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The Beat Broker – Classy Dancer X (The End Of A Saga)


1618637_10151864459421269_1313956978_nAttention all you lovers of interstellar disco! This afternoon The Beat Broker dropped the 10th and final installment to the Classy Dancer Series, hot off the presses and available for free download now. San Francisco’s underground king of cosmic boogie wraps up 5 years of classy dancing with an epic finale. Don’t be discouraged, he’s merely on to the next groove. Grab the mix below!

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New Music From The Beat Broker, Blende, and More!

The Beat Broker- Classy Dancer VIII (free download)

bb_title_logo_transThe Beat Broker released the 8th volume of his Classy Dancer Mix series, featuring his new remix of Jonas Reinhardt’s “Jungle Jah”The San Francisco kid has been quiet for a long time, putting almost a year between his release of the 6th Classy Dancer in March 2012 and the full length album ‘Limited Time’ which debuted last May. Those silent but extensive hours spent in the studio and the resulting drop of a new album(which is pretty good), among other achievements, have made 2012 a very pivotal point in his growing career. The Beat Broker is an incredible DJ, and should no longer be kept a secret. Over the last two years he’s focused more effort into producing originals and working with labels like Bear Funk, Catune, Halocyan, Mad on the Moon, and more. Even before that stage of evolution however, when Beat Broker was just a microscopic disco pumping organism, there was always a smooth elegance displayed in his DJing. The transitions tie the songs together with silk, the tracklist is ALWAYS original, and the finished product gleams every time. He’s been putting out music and DJ mixes since 2006 and has yet to change styles or succumb to the cultural pressures of trend. Although he dabbles with house, synth pop, and ambient grooves, the Broker seems to revel in the spacey vibe found with artists like Goldroom or Ichisan, only add more bass and a touch of glamour to it all. Classy Dancer Volume 8 has all of that, plus a great portion of muscle to it. You can listen and download it for free in the link above.

Monitor 66 – “Triscuits” (Roberto Rodriguez extended dub)

monitor66Just yesterday Roberto Rodriguez (no not the guy who directed Desperado) dropped his extended dub remix of the Monitor 66 track, “Triscuits” on House of Disco Records. You may have heard “Triscuits” showcased in mixes from Aeroplane, Mickey, and Attari, or just circulating the airwaves. The track spent a considerable amount of time on Beatport charts, and still resonates through the disco collections of listeners everywhere. It’s impact on people is further indicated with this remix, considering the original was released some time ago. Roberto’s retelling of the Monitor 66 classic doesn’t tamper with the original’s integrity, and although they are not the same, in this case his remix is equally good. Being an extended dub version, the track is recreated with a slight increase in tempo, and more force to the bass lines along with some flashing synths. All this and the extended length add more emphasis to the aesthetic melody of the tune, and as a result give it a more dramatic feel. You can listen to it here!

Blende- “Rikki”

blende2London based Blende released a gold-wrapped single this month, which you preview above. Since signing to Eskimo Recordings just over a year ago, this artist has been working non-stop, bringing some of the freshest, synthesizer drenched beats we’ve heard. The new single “Rikki”, is backed with an arsenal of extra crispy bass and saturated bursts of synth waves, sending you hurdling into the future in a 1984 Datsun coupe. Fans of artists like Cinnamon Chasers or Oliver can find refuge in the romanticized funk-house mastered by Blende. Currently riding the high of the past years success in London, we’re keeping an eager eye out for some US dates so we can see what he is really made of.


Free Download: The Beat Broker – Classy Dancer VIIartworks-000044259074-cibkhf-t200x200

Check out the latest in the Classy Dancer series from The Beat Broker. The last two days have seen a lot of beats coming out of San Fran, but this guy hasn’t put out a mix in quite some time and we couldn’t be more excited!

$$$ The Beat Broker $$$



The Beat Broker, San Francisco’s go-to for Italo moonlighting, released a new remix this week. This artist is uncanny in his forte and has never disappointed us with his skills on the decks. Enjoy the jump.

Sorcerer- Universal Vision( The Beat Broker Dub Mix)

ON REPEAT: This installment of his Classy Dancer series, one of our top ten times of all time.

The Beat Broker- Classy Dancer IV