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Asheville Police Shut Down STS9 Show Last Night

10659236_10152789624382710_4848020673671108438_nAsheville, NC was the site of some not-so-great jamband debauchery last night. Just after midnight on October 26th, local police shut down the STS9 performance at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium. After 7 patrons were rushed to the hospital for confirmed overdoses, and 4 others landed in Police custody, officials ended the concert early for security reasons. The fans present didn’t take the news too well, as bottles and various items were being thrown at police officers. Not long after that, social media outlets and various message boards were buzzing with furious posts and pictures of fans allegedly convulsing and falling ill. Police comments confirmed that drugs were the cause of last night’s calamity. Many fans seem to claim that some particularly malignant substances were being circulated under the guise of something else. We won’t release the names like other sites have, but the charges being pressed on the currently-incarcerated don’t typically match such allegations. While irresponsible use of such chemicals is never acceptable, knowledge is power folks. We’re not condoning substance abuse here, but to each their own. You’re free to live your own lives through what experiences you choose. However, please do be responsible. Times have changed for the better, and instances like these are much more preventable than before. It’s a shame that this happened, and we wish the people receiving medical care the best. If you think someone or someone’s illicit actions are doing outright harm to a person, then alert the authorities. Help your fellow fans experience the same music you love in a healthy and safe way. STS9 posted this reply to the incident an hour ago:

“Hey all, we’re real sorry about last night in Asheville. We were indeed asked to wrap things up a little bit early due to some folks at the show that needed some extra medical attention. We hope everyone is feeling better today. It’s a good reminder to keep an eye on our friends and family out there and try to help everyone make solid decisions. Our thoughts go out to those that need it most right now.” 

Notice how they said “hey all”, instead of “y’all”? It seems their grammar skills have improved quite a lot in David Murphy’s absence.


Dominican Holidaze Announced!

The annual Mayan Holidaze event may be done with, but something better has popped up in it’s place! allow us to present to you the Official Dominican Holidaze Announcement!


EVENT: Umphrey’s McGee in Northampton + Guitarist Spotlight

umph2Join us for an evening with Umphrey’s McGee in Northampton, MA this Friday October 18th! The cult-followed jamband band will be performing at the Calvin Theater for their seventh time, a venue that has been cited by Marc Brownstein of The Disco Biscuits as “one of our favorite places to play in the country”. Only a month has passed since their headline-worthy tour with STS9 culminated, and the funky quintet is on the road again, this time one on one, with two sets.

When it comes to Umphrey’s McGee it’s hard to view them through a particular scope. In terms of both technicality and style, they have mastered not just one signature sound, but many. Their song structures are typically variations of rock songs written with alternative or progressive themes, fused with well written funk, classical, psychedelic, and orchestrated compositions. Unlike some other acts, these guys bring HUGE doses of improvisation to the table, without question and without flaw. To each their own, but when the focus is solely left on the tightness of the group’s playing, they are impeccable. A shining example of such skill lies with the band’s lead guitarist, Jake Cinninger.

UMRothbury2009_20110708_140555The most fundamental and intrinsic characteristic of UM‘s sound is the precision harmony displayed in the segments/solos between guitarists Jake and front-man Brendan Bayliss. The chemistry shared between these two mammoth guitar players and the other members is the catalytic agent that’s propelled them through the years without any static. Bayliss’ execution of the harmonized sections certainly gives us some insight to his competency as a musician, but he still represents the role of a rhythm guitarist. Jake Cinninger is the band’s strongest weapon. Seemingly immune to any friction, you’ll often hear him transition through hard metal riffing, jazz, funk, blues, melodic, psychedelic, and pure rock playing, and at any tempo. On top of his abilities as a jam-virtuoso, his placement of such techniques is on point every time.

