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Aeroplane Kicks Off New Website With A Fresh Mix!!!


The weekend just got a little more funky ladies and gentlemen. It is with great pleasure that we present the first Aeroplane mix of the year! You can listen to the appropriately titled ‘What Do You Mean Balearic?!’ now, and head to the link below for a FREE DOWNLOAD! Just as the name implies, Vito is getting back to his roots and kicking things up a notch. The release celebrates his latest musical strategy, a brand new website called AeroplaneConnect (where you’ll download this mix), which is just getting started this week. Check it out and read more below!

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Solé Fixtape Vol.25 – Aeroplane

” This is the twenty-fifth installment of the fixtapes presented by Solé Bicycles. A curated monthly mixtape series with the sole purpose to showcase our favorite artists’ tunes that both inspire and move them. Vibe with us as you ride off into the future. ”

-Solé Bicycles-

NEW MUSIC: Eskimo Recordings Alumni


I Love You Mixtape for Eskimo Recordings

Copenhagen’s rising star Brynjoflur is a brand new addition to Europe’s disco mafia, Eskimo Recordings. His first single with the label, “I Love You”, was made as an exclusive for the compilation album ‘The Pink Collection’, in addition he released an EP as well.  Disregard the fact you’ve never heard of him. Like that matters, because you will. The kid is fierce, and nestles nice and snug with Eskimo. Far from a lethargic DJ (we don’t deal with those types), he’s been playing piano since he was a tiny Danish lad and experimenting with house music since his adolescence. This is his first EP and he already has support from Tensnake, Djuma Soundsystem, and the release features remixes from Pharaoh Black Magic, and Peter Visti. His discography is short but saturated with style and zeal. Check out the new “I Love You Mixtape for Eskimo Recordings” linked above, starting off with the title track and over an hour of first class disco-house picks.



Surahn- Wonderful (Aeroplane Remix)

Aeroplane just released a new remix of Surahn’s “Wonderful”, which you can stream now (linked above). This tune is classic Vito (Aeroplane).  To this day he hasn’t produced a track faster than 120 beats per minute, and he has no need to. The melodic piano rolls, the walking bass that just won’t quit, the flashy synthesizers, it’s all there. He has a brand, a patented style, and that is only one of several indications of his talent. After a long career with