Ichisan IS space disco, but much much more I assure you, however we’ll get into that momentarily. I assume by his current fanbase you’re not all that familiar with this artist. I’m here to change that. This is a message that needs to be spread across the Earth, since I’m certain that it is old news across the rest of the galaxy.

Born Igor Skafar, he is a Slovenian photographer by day, and extraterrestrial guru by night. I can’t stress this enough, so forgive the lack of articulation. This is music. It has a consciousness of its own, and doesn’t resemble anything else. I would say that Ichisan is “disco” in the same context that I would say The Chemical Brothers are “dance music”: It is pure coincidence. The disco-funk formula merely serves as a guide to the mad genius as he converts blueprints to an interplanetary exploration into an audio map of the universe.

Just as we can barely grasp onto the untold secrets of the universe and the cosmic unknown, we can only begin to possess a vague understanding of the inner genius of Ichisan’s work. His music is a textbook in itself, intrinsically guiding us through his world on what literally feels a space frontier of the persona. With a predominately instrumental atmosphere, each listener is able to experience it through their own perception and comprehension, making it limitless in depth and thus immortal. Igor’s seemingly effortless knack for mixing songs with incessant fluency impedes any urge to skim through the release to find your favorite parts. When sitting down to indulge in the majestic beauty of Ichisan, it is as if you are on a tour of the universe, each song is a stop on a planet of its own, full of unique intricacies and wonders, giving one just enough time to take in its beauty before departing to the next stop.

So I present to you, just a fraction of the evidence to support these radical claims, his November release on Soundcloud:http://soundcloud.com/ichisan-mixes/ichisan-remember-november-mix

Get more Ichisan @ http://soundcloud.com/ichisan-mixes




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