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New Lindstrom Remix from Future Feelings












There’s quite a bit of audacity required to remix Lindstrom, considering that his music is tailored perfectly to a style of his own creation and without room for improvement. It takes even more talent to remix an artist of that caliber and succeed. Well Future Feelings qualifies. Check their just-released remix of Lindstrom’s-Vos Sako Rv, a truly amazing original which somehow was not made better, but equally great in difference. Funky percussive guitar licks and walking synthesizers give a little more kick to an already outstanding floor banger, enjoy…

Lindstrom- Vos Sako Rv (Future Feelings Remix)


New Brand of Synth Pop in L.A.


Serving as yet another prime example of L.A.’s integral role in contemporary disco-house we bring you a new star on the decks, Branded James. Just breaking the scene in 2011, he’s got a formidable approach to the style, not necessarily pushing the envelope, but remaining pure in his roots. Comparable to Penguin Prison, they both provide vocals for their originals and both seem to have a lot of influence from Prince. His just released remix of Colleagues-Parents House is a great floor track for the clubs, five minutes of rich and heavy focus on the vocals, accompanied with a simple but solid down-tempo beat, and patterned synths. Despite some poor decisions on a couple remixes, James is on the right path and we predict a demand for him in the near future.

Listen to Colleagues- Parents House(Branded James Remix)

Granted that this style of electronic has grown proportionally in the last few years, and granted that pop influence is a vital part of disco music, the pop side of it is particularly emphasized in these California-based musician’s productions. Los Angeles has become home to some of the greatest innovators in modern American disco with artists such as Classixx, Poolside, Goldroom, Plastic Plates, Oliver, and more. These newcomers keep popping up and with the aforementioned setting the standard in the West Coast, we’re anxious too see what their ambitions evolve into.

4mplify Breaks the Scene With Madison Square Records

Introducing 4mplify, an up-and-coming producer who’s quickly earning his rank among an ensemble of great European disco pioneers, and of course he’s Belgian.

4mplify just released his Discosmolgy EP last month on the recently established Madison Square Records , which is already looking to be a very promising label. His funk-laced percussive basslines with undertones of deep house rhythms and breezy synthesizers produce a notable change in an increasingly trending genre. This crafty Belgian delicately blends an energetic 2-step club beat with melodic Italo nostalgia, subtly upping the notch for those to come, and that’s right up our alley. What sets a great divide between this producer and his ever-growing competition is his rapid success and how he seems to have skipped over a large part of the musical due process: years of hard work and no reward. Only on the scene for less than eighteen months and predominately unrecognized, he’s already got the attention of artists like Punks Jump Up, who featured his song Comsmico on their November mixtape, which ranked Number 15 on’s Nu Disco Essential 20 amongst Aeroplane, Morgan Geist, and more. Considering how early in his career he is, 4mplify’s discography is pretty stacked too, and I can’t think of a disappointing track in his collection. The Discosmology EP is pure gold, and his mixes are completely composed of his own tracks, and we like that a lot folks.

We get really excited for artists like this, fresh out of nowhere and hitting the tables running. The Cosmico track is particularly cutting edge and absolutely impossible not to get immediately down to. Madison Square Records was just founded recently this year in Greece, and is already building a reputation for themselves as a household name for aspiring talent in a crowded genre.

Preview and purchase Discosmology here!


Orchard Lounge: Live From Aspen, CO


Orchard Lounge just released the first half of their 3 hour set from Belly Up, Aspen this afternoon, and you can get it here! The Chicago house trio are bringing their distinctively versatile stylings from coast to coast this fall for their hyped Nocturne Tour, and this show certainly has some surprises in it.

Download Orchard Lounge – Aspen,Colorado 11.11.12

Want more? Check out the 3 1/2 set from their Chicago hometown in the beginning of their four month long 2012 Tour: OL @ Smart Bar, Chicago

Lindstrom @ Pitchfork Music Festival, Paris


Red Bull Music Academy presents to us Hans Peter Lindstrom’s set from the Pitchfork Music Festival!

