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House of Acid_Reviews (formerly Tits & Acid Reviews) was originally developed by Cody Bates in 2012 to bring performance reviews of bands and DJ’s to people who crave something more than the mediocre acts of the modern mainstream. Now it has grown to much more, dedicated to bringing fresh, original, and revolutionary music from around the world to a broader audience. Featuring interviews, TONS of music, in-depth reviews, and a lot more, House of Acid has become a trustworthy source for mature dance acts of all tastes and forms. Swarms of untalented performers and producers have seeped through the cracks of criteria and flooded the charts, degrading the standard of electronic music as a whole. The true potential couldn’t be ignored any longer. Setting out to see who had a unique talent in music production, especially in the live setting, he formed HOA to bring fans the best of the best in genres of all kinds, and save them from disappointment. Here, the readers decide if they like something, not the charts. More than anything, this website works relentlessly to separate the genuine from the junk, the official from the superficial. House of Acid_Reviews is here to find truth in dance music.


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