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Why You Don’t Want To Miss Proper Sundays Tomorrow…



     Ending the week on a high note is a custom here in Denver. That tradition is going stronger than ever, perhaps with more concentrated passion than the actual weekend itself. Summer is upon us and it’s time to move outside my friends. As part of the Proper Sundays series, Afterhours Anonymous is bringing the eclectic duo Thugfucker to Beta Nightclub tomorrow afternoon for a daytime shindig! For those of you who haven’t been to these day parties, you’ll notice a refreshing lack of spiked high-heels and overcrowded bottle service tables. Instead you’re greeted with a crowd predominantly made of people who are there for the music and not the potential selfie opportunities with one-night-stands. This event series has produced some of the most quality underground electronic performances Denver has seen this year, and it’s not over yet.  Read the rest of this entry


Lowtec Unleashes New Brain Melting Mixtape

24239_377550689277_4447025_nOnce in a while an artist emerges from shadows of the underground and warms your heart, or in this case warms your brain to a boiling point. Introducing Lowtec, an aloof DJ/sound engineer who really shouldn’t have to be introduced in the first place. He’s been hiding in the dark, creating an ocean of sounds and lending his skills to various productions since the late 90’s. That’s because he has no desire to walk in the limelight, only to make honest, pure electronic music. It was only a matter of time before the spotlight found him instead. Read the rest of this entry

Daniel Avery Premiers Haunting New Music Video

Screen-Shot-2014-01-06-at-14.00.28So far 2014 has treated Daniel Avery very well. In a very short span of time he has gone from resident DJ at Fabric London, to Phantasy Sound‘s latest success story. Not even a year after the release of his brain-tickling ‘Drone Logic’ LP in 2013, Avery is already playing American nightclubs alongside craft legends like Simian Mobile Disco and Bicep. By the end of this year, every corner of the Earth will have gotten a taste of his dream-like Minimal style. So let’s see, made his mark in the studio? Check. Strutting his stuff on stage? BIG Check. What else are we missing? Oh yes that’s right, the new video!

Earlier this week he premiered the esoteric music video for the album track, “Knowing We’ll Be Here” on Dazed and Confused Magazine! Now you can experience his subterranean, acid-laced sounds on a visual level. This transcends your ordinary electronic music video (if such a thing even exists), however. The theme of the video is euphoria through death, specifically drowning. Joshua Lipworth, the director of the video, said he “got the idea from the euphoric distorted drones which sounded [to me] like a kind of drowning sensation”. Studies have shown that a person drowning can reach a brief state of euphoria, a byproduct of the oxygen starvation. While this subject is creepy enough as it is, Lipworth somehow managed to capture the true atmosphere of such an experience on film. Through his use of underwater filming and lighting effects, and Avery’s unique sound manipulations, the two have a formed a dark yet beautiful insight into death itself. We’re not trying to get all Emocore on you folks, we promise we’re happy people here. We can’t pass on aesthetics though. Avery has a higher agenda in his music that we may never fully understand, but it’s clear that the world is beginning to recognize his talent. These two have come together to form something everyone can relate to in their own personal way. We don’t usually care for music videos, but this is a welcomed exception. Visual and audio creativity have come together as one unit. Watch the brand new video for “Knowing We’ll Be Here” below!

“The one thing I knew was that I wanted this record to be a trip. All the best artists and DJs, they take the audience with them when they play; people lock into their world for a few hours and can’t easily step out again. You’re with them for the ride. When I go out, I want to give myself up to music. That was the idea for the album.”   -Daniel Avery on his ‘Drone Logic’ album


Simian Mobile Disco To Perform New Album In US Tour



After two years of predominately DJ gigs in the States, Simian Mobile Disco will play as a live act again this Fall! In addition to dropping their 5th studio album ‘Whorl, they will perform the entire thing for US audiences. The album itself was recorded in the live format, so what better way to bring this new music into the world? After an official album-release party in London, the duo will journey across the pond for 8 live dates in America starting in Washington, DC. Expect the unexpected friends, Jas Shaw and James Ford have cooked up something fresh for this run. See if they’re playing near you in the dates posted below!

