New Brand of Synth Pop in L.A.


Serving as yet another prime example of L.A.’s integral role in contemporary disco-house we bring you a new star on the decks, Branded James. Just breaking the scene in 2011, he’s got a formidable approach to the style, not necessarily pushing the envelope, but remaining pure in his roots. Comparable to Penguin Prison, they both provide vocals for their originals and both seem to have a lot of influence from Prince. His just released remix of Colleagues-Parents House is a great floor track for the clubs, five minutes of rich and heavy focus on the vocals, accompanied with a simple but solid down-tempo beat, and patterned synths. Despite some poor decisions on a couple remixes, James is on the right path and we predict a demand for him in the near future.

Listen to Colleagues- Parents House(Branded James Remix)

Granted that this style of electronic has grown proportionally in the last few years, and granted that pop influence is a vital part of disco music, the pop side of it is particularly emphasized in these California-based musician’s productions. Los Angeles has become home to some of the greatest innovators in modern American disco with artists such as Classixx, Poolside, Goldroom, Plastic Plates, Oliver, and more. These newcomers keep popping up and with the aforementioned setting the standard in the West Coast, we’re anxious too see what their ambitions evolve into.


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  1. Branded James is an amazing producer. I definitely hope to see him featured again on this blog as he puts out new tracks!

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