Jimmy Edgar, House Music Extraordinaire


In the spirit of bringing you authentic beat makers and live performers, we’ve got a real gem for you today. Detroit-based Jimmy Edgar performed at Dimensions festival earlier this fall, and let me tell you, this guy is really unique. Detroit it notorious for being ground zero to house music and this artist proudly carries that legacy with admiration. This guy throws a true party, and with integrity. You can listen to the performance below.

House music has lost its momentum in recent days, after breaking the mainstream, artists like Deadmau5 and Guetta have completely skewed the genre into something unrecognizable. It’s all radio pop now and the Lamens don’t want to hear it unless it’s on the Ultra headlining bill. So seldom do I hear something that gets the boots shakin’ but it makes the search of true genius a much more fulfilling endeavor. Well I’m going to sleep like a baby knowing this artist won’t disappoint you. Let the troglodytes listen to their Tiesto.

Simply put, Jimmy Edgar gives no impression of fooling around. His track selection and releases are quite tasteful, reveling in the spirit of true old-school house and keeping the flow just right. Propelling forward with innovation though never disconnecting from his Detroit roots, he seamlessly captures the perfect balance of digital assault and relentless basslines with an almost jazzy /hip-hop undertone. His live performances are on point, and of course I wouldn’t write about him if he didn’t posses a unique quality. Aside from the flawless continuity of his mixing skills, he performs on live synthesizers in addition to the standard 1’s and 2’s. Edgar works the floor like few others can, and his speed and technicality on the keys are more than impressive. Red Bull Music Academy was kind enough to release his Dimensions set, and you can get here on T&A. Enjoy!


And if the mix isn’t enough, here’s some behind the stage footage of him performing his skills live





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