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Steve Bug’s ‘Pelican Glide’ Now Available For Preview!

475292269_640The words “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” echo in Dehlia De France’s dreamy voice over and over again in Steve Bug’s new track “Gone Til’ It’s Gone”. We don’t quite know who that phrase is being directed to, but you can start feel sorry for them with a beautiful voice like that. However, we can’t entirely agree with those sentiments on a surface level. We know damn well what we’ve got here: A smoking new EP from Steve Bug. Read the rest of this entry


New Exclusive Track from Simian Mobile Disco!

Today Simian Mobile Disco released a preview of their new track “Parson’s Nose”, you can listen to it now! The track was produced as an exclusive contribution to the upcoming 2020 Vision compilation album, titled ‘Content’, being presented by Ralph Lawson. In celebration of their 20th Anniversary, the label has called for 20 exclusive songs from artists all over the UK, and more. The album showcases new remixes from Groove Armada, Psychemagik, PBR Streetgang, and new originals from Waze & Odyssey, Eats Everything, Huxley, and so much more. Looks pretty tasty doesn’t it? Oh and if you pre-order the album now, you will instantly receive a free download of this song!

Pre-Order ‘Content’ here!


Raxon- Guestmix for Noir Music

It is human nature to watch chaos unfold, even if we know the outcome will be disastrous. Anytime we walk way from such discord, we are fighting a primal urge to see it run it’s course. It’s kind of like watching Hostel for the first time. Many will curse the film and dismiss it as mindless dribble, to which we can’t confirm nor deny, but we’re willing to bet you watched it through to the end on your initial view. We’re not saying that the new guestmix from Raxon is anything similar to a sadistic group of rich murderers, but that voyeuristic nature does apply. You sense the darkness filling in around you as he delves deeper into the tracks, but you can’t pull yourself away. Check out this installment that Raxon did for Noir Music, released last week. It strikes fear into the dancefloor.


Rework Drop New EP on Visionquest!

1010885_764613430245781_7969549491412847573_nThe German production trio Rework just dropped their new ‘Rise and Fall’ EP last week on Visionquest. If you’re looking for a fresh and clever twist on the recent deep/minimal wave of house music, you might want to give this a spin. Since I’ll be catching the Visionquest showcase this Saturday at the Mysteryland Electronic Music Festival, I figured I’d give you guys a glimpse at the label’s most recent release! Never heard of em? Cool. I got you guys, no worries. The group was originally formed by friends Daniel Varga and Michael Kuebler, becoming the full trio in 2000 when French singer Laetitia joined. Shortly after their first release on Playhouse Records in 2003, she and another part-time singer departed from the group. It wasn’t long before they found Sascha Hedgehog in 2005, and formed a permanent lineup. In the battle of the sexy names, Sascha won with her seductive German voice, a perfect fit for the atmosphere they were going for. Rework’s sound can be described as an icy yet colorful approach to their own tough-love house music. Listen to the featured track “Ask You” below! Read the rest of this entry

Betoko Presents: A Grey Day in May

Did you get a chance to hear the new mix from Betoko? You can stream ‘A Grey Day In May‘ below, and check out this small piece Rolling Tuff did on the release. The article is brief but the writers there have a similar view as us on this artist, and we share mutual sentiments. Unlike the usual guest spots and live recordings he frequently drops, this release was specially crafted for the listeners at home. Betoko has taken us into the abyss before, but this is something else entirely. This is not just a compilation of dark, pulsating house music, it is a sonic journey. Listen as he unravels new layers in both the mix, and himself, surprising us yet again with his versatility. You’d better dive in before he releases something else, the man is always on the brink of dropping new music.

>>Rolling Tuff on Betoko- A Grey Day In May<<


Gypsy & the Cat- Piper’s Song (Aeroplane Remix)

Almost immediately topping the charts upon it’s release in 2010, this remix greatly overshadows G&TC’s original version and became an instant classic for fans of indie and electronic alike. “And this man he walks alone, singing remixing songs of victory…” 

Dominican Holidaze Announced!

The annual Mayan Holidaze event may be done with, but something better has popped up in it’s place! allow us to present to you the Official Dominican Holidaze Announcement!


DEEP Radio Presents: Mark Farina Live (ALL VINYL)

WLP0843You order a DJ set? Ya’ wanna’ party? Perhaps this might do the trick then. Last month, DJ Mark Farina visited LA to throw an epic alleyway party off of Hollywood Blvd, and it’s been released for free download! Despite the dominating mainstream glamour that Los Angeles is known for, Hollywood in particular has a surprisingly tasteful underground presence. While Billboard artists were likely filling up the Nokia or the Hollywood Bowl, DEEP Radio hosted an old-school shindig at the King King nightlcub. Farina rocked the place right into Easter Sunday with nearly 4 hours of all-vinyl house music. Grab the recordings below and check it out!

“I look at my job as a modern traveling minstrel, to bring music to as many places as I can, and expose obscure records that, otherwise, might go hidden”. -Mark Farina

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#Throwback Thursdays:

Honestly, we love this little social media trend because we get to re-post great music that hasn’t been on anyone’s mind in years. This week we’re taking you back to Ibiza 2011 with a live mix from Bottin, Italy’s finest purveyor of Italo-disco beats. Godetevi!

P A U L I E – Hot Mix #11

1045127_469638509780076_707405106_nGood morning! Paulie, formally of the disco outfit The Cosmononauts, has graced us with the 11th installment of his Hot Mix series today. Enjoy!