Legendary producer Lindstrom just released his latest studio album, Smalhans, earlier this fall and you can hear most of it in its purest form, LIVE. Not only does this Norwegian wonder exclusively create some of the most innovative disco that comes to mind, his performance capabilities are of an elite caliber. Never disappointing, and impervious to tests of time and trend, Lindstrom is arguably one of the most influential icons in the scene, appealing not just to dance music, but indie channels as well. Enjoy!



Happy Magic Day


The Magician released his 27th installment to the Magic Tape Series this morning, so get your magic on ladies and gentlemen! Download here…

Jimmy Edgar, House Music Extraordinaire


In the spirit of bringing you authentic beat makers and live performers, we’ve got a real gem for you today. Detroit-based Jimmy Edgar performed at Dimensions festival earlier this fall, and let me tell you, this guy is really unique. Detroit it notorious for being ground zero to house music and this artist proudly carries that legacy with admiration. This guy throws a true party, and with integrity. You can listen to the performance below.

House music has lost its momentum in recent days, after breaking the mainstream, artists like Deadmau5 and Guetta have completely skewed the genre into something unrecognizable. It’s all radio pop now and the Lamens don’t want to hear it unless it’s on the Ultra headlining bill. So seldom do I hear something that gets the boots shakin’ but it makes the search of true genius a much more fulfilling endeavor. Well I’m going to sleep like a baby knowing this artist won’t disappoint you. Let the troglodytes listen to their Tiesto.

Simply put, Jimmy Edgar gives no impression of fooling around. His track selection and releases are quite tasteful, reveling in the spirit of true old-school house and keeping the flow just right. Propelling forward with innovation though never disconnecting from his Detroit roots, he seamlessly captures the perfect balance of digital assault and relentless basslines with an almost jazzy /hip-hop undertone. His live performances are on point, and of course I wouldn’t write about him if he didn’t posses a unique quality. Aside from the flawless continuity of his mixing skills, he performs on live synthesizers in addition to the standard 1’s and 2’s. Edgar works the floor like few others can, and his speed and technicality on the keys are more than impressive. Red Bull Music Academy was kind enough to release his Dimensions set, and you can get here on T&A. Enjoy!

And if the mix isn’t enough, here’s some behind the stage footage of him performing his skills live






Ichisan IS space disco, but much much more I assure you, however we’ll get into that momentarily. I assume by his current fanbase you’re not all that familiar with this artist. I’m here to change that. This is a message that needs to be spread across the Earth, since I’m certain that it is old news across the rest of the galaxy.

Born Igor Skafar, he is a Slovenian photographer by day, and extraterrestrial guru by night. I can’t stress this enough, so forgive the lack of articulation. This is music. It has a consciousness of its own, and doesn’t resemble anything else. I would say that Ichisan is “disco” in the same context that I would say The Chemical Brothers are “dance music”: It is pure coincidence. The disco-funk formula merely serves as a guide to the mad genius as he converts blueprints to an interplanetary exploration into an audio map of the universe.

Just as we can barely grasp onto the untold secrets of the universe and the cosmic unknown, we can only begin to possess a vague understanding of the inner genius of Ichisan’s work. His music is a textbook in itself, intrinsically guiding us through his world on what literally feels a space frontier of the persona. With a predominately instrumental atmosphere, each listener is able to experience it through their own perception and comprehension, making it limitless in depth and thus immortal. Igor’s seemingly effortless knack for mixing songs with incessant fluency impedes any urge to skim through the release to find your favorite parts. When sitting down to indulge in the majestic beauty of Ichisan, it is as if you are on a tour of the universe, each song is a stop on a planet of its own, full of unique intricacies and wonders, giving one just enough time to take in its beauty before departing to the next stop.

So I present to you, just a fraction of the evidence to support these radical claims, his November release on Soundcloud:

Get more Ichisan @