Weapon of Choice: On their last tour he was playing with a GNL Legacy that he’s been using since the 90’s, which is the Stratocaster’s brother(the company helped to produce stratocaster’s in the late 50’s and early 60’s). A perfect guitar for a player like this. His rig on stage consists of around 15 different effects pedals. Each are all simultaneously linked to a True Bypass Rig, which allows him to assign any configuration of multiple effects to one particular number on the device. This way, he can custom design his sound catalogue for each specific show. Here’s another way to look at it; Wolverine has equipped himself with an arsenal of destructive futuristic rifles on top of his adamantium claws, and you are the mutant-hunting Sentinel’s about to be ripped to shreds. 

UMPH1Now some people might say, “Jambands? People still listen to that Grateful Dead crap”? We say… To hell with ya. Long ago you see, when AOL and MTV were trusted media conduits, and characters still smoked cigarettes in Disney films, jambands were a very relevant thing in contemporary music, particularly the 90’s. We’re not stupid, of course this movement is still in gear. Of course Phish still sells out Madison Square Garden every New Years Eve, but this is the electronic age, and Skrillex and Miley Cyrus decide the fate music now. We like to think we’re here to show you what makes a particular artist unique, and/or how they perform live. We present the music to you, for you to form your own opinion on it. We’re admittedly fond of the concept of jambands though. They, are at least dynamic. You may not be a fan of the music? Sure. But to deny the potential sight of such extreme displays of musicianship is plain foolish. Really it’s a music lover’s wet dream. No same concert is the same, and you see a new version of each song every time it’s played live. With at least an hour of music per set, and the fact that most touring jambands record each of their performances, you’re getting the equivalent of a new album with each concert played. A reoccurring complaint from those who don’t find appeal with this musical direction that listeners get bored with a 30 minute song with minimal vocal sections. The way we see it, it is up the artists not to bore you. In recent years, the Jam scene has changed form. Phish, a legendary act in their respective class, has drifted further away from their roots in improv since their return from hiatus in 2009. A few tours here and there have reached the level of on-stage jamming(Tahoe“Tweezer” Summer 2013) that they had once mastered, but for the most part their setlists are packed with more songs, and less improvising. Fans of The Disco Biscuits, a group known for their patented fusion of electronic music with various styles jazz and rock compositions, have grown frustrated with the band’s recent lack of consistency and tour dates over the last 3 years. Time moves forward, and sometimes the music does not. No complaints have been mailed in to Umphrey’s McGee as far as we can tell though. The band is playing with as much momentum as they’ve ever had, and certainly don’t “bore”.

Now, stop snoring, and get yourself to the party ladies and frogs. Kicking off their 20+ date tour tonight in Burlington, VT, they’ll good and warmed up for Friday’s show. This will be one of the highlight fall dates in New England. We’ll even show you where to purchase tickets (<here!). 

Upcoming Fall Jam Dates

umph guitarThis past summer showcased a particularly memorable onslaught of Jam Band assaults on the country, and now it is spilling into the fall. The so called “STUM” tour with Umphrey’s McGee and STS9 (which just ended this weekend) made multiple headlines in places like Jambase and Deathwaltz Media Group. Phish is just culminating a phenomenal summer tour, breaking open the heads of their fans with Herculean jams like the much obsessed 37 minute “Tweezer” in Lake Tahoe, or the recent 23 minute “Chalk Dust Torture” opener in Colorado. The Disco Biscuits’ performances at the annual Camp Bisco this year were undeniably their best of 2013 thus far. We can’t leave out the fact that alongside the festival hosts, the stage was shared with Umphrey’s McGee, Lotus, and STS9. The last time all four of those bands were together was Rothbury 2009! Those are just a few highlights, needless to say it was a huge summer for these guys.

disco-biscuits-city-bisco-2013-lineup-ticketsAfter you clean the mud out of your car from the festivals, or the fast food remains from being on the road, we’ll help you gear up for the season change. We certainly hope your summer was a spacey ride, but the impending chills are coming with some thrills. If your sense of reality and your wallet can take it, the upcoming months are overflowing with dates in the Northeast. The festival season still has the green light; check out the Catskill Chill Music Festival this weekend featuring Lotus, RAQ, Kung Fu, Brother’s Past, and others. On October 18th Phish will kick off their Fall Tour with a three night run in Hampton,VA. Just weeks away the 2nd Annual City Bisco will take place at the gorgeous Mann Center in Philadelphia! The event will feature four sets from The Disco Biscuits as well as performances by Shpongle, Emancipator, Gigamesh, Method Man & Redman, Treasure Fingers, and a whole lot more. The fanbase for Zoogma has sprouted a huge growth over the last year, and they have quite a few dates coming up in New England. That’s just to butter you up, check out all the links below for what’s in store for some of the most elite improv bands this fall season!

