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Morning Mix Sessions:

I C H I S A N – S A V A N N A   M I X T A P E (NEW!)




Ichisan Sends More Musical Love From Home

Our man Ichisan steps up again- This artist simply doesn’t quit. It seems like he’s always in the studio working up some interstellar magic. Check out this exclusive podcast he did for the Slovenian record label/festival-combo Stiropor! It’s good to know his community appreciates him as much as ours, as that’s not always the case with some artists. Press play and do your thing folks, the download is FREE!

New 4mplify EP Released For Free!


Alright, it’s January 7th and we’re still seeing Robin Meade covering New Year’s Eve pet photos on the so-called HLN network. The hangovers have dissipated, empty Christmas trees have begun to line the road side, it’s about time we get started with the new year don’t you think? 4mplify is back on our radar with the release of his new ‘Thrill EP’. To kick off 2015 with a cosmic bang, the Belgian producer dropped the two new tracks for FREE DOWNLOAD. What a guy. Now, are you going to let him go through all that selfless trouble for nothing? Check out a review of the release and grab the EP below! (The “PLAY” button is the big one on the left). Read the rest of this entry

Disco Double Feature: Goldroom & Pete Herbert Releases!!!

We’ve got a double dose of the ethereal funk this evening. This time the music is coming at us from both sides of the Atlantic. London’s cosmic wayfarer Pete Herbert released another installment of his ‘Music For Swimming Pools’ (live) Mix Series! European groove with an sharp British edge to get the floor hopping. This bad boy disco session feels alright friends. It’s all yours below. Check it >>>


Second up we’ve got Goldroom, dropping his new ‘Saguaro Mix’ from LA! A new hour of tropical, pop-soaked disco from one of the true purveyors of that Southern California style. This is his first tape in months so it’s kind of exciting. [FREE DOWNLOAD]

New Spirit Catcher Mix!

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Spirit Catcher, two of Belgium’s finest lads.

So much music just comes and goes… but we’re happy to know that we made something special that is staying!
Now it’s time to sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the Mix 🙂
Much love!!!

*NEW* House Of Acid Exclusive Mix Featuring Ichisan!!!



To celebrate the official launch of House of Acid_Reviews, we’ve asked Ichisan to sit in for an exclusive mixtape! You can listen to the brand new ‘Poker Mix’ on our Mixcloud page below! In the last week alone this artist culminated a tour of the West Coast, flew back home to Slovenia, released a separate mix just a few days ago, and found the time to record this. Needless to say we’re very excited. He’s not one to disappoint.


The music of Ichisan has many dimensions, many of which are displayed wonderfully in this new mix. Not only does this artist breathe new life into European space disco, he creates new life within it. His funky discography is just an anecdote in the grand scheme of his potential. Rather than succumb to limitation, Ichisan has dug a passage through the boundaries of his influences and traveled to worlds we never knew to exist. The dancing rhythms he implements don’t define his music. No, they’re more like the colors and textures a painter would use to create a bigger, more beautiful picture. They’re the rock hammer he uses to slowly break free from the prisons of musical confinement. He has said in the past that his mixes are more for listening experiences than anything else. In the end they become much more than that. Each new installment is a view into a new world, a new chapter in his own musical journey. That kind of raw depth is exactly what the electronic universe needs, and we welcome his innovation with open arms.

Like what you hear? Head to his Soundcloud page below! While you’re there, hop over to our page to hear tons more!



Mix Mondays -Triple Feature

It’s already looking to be an incredibly busy week folks. The music is flooding in and we’re almost drowning in it, but no complaints here. For Mix Mondays we’ve got 3 new heavy hitters for you, a little something for everyone. To start you off, Rayko travels to funky space and beyond with his new ‘Disco Feelings Mix’ for SPA In Disco. Would you believe that this guy isn’t even signed right now? How anyone could pass this artist up is truly a mind blowing thought. Free download below!

Read the rest of this entry

Watch New “Lies” Music Video From Bottin!

The King of Italo Space Disco Bottin premiered the music video for his song “Lies” this week! Directed by Sara Tirelli and done entirely on 16mm film, the video was shot on location in beautiful Venice. Featuring some stunning views and of course the culturally intrinsic tunes of Bottin, the film stands as a true piece of art in our eyes. The finished product of everyone involved is quite amazing, especially with that extra nostalgic punch. Boogie. Plus visuals. Think no more. Watch the video for “Lies” below!


REVIEW: Ichisan Breathes New Life Into Space Disco With Kristina EP

988468_10203766644795893_9196344713842666601_nWere you starting to wonder where all the world’s cosmic tuneage went? Maybe just a little? Well put on your helmets, strap yourselves in, and say goodbye to gravity folks. It’s time for a brand new release from Ichisan. You may swoon accordingly.

Earlier in the year he told us he’d be doing a couple of releases as a precursor to his debut album (which is still in the works). This summer he gave fans a taste of his Extra Ball EP, due on Catune Records this fall. Now, a man of his word, here is a preview of the ‘Kristina’ EP, his second installment of space-laced dance tunes! The Kristina collection is set to drop September 15th on Internasjonal Records and includes two new originals. Despite it’s short length, the EP ranges from the soothing psychedelic overtones one might hear in his mixes, to the more dance-fueled guilty pleasures we hear at his shows. Both tracks showcase a more upbeat and raw sound this time around, an atmospheric result of his synthesizer collection no doubt. Read a full review and preview both tracks below! Space disco, we’ve missed you dearly. Read the rest of this entry


Ichisan just announced another performance while he’s here in the US! Plan accordingly, July is stacking up nicely!


July 11th, 2014


@ Stella Blues- New Haven, CT