Luke the Knife- Magic Summer Night Mix (BRAND NEW)

Luke Miller is a musician with an insatiable appetite for creation. Most of his time is spent as a vital member of the highly successful electronic progressive jam band Lotus. When he’s not doing that, he’s pursuing his interests in making disco music as Luke the Knife, and with much success. Devoting his spare time to DJing is a substantial shift being an educated band musician for so long, but he knows what he’s doing and it shows. LTK not only continues to display his abilities in slick mixing and refined track selections, but he is also producing tracks. This project just began little over a year ago but it seems apparent in his mixes that Luke Miller has been doing this as a hobby for a long time, parallel to his ascending career with Lotus.  This newest mix features ALL his own edits, and you’ll be seeing more originals soon. Check out the mix with a free download and view the tracklist below.

Free Download: Luke The Knife- Magic Summer Night Mix


Elousia – The Swiss (LtK Edit)
Carried Away – Passion Pit (Mullaha RMX LtK Edit)
Alive – Empire of the Sun (LtK Edit)
Holidays – Miami Horror (LtK Edit)
Music is Magic – Silverstar (LtK Edit)
Confidence – Brett (Viceroy RMX LtK Edit)
Don’t F*ck with My Money – Penguin Prison (LtK Edit)
Blue Jeans – Lana Del Rey (RAC RMX LtK edit)
I’m Just Trying to be Cool – Phoenix (Breakbot RMX LtK edit)
Doses & Mimosas – Cherub (LtK Edit)
Liztomania – Phoenix (Classixx RMX LtK edit)
Petition – Tennis (Vacationer RMX LtK Edit)



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