Catskill Chill Music Festival

September 6-8th Camp Minglewood- Hancock, NY (HAPPENING NOW!)



The Disco Biscuits Present City Bisco

September 27-28th The Mann Center- Philadelphia, PA


Zoogma Tour Dates

Phish Fall Tour Dates

Umphrey’s McGee Fall Tour

Tea Leaf Green Tour Dates

Lotus Fall Central USA Tour

Kung Fu Tour Dates

Leftover Salmon Fall Tour

Gov’t Mule Fall Tour

Yonder Mountain String Band Fall Tour

Twiddle Tour Dates

Summer Music Festival Lineup

The second annual Summer Set Music Festival has announced this years lineup. Headliners include STS9, Passion Pit, and more. The festival will take place at the Somerset Amphitheater in Somerset, WI on August 9-11. You can purchase your three-day pass on Clubtix now!


Entire 4/26/13 STS9 Performance on Video

20130414_000750 (1)CHeeSeHeaDPRoDuCTioNS has collaborated with electronic rock band STS9 to bring us a high definition video of their entire performance in Ft. Lauderdale last Friday at Revolution Live. After frontman David Murphy’s winning battle with cancer in spring 2011, Sound Tribe is playing tighter and moving forward with the most momentum they’ve had in years. Theatrics never hurt either; Saxton Waller, the band’s light engineer for over 10 years(minus a brief hiatus) is better than ever, especially with larger venues. After wrapping up their tour this past weekend, the band will take a break before gearing up for the summer festival season and hitting the road with Umphrey’s McGee. Watch two kinetic sets from Friday’s show on the links below, and don’t miss them at Camp Bisco this July with fellow “jam-pions” The Disco Biscuits, Lotus, and Umphrey’s!

STS9 @ Revolution Live 4.26.2013 Set I

Setlist: Really What – Abcees – Frequencies pt2 – Frequencies pt3 – Shock Doctrine – Rent – Blue Mood – Scheme(reprise) – Biggs

 STS9 @ Revolution Live 4.26.2013 Set II

Setlist: What is Love? – Instantly – GLOgli – Move My Peeps – EHM – Moonsocket – 2012 – E: When The Dust Settles

StS9 2013 Tour Dates



Sound Tribe Sector 9 will embark on an extensive tour across most of the West and part of the South early 2013, starting with a three day New Years Eve run in Denver (a change from their once annual five day stretch in Atlanta, GA), and ending at the Orange Peel in Asheville, North Carolina.

Check STS9 at Red Rocks earlier this year

STS9 are pioneers in live electronic jam music, having a fierce reputation in the tour scene. Each audience serves as a canvas to their carefully planned compositions and array of sounds. Seeing them live is like watching the weather play music, and just as variable. This band has persevered through so much over the years, including their bassist David Murphy overcoming a rare form of skin cancer. Even that can’t stop them. Sound Tribe hasn’t missed a beat since forming. Minus the situation with Murphy, they manage dozens of amazing artists on their own 1320 Records label, and have continuously toured this year and every year previous, grasping tightly to the concept of live music. Through all the internal style changes and obstacles this group has faced they are still unlike any other band around.

Tickets for STS9’s Upcoming Dates Here


A lot of buzz has been surrounding their performances this year, including at the Disco Biscuits’  Mayan Holidaze Festival in Mexico this past week. The band has a new set of stage theatrics and lightshow, and a passion in their playing that we’ve been missing for a long time now. STS9 got a second wind in their career and were looking forward to what happens next.