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Tiger & Woods: The Mystery Revealed

tiger_woods_1000x664Once again the elusive Tiger & Woods have teamed up with Red Bull Music Academy Radio, only we can’t really call them “elusive” anymore. They sat in with RBMA for a rare chat about the music that got them started, how Italo impacted their style, and where their career began. Over the next hour they’ll walk you through some of the classic tunes that inspired the edits we love today, including their ridiculously sexy spin on “Plastic Doll”, the 1982 release from Dharma. We’ve been following these two chaps for over 3 years and we’ve never heard them say more than 10 words so this pretty darn exciting.

It’s quite the privelge folks. How often do we get a personal tour of a musician’s key influences? People always bring up artists like Giorgio Moroder or Greg Wilson when it comes to the “true legends” of disco DJ edits, and they’re certainly not wrong. They’re grossly misinformed if they think that such nostalgic greatness doesn’t exist in a modern form though. Tiger & Woods will be remembered as some of the scene’s greatest. Every gem they put their paws on instantly glows with rejuvenated authenticity. Now that we’ve confirmed one of them has a mustache it’s even more clear just how much they mean business. Don’t be surprised when Daft Punk calls them up for a collaboration 15 years down the road. Listen to this very special showcase below!

*>> Tiger & Woods – Creative Influences Revealed on Red Bull Music Academy Radio HERE  <<*


Tiger & Woods Premier New Mix On XLR8R

tigerandwoods_podcastTiger & Woods stepped out of their Den to unveil some beats today. The funky felines came out of hiding just long enough to premier a new podcast on XLR8R before scurrying away again. As expected, the duo has delivered another solid of hour classy edits and that T&W glamour we never get enough of. Little is known about their background, but at this point who really cares? We already have all the knowledge we require to fluff these guys. They tour more than they Read the rest of this entry

The Surtek Collective Live @ Primavera 2012

121808-SurtekCollectiveThe German/Chilean electronic duo Surtek Collective went on hiatus in 2005, only just returning last year to resume their roles as prominent techno producers. On one side you have award winning producer Vicente Sanfuentes, and on the other expert DJ wizard Atom TM, together forming an explosive display of fast-paced house rhythms and riveting synthesizers. Don’t get the wrong idea though, this is better than house music, and it represents a golden era of dance music’s evolution. Listen to this live soundboard of their performance at Primavera last year and hit the night running. Besides, these guys even look like they make good music.

Surtek Collective Live @ Primavera 2012 on RBMA


Artist Spotlight: Starship Connection

starship-connectionOk, this time around we’ve got something special for you guysSan Francisco has been spitting out the funky beats for decades, and the local scene there is sounding better than ever. From the Grateful Dead, to The Beat Broker, to B.Bravo and his Frite Nite label, the city has never fallen short of great musicians. This week Tits & Acid would like to shine the spotlight on The Starship Connection

The Starship Connection is a heavy hitting four piece electronic funk band from the Bay Area. Composed of a bass player, keyboardist, and two  synthesizer/MIDI players, their modern presentation of the style is both uniquely appropriate, and executed with precision. Picture Chromeo if they had four members and were all on a copious amount of Valium. Their beats sound like 90’s influenced cosmic funk that blankets the nerves and turns your limbs into puppets. Considering the arrangement of instruments, the limitless potential of those instruments, and the ability to implement snap decisions on stage as a live band, these guys are far from predictable.

Listen to The Starship Connection perform live @ The Star Theater on RBMA

304629_279117312197596_1741987955_nB.Bravo has been bringing his interstellar grooves to the Bay Area for years and is no stranger to the West Coast. Since starting out as an aspiring producer/live performer years ago, he has built himself a reputable beat-making empire and earned nationwide praise for his works as a musician. Following the formation of his Frite Nite label, he has shared the stage with Flying Lotus, Dam-Funk, Chromeo, and held top billing spots at events like SXSW Festival. Never complacent in one particular area of music, most noteably DJing, he and fellow Frite Nite member Teeko set out to form The Starship Connection in early 2012.

They can lay it down slick and smooth or heavy and proper, whether you’re driving down the dark rainy freeway or hitting the dancefloor its all there and its all done right before your eyes. Keep an eye out for TSC and any other Frite Nite artists in your area. Still slightly under the radar, if you’re ever in the Bay Area you’d be wise to look these guys up.

Watch The Starship Connection Performing “The Roll Out” for Pitchfork Tv

Lindstrom @ Pitchfork Music Festival, Paris


Red Bull Music Academy presents to us Hans Peter Lindstrom’s set from the Pitchfork Music Festival!

Legendary producer Lindstrom just released his latest studio album, Smalhans, earlier this fall and you can hear most of it in its purest form, LIVE. Not only does this Norwegian wonder exclusively create some of the most innovative disco that comes to mind, his performance capabilities are of an elite caliber. Never disappointing, and impervious to tests of time and trend, Lindstrom is arguably one of the most influential icons in the scene, appealing not just to dance music, but indie channels as well. Enjoy!



Jimmy Edgar, House Music Extraordinaire


In the spirit of bringing you authentic beat makers and live performers, we’ve got a real gem for you today. Detroit-based Jimmy Edgar performed at Dimensions festival earlier this fall, and let me tell you, this guy is really unique. Detroit it notorious for being ground zero to house music and this artist proudly carries that legacy with admiration. This guy throws a true party, and with integrity. You can listen to the performance below.

House music has lost its momentum in recent days, after breaking the mainstream, artists like Deadmau5 and Guetta have completely skewed the genre into something unrecognizable. It’s all radio pop now and the Lamens don’t want to hear it unless it’s on the Ultra headlining bill. So seldom do I hear something that gets the boots shakin’ but it makes the search of true genius a much more fulfilling endeavor. Well I’m going to sleep like a baby knowing this artist won’t disappoint you. Let the troglodytes listen to their Tiesto.

Simply put, Jimmy Edgar gives no impression of fooling around. His track selection and releases are quite tasteful, reveling in the spirit of true old-school house and keeping the flow just right. Propelling forward with innovation though never disconnecting from his Detroit roots, he seamlessly captures the perfect balance of digital assault and relentless basslines with an almost jazzy /hip-hop undertone. His live performances are on point, and of course I wouldn’t write about him if he didn’t posses a unique quality. Aside from the flawless continuity of his mixing skills, he performs on live synthesizers in addition to the standard 1’s and 2’s. Edgar works the floor like few others can, and his speed and technicality on the keys are more than impressive. Red Bull Music Academy was kind enough to release his Dimensions set, and you can get here on T&A. Enjoy!

And if the mix isn’t enough, here’s some behind the stage footage of him performing his skills live