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Tits & Acid EXCLUSIVE: Premier of Silverclub’s “Back To The Start” Music Video, New EP OUT NOW!


Silverclub returns to the spotlight this week with the music video premier of “Back to the Start”, exclusively on T&A! The song comes hot off their newest EP, NOW available on Red Laser Records! Just as the title implies, these guys are onto new beginnings. The release marks the jubilant end to a long and bumpy road, personifying everything this Indie project has set out to accomplish. Backed with the new haunting vocals of Henrietta Smith-Rolla and a fresh batch of tunes, these Brits are tearing it up. Watch their brand new music video, directed by Torie Zalben, and check out the ‘Back to the Start EP’ below!

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Satin Jackets- Guest Mix For Dancing Astronaut

Oh why not, we’ve seen this everywhere over the last 4 days but just in case you haven’t heard it, here’s the new mixtape Satin Jackets did for Dancing Astronaut! This German duo is signed to Eskimo Recordings, so we can add another notch in the disco/house post for both the label and country of origin. If you’re a fan of disco-laced electronica then look no further. This guest mix impressively showcases a wide and tasteful range of deep house, indie, disco, pop, and funk tunes, including their remix of “Somebody” by Salt Ashes. Head to the bottom of the page for the download link, and enjoy the stream! We, and apparently several others felt a strong need to show you this, so you might just want to hit that play button, or hey you might not.

>>>Head to the Dancing Astronaut for a FREE DOWNLOAD of the mix here<<<

New Music from Electro-Indie Group, Silverclub!

NEON;BAR;TRIThe UK’s been on the musical up and up for decades now. From metal, to rock n’ roll, and pop, the Brits across the pond are one of the most constant, ubiquitous influences in our music. With revolutionary music from acts like Orbital and the Chemical Brothers spanning from over 20 years ago, to the modern underground house scene in London, it’s apparent that electronic music is no exception. Don’t get too down though folks, we’ve got roots too (Detroit and Chicago house for starters). In the last decade, the electro-indie movement has been especially huge. The days of new wave are once again upon us, and branching off into limitless blends of modern and old influences alike.

Enter the Manchester-based electronic indie band Silverclub. Although they might not register to American audiences, they’re building a solid following East of the Atlantic. This group takes indie and punk-rock flavors and applies them to synthesizer driven grooves and beautiful arrangements. There is a distinct softness to the vocals, but the music that they intertwine with is textured, and pulsating. It sort of reminds you of The Klaxons’ synth-heavy take on indie rock, only less intense and objectively danceable. Although they are quite heavy with vocals and pop style, they are certainly something to break a sweat to.

avatars-000054404728-edtfxm-t500x500Well we brought these guys up for reason. We try to offer a little something for everyone here you know. This week Silverclub released two sparkling new tracks from a forthcoming EP due this April, so we thought we’d bring them to your attention. Both of these new tracks are available on Soundcloud, which you can visit here, or through the links below. “Trouble”, the first of the two new releases, is a more fast-paced synth-rock tune. The second of the two, “Gravity”, shows the darker tendencies the group can be capable of, mixing haunting vocals that overlap a heavy perpetual house groove. Both are a good listen and worth the 11 minutes it will take out of your day.

>>Listen to “Gravity” HERE..

…and “Trouble” HERE<<

Their music might be not be necessarily innovative, but what they do, they do very well. There’s three dimensions to their existence. These guys aren’t DJ’s, they are live performers, and very consistent ones at that. Unlike some other bands in the genre, Silverclub has a powerful stage presence. The time frame between releases versus the success of the band overseas tells us they work hard on their tunes. They’re serious. They’re motivated. They clearly have a firm understanding of the anatomy of their music and equiment, and that commands respect.

>>Watch them Live: In Session for Saatchi Gallery HERE!<<

Luke the Knife- Magic Summer Night Mix (BRAND NEW)

Luke Miller is a musician with an insatiable appetite for creation. Most of his time is spent as a vital member of the highly successful electronic progressive jam band Lotus. When he’s not doing that, he’s pursuing his interests in making disco music as Luke the Knife, and with much success. Devoting his spare time to DJing is a substantial shift being an educated band musician for so long, but he knows what he’s doing and it shows. LTK not only continues to display his abilities in slick mixing and refined track selections, but he is also producing tracks. This project just began little over a year ago but it seems apparent in his mixes that Luke Miller has been doing this as a hobby for a long time, parallel to his ascending career with Lotus.  This newest mix features ALL his own edits, and you’ll be seeing more originals soon. Check out the mix with a free download and view the tracklist below.

Free Download: Luke The Knife- Magic Summer Night Mix


Elousia – The Swiss (LtK Edit)
Carried Away – Passion Pit (Mullaha RMX LtK Edit)
Alive – Empire of the Sun (LtK Edit)
Holidays – Miami Horror (LtK Edit)
Music is Magic – Silverstar (LtK Edit)
Confidence – Brett (Viceroy RMX LtK Edit)
Don’t F*ck with My Money – Penguin Prison (LtK Edit)
Blue Jeans – Lana Del Rey (RAC RMX LtK edit)
I’m Just Trying to be Cool – Phoenix (Breakbot RMX LtK edit)
Doses & Mimosas – Cherub (LtK Edit)
Liztomania – Phoenix (Classixx RMX LtK edit)
Petition – Tennis (Vacationer RMX LtK Edit)


Poolside Drops First Single Off Upcoming Album

artworks-000049988672-e8ttj8-t500x500Over the last year Poolside has become a nation-wide sensation, finding themselves on the bill of several summer music festivals and remaining on charts across the globe for what seems like forever. With the Indie scene making a staggering comeback, and Disco blatantly ruling the world again, the immaculate fusion of both worlds that Poolside has accomplished in their sound leaves little inquiry of their success. Their song “Take Me Home” was easily one of the best tracks of 2011. Rather than being a simple combination of genres, the guys of Poolside have stripped away the overplayed tones of their roots, and found an aesthetically original style.

Listen to the single “If We Make It” off their upcoming album below, and look for the release on Scion Records. The track is also available for free download!

Poolside- “If We Make It”