his fortes. One could argue that the change in pace over the last year could be attributed to the separation between him and Fassano, but 2011 saw some of the best releases from this artist yet. The release of In Flight Entertainment in fall of 2011 was unanimously viewed as one of the best electronic record releases of the year. His featured single “Save me Now” was a perfect blend of the synth-ridden choruses reminiscent of the old days, and the heavy club house sound he has currently developed with his production routine. But now its very apparent he intends to leave that behind with a new flightplan. He still edits in the low tempo realm, but contrary to his previous tracks he is dropping the familiar 80’s analogue vibe. His lethargic remix of Erica Springs “Happy at the Gate” utilized some prominent bass lines to build the song further and further upward, but never quite climaxed, leaving the listener hanging. Its no question that the split of the duo left two brilliant minds instead of one collective brainchild, and the potential result is twice the music. But will Vito carry on with the same funky force he did post separation?

Aeroplane is, and always has been a voice of his own; easily considered a spearheading influence on the exponential rise of disco/house in the past couple of years, and a master of the composed universe he has created. At this point its hard to say what path he intends to take in his career, but I am sure that everything he does is with a specific agenda.

Vito tours constantly abroad but he will be appearing at The Disco Biscuits’ City Bisco Festival in Philadelphia this October. Check out T&A for a review!

Penguin Prison Interview After Dim Mak Studio Performance

Dim Mak Studios presented its weekly dance party tradition “Dim Mak Tuesdays” last night, this time with French Express Label throwing a one night disco marathon of back to back performances from Moon Boots, Perseus, Amtrac, and special guest Penguin Prison! Chris Glover, aka Penguin Prison, has formed quite a large following in the New York disco scene, and this week he spent the last few days leaving his mark in Hollywood.

The set opened with Dim Mak’s resident Bones, followed by Amtrac’s low-key, soul/house mixing, which segued into our man of the hour. Glover opened his set with a transition from Amtrac’s belittled closer into The Magician’s club heater I Don’t Know What To Do, ft. Jeppe (Erkka Remix). He followed with his own collaboration, RAC’s “Hollywood (ft Penguin Prison)”, where he provided live vocals for his section. Typically I’m apprehensive to an act of this nature, MC’s have a stale and tacky attitude that interrupts the listening experience, but Glover has an advantage with his amazing voice, it just added a touch of organic charisma to the performance. Although predominately touring with his band, he can definitely hold it together behind the tables. His cuts were precise and the queues well executed. The set was a great mix of contemporary nu-disco chart hits and that Brooklyn DFA disco sound, rich in his heritageThe actual components of the DJ sets were short of revolutionary, basic Pioneer mixers and CDJ software shared by all the artists performing, but because Glover spins tracks that he can proudly stand behind as a producer, he has a lot more integrity than that of your typical resident jockey. At first the crowd was a frail, sparse gathering of teenagers spread across the club’s vast dance floor, cluelessly watching the resident and Amtrac until just before 11:00, when it evolved into a wall-to-wall assembly of Penguin partiers with their game faces on. His closing “I Wanna Be Your Lover” by the influential predecessor Prince, in which he also did a stellar vocal accompaniment to, threw the crowd into fifth gear. The night was far from culmination, Moon Boots and Perseus were basically given the crowd on a silver platter and they kept Dim Mak’s disco ball shining far beyond his Manhattan stylings.

When considering the turntable’s widespread assimilation into almost every establishment in the world that provides live entertainment, it’s essential to maintain intrinsic creativity and use the technology to exploit original ideas, not the ideas of others. Otherwise you’re just a device used for stimulation. Penguin Prison is a true artist in both the production and live performance aspects. He constantly devotes his time to the studio, and adamantly manifests those creations live. After the performance, I caught up with Chris for a brief interview:

T & A: Which do you prefer more, performing with your band, or doing DJ sets?

Chris: Definitely band. I mean, they’re two different things really. I’m trying to incorporate a live element in my DJ sets, singing while I spin, showing fans a good time.

T & A: Do you change up your sets from show to show on tour?

Chris: Yeah, I never know what I’m going to do. I don’t know, I guess I’m trying to do new things with my set everytime.

T & A: Do you improvise the sets or mixes at all?

Chris:  Certain songs I like to play. I want to play my own songs, fans like to hear my tracks, so I try to show them that

T & A: Alex Frankel of Holy Ghost did some of the synths on your latest album, do you have a relationship with James Murphy or DFA as well? Have you ever considerd signing to the label?

Chris: Well I know some DFA artists, I’ve spent time in the studio with DFA artists. I have a lot influence from those guys. Downtown records is my label now, we’ve got artists like Major Lazer, Gnarley Barkley, Santigold, the labels good for the music I’m trying to make.

T & AI know you’re really into playing the guitar, what kind of guitar do you prefer?

Chris: Fender Stratocaster. I’ve tried others, but I like the strat the best.

T & A: What made you stick with the disco-pop/electronic style? You’re style has ranged from punk to hip-hop over the years, and now this.

Chris: I think what I’m doing now fits my voice well. Talking Heads, Prince, Michael Jackson are all influences. I’m trying to give a modern take on them. 

Penguin Prison will headed home for a DJ set September 12th in New York, and back here in L.A. early October for Filter’s Future Collide Festival. Self-titled album is out now, and be sure to check out Dim Mak on Tuesday nights! 1643 Cosmo st Hollywood, CA