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Clash Of The TiTunes

Shit RobotAfter disregarding our insanely classless pun header, you’ll see that Shit Robot got together with Clash Music for an all-vinyl guest mix this week. Without a doubt this is DFA Records‘ most unique character, but he’s also one of their first and most respected members. Marcus Lambkin [the bot] doesn’t seem to think too highly of his existence as a robot though, nor a musician since he labels a lot of releases as, well… you know. Perhaps he’s giving a new meaning to the word, because this mix is an incredible blend of decades worth of house music’s evolution in the underground, and as far as we can tell it doesn’t carry an odor either. The collection ranges from 1992’s “Nu Nu” by Lidell Townsell, Metro Area’s “Miura”, to Lambkin’s recent collaboration with Lidell Townsell “Do It (Right)”, two decades and some change later. He’s just as excited about this as we are actually, you can read all about it in Clash Music below (we just came for the beats folks). While you’re there, grab the mix for free download there or on Soundcloud!

> Clash DJ Mix with Shit Robot (FREE DOWNLOAD INSIDE) <


1. Lidell Townsell – Nu Nu [Club House Records]
2. Iz & Diz – Mouth (Brad peep’s Remix for friends) [Classic]
3. Metro Area – Miura [Environ]
4. Mountain People – Mountain 004 [Mountain]
5. Mango Boy – Need A Fix (Dub) [Mango Boy Records]
6. Paranoid London – Transmission 5 [Paranoid London Records]
7. M.C.D.E. – Sun Sequence [Four Roses Recordings]
8. Spectacle – Prism [Permanent Vacation]
9. FNM – Verde [Save The Black Beauty]
10. Shit Robot – Do It (Right) Ft. Lidell Townsell [DFA Records]
11. DJ Disciple Meets David Tort & DJ Ruff – Crossroads [Innervisions]
12. AFX – PWSteal.Ldpinch [Analord]

Oh you might wanna check out this live recording of SR’s set at Panorama Bar from last February too! Now you’ve got two collective hours of signature deep, tribal, psychedelic acid house coming at you in live and vinyl DJ formats!

pulse_4Stefan Z just dropped a new podcast for his upcoming slot at the DGTL Festival this April, part of the ADE Event Series in Amsterdam. House music is this DJ’s weapon of choice, and he wields it with notable grace and precision. Z brings a certain toughness to the deep house atmosphere, walking the line between the Toronto and European styles he has integrated himself into. He does have a background in musicianship, including but not limited to piano (which comes in quite handy with production software as you may know). Really, there is no better way to get acquainted with him than to indulge in this podcast. We can only hope you find as much satisfaction in these 50 minutes as we did, though do have confidence in your pending approval. You can stream the mix below>>

FIXED Presents: Shit Robot and John Talabot @ SRB Brooklyn 2/07/14

As the southern region of the United States slowly slips through the icy grip of the unfamiliar cold, residents of the Northeast shake the snow off their heels and head to their venue destinations. Yes that’s right, we’re the crazy bastards with two pairs of pants on hitting the suicidal roadways in pursuit of the only things left to go bump in the cold of night. The winter months here are always abundant with live acts. All the money and 4-wheel drive in the world couldn’t get you to every one though, so we’ll send you in the direction of solid choices.

us-0207-548678-264380-frontFor instance, FIXED NYC presents back to back performances from Shit Robot and John Talabot at SRB Brooklyn this Friday, February 7th! The evening will showcase Talabot’s recent collaboration with DJ Kicks, and feature accompanying sets from DFA’s own Shit Robot, and sets from FIXED founders Dave and JDH!

Now we’re aware there are a few other formidable acts playing that night in the 5 Burroughs including Hot Since 82, and Claude Van Stroke, and you might be tempted to see one of them. Those are two fine gentlemen indeed, respectable chaps born with a vinyl thumb, but you would be missing out on a truly rare spectacle. Talabot is surely something to write home about, and Shit Robot gracing the stage is a treat in itself. Get your mind off the floor, and jump beyond the midnight hour into the psychedelic house grooves that this combination will deliver.

120929_talabot-119John Talabot gives a very psychedelic perspective to acid house roots. You can feel a sense of gratitude to his predecessors in his productions. His music drops layer over layer, never abrasively, but delicately and smoothly. With his mixes, the layers continue to overlap and connect until you’re into the territory of a new track. It’s sonic exploration ladies and gentlemen. His signature might be found in the drum tracks, they serve as details to the progression of the song, rather than just a device for carrying notes. His live performance (vs. a DJ set) implements an array of live percussion kits, and is pretty fascinating. Pitchfork gave the DJ Kicks an impressive 7.9, which granted doesn’t always mean much, but in this case it does. His exclusive featured track “Without You” is without uniform to say the least, and tells the story of his style pretty well. Prevalent drum tracks, the short, stabbing bass playing the role of percussion almost, it all tilts a nod to acid house until the vocals wrap around the rhythm with two falling synths. If that sound is any inclination to the contents of his live performance, than our anticipation has doubled.

Shit-Robot454545It’s also fitting to be paired with Shit Robot, an artist who has been DJing and producing music for two decades. Marcus Lambkin, the man behind the bot, packed up his turntables and left Ireland in the mid-90’s to ambitiously integrate himself into the New York club scene. Not long after, he did just that when he met James Murphy and found a home with DFA Records in the early 2000’s, assimilating into the lifeblood of the Brooklyn nightlife. The man is a legend in his own right. Never following conventional formulas, he has always had an abstract approach to music. It’s that obscurity in his sound that pushes the envelope and has made him a respected name. Let’s face it, you can’t get away with making music under the moniker “Shit Robot” for that long if you don’t have any talent. The bill celebrates Talabot’s DJ Kicks release, but Shit Robot is also releasing his first studio album in years, titled ‘We Got a Love’ on March 17th! Thus, it’s very likely that he will be working some new material into his performance, which is certainly something to get excited about. If you want to get an idea what his skills behind the decks amount to, check out this mini-mix he did last month  for Annie Mac here.

On one hand you have Talabot moving forward with a modern blend of influences, and on the other, you have Shit Robot, an artist nestled firmly in the roots and history of this music’s movement, with a touch of disco. Incidentally, you are witnessing firsthand the reciprocating evolution of house music.  The city dwellers have it easy, but is this show enough to make the small-towners travel? Are you going to wake up the next morning in a radical shift back to suburbia, where the morning snowfall cloaks your home in silence, as if it were a all dream you never wanted to end? Or will you breathe a sigh of relief to be back? We can’t tell you that, but we can tell you those are the questions we live to answer. We can also tell you, that if this event receives the accolades of an unforgettable night, you’ll be sure glad you went. With these two headliners at the decks, and FIXED hosting the party, it’s a safe bet you won’t be forming a refund hungry, torch-carrying mob through the streets of Brooklyn.

Get tickets to the show HERE!

Silky: Live in Berlin 10/05/2013

576567_10150752177708130_518451489_nSilky. Hmmm, are we describing the music or naming it’s creator? Both I suppose. Silky is a genuine creator of deep/acid house who’s been hitting the decks for over 10 years now. He was introduced to the DJing and unofficially mentored by Frankie Knuckles, who played a pivotal role in bringing house music to popularity in the 80’s and 90’s, and still remains one of the most influential icons in house music. Although he has received support from artists like Deep Dish, Carl Cox, and Groove Armada, his music is mostly recognized through underground channels. Silky has been a long time member of My Favorite Robot Records, which seems to to be solid fit for a house producer of this type. After the years he’s spent in the studio, and the help he’s had along the way, he’s become quite the incredible DJ. You can see what he’s got to bring to table (literally) where it really matters, LIVE, below. Listen to Silky’s performance in Berlin earlier this month at the Chalet Club, and see for yourself what this guy is capable of, we’re pretty confident you’ll like what you hear.

LISTEN: Silky- Live @ The Chalet Club, Berlin

Villanova – Physique Bell EP (on MFRR)

Allow us to introduce you to French electronic music duo Villanova, who will release their 5-track Physique Bell EP on My Favorite Robot Records September 2nd. The release features two remixes from Kiki and HearThuG, and three sensational new originals. Although pretty new to the scene, the so-far-accomplished duo from Marseille are quickly making a name for themselves. Having just finished their second EP, they’ve already been picked up by one of the finest underground labels in the world to release it.


Electronic music will never relent, because there is no limit to it’s potential. There are hundreds of styles, techniques, and genres, the earliest of which were house and trance. After 30 years of countless artists giving us their take on those styles, the guys at My Favorite Robot Records manage to keep a clean edge on the genre. The Toronto-based label is large a collection of artists who truly love house music, and capture it’s spirit with more passion than most DJs you see in clubs. Villanova is sure to nestle tightly in their group.

Listen to the entire Physique Bell EP by Villanova here!

There are barrier-breaking musicians, and there are traditional and classic musicians, and there are both. Villanova embodies a pure old-school vibe but they persevere with a flowing intensity. The two tracks have a distinct sharpness to them. The rolling bass lines and high-hats don’t overstimulate you, but they give you everything you need. This duo flows with clever and calculated simplicity to carry you through the rhythm instead of dropping it on you. They are in no rush, but the pacing is steady and engaging. Similar styles of house music can get very boring, but the precision and actual soundscaping these two play with is very crisp. It is up to the artist to keep the audience interested, and there is nothing dull about Villanova. Sometimes you need to let your body do the work, and let your mind fall into space, going faster and faster as it descends. Take a listen and enjoy the ride.