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Simian Mobile Disco To Perform New Album In US Tour



After two years of predominately DJ gigs in the States, Simian Mobile Disco will play as a live act again this Fall! In addition to dropping their 5th studio album ‘Whorl, they will perform the entire thing for US audiences. The album itself was recorded in the live format, so what better way to bring this new music into the world? After an official album-release party in London, the duo will journey across the pond for 8 live dates in America starting in Washington, DC. Expect the unexpected friends, Jas Shaw and James Ford have cooked up something fresh for this run. See if they’re playing near you in the dates posted below!

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Z I M M E R _ M U S I C _ I N S I D E _ > > >

There’s something about the summer and flashy synthesizers that go so well together. France is no stranger to glamour beats, and Zimmer might as well be their national spokesman on the subject. Tropical synth-pop and night-time disco house merge together in the new ‘Hills’ mixtape from the Parisian electronic producer. Grab the mix for free download below!

SPOILER ALERT: There’s a pretty mean Toto rework in there 🙂

Martin Dubka- Live @ ADE 2013 (100% Improvised, 100% Analogue)

tumblr_inline_mv11ch6kwa1r169lzThis is what we live for. We simply couldn’t ask for anything better. Martin Dubka is disco’s latest answer to the call for fully improvised, instrument-based live shows in the electronic universe. Previously a renowned disco/house producer who emerged from the damp streets of London several years back, he is currently embarking on a new musical journey. Dropping the turntables all together, Dubka is now performing 100% analogue, and each of his performances will be completely improvised. You read that right my friends. 100% IMPROVISED. This will take him away from the poppy disco tunes he’s released in the past, and into much more minimal, dark, and spacey house-driven soundscapes. He has the talent, experience, and knowledge to make this dramatic transformation without losing the interest of his existing fans, and will certainly draw new audiences. This is now bigger than a skilled beat producer, it’s much more important than that. It’s something this industry needs more than ever: innovation. Technological advances in music have become so developed, they’ve symptomatically lowered the standards of musicianship and talent altogether, pushing a multitude of genres with limitless potential further out of the realm of seriousness and relevance.  With one foot in 1983 and the other in the distant future, Martin Dubka is simultaneously pushing the envelope and showcasing 30 years of musical evolution.

1239860_10151783716012459_1981401417_nHere is a guy who has done countless live DJ sets, and knows how to read a crowd. Now he has an unlimited array of analogue sound bites within the context of an entirely improvised show. There’s a lot of gold to be found in that mine. You can listen to a live recording of him performing with the new setup at the 2013 Amsterdam Dance Event below. If you see this artist billed anywhere near you we highly suggest you get there, you can see for yourself here!

>>Martin Dubka- Live @ ADE 2013<<

Jimmy Edgar, House Music Extraordinaire


In the spirit of bringing you authentic beat makers and live performers, we’ve got a real gem for you today. Detroit-based Jimmy Edgar performed at Dimensions festival earlier this fall, and let me tell you, this guy is really unique. Detroit it notorious for being ground zero to house music and this artist proudly carries that legacy with admiration. This guy throws a true party, and with integrity. You can listen to the performance below.

House music has lost its momentum in recent days, after breaking the mainstream, artists like Deadmau5 and Guetta have completely skewed the genre into something unrecognizable. It’s all radio pop now and the Lamens don’t want to hear it unless it’s on the Ultra headlining bill. So seldom do I hear something that gets the boots shakin’ but it makes the search of true genius a much more fulfilling endeavor. Well I’m going to sleep like a baby knowing this artist won’t disappoint you. Let the troglodytes listen to their Tiesto.

Simply put, Jimmy Edgar gives no impression of fooling around. His track selection and releases are quite tasteful, reveling in the spirit of true old-school house and keeping the flow just right. Propelling forward with innovation though never disconnecting from his Detroit roots, he seamlessly captures the perfect balance of digital assault and relentless basslines with an almost jazzy /hip-hop undertone. His live performances are on point, and of course I wouldn’t write about him if he didn’t posses a unique quality. Aside from the flawless continuity of his mixing skills, he performs on live synthesizers in addition to the standard 1’s and 2’s. Edgar works the floor like few others can, and his speed and technicality on the keys are more than impressive. Red Bull Music Academy was kind enough to release his Dimensions set, and you can get here on T&A. Enjoy!

And if the mix isn’t enough, here’s some behind the stage footage of him performing his skills live