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March Madness: Gigs With Fur Coat, Maceo Plex, and More Announced At…

storelogoIf you live in the Northeast, there is simply no better time to see electronic music than in the month of March. The weather absolutely sucks, and the asphalt is plagued with open sores and cracks that tear your car to pieces. You’re going to brave it all though, and do you know why? Because the booking, especially in NYC, doesn’t get any better. (more…)


Mix Mondays: Machinedrum

The weekend is over, but never in your hearts…never. If you’re looking for something fresh to kick your motivation up a notch, we’ve got just the thing. Enjoy this exclusive new mix Machinedrum did for the upcoming Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival! It’s hilariously awesome.


HearThug dropped his unreleased track “Midnight Blues” on Soundcloud yesterday. Imagine Cowboy Bebop meets production software, and you can start to get an idea. With that rain coming down, take in the comfort of this dark beauty to keep you company. This is truly an artist without boundary, and you can count on the next release being completely different. Oh and of course he’s a frequent resident of My Favorite Robot Records.


A Mix For Social Studies, Boston

A brand new mix from the dark and groovy bug man. Unmistakable to any others, he is undoubtedly a unique individual in his productions, and his mixing skills are equally impressive. You can have this fined tuned power-hour of bouncing guitars and esoteric funk for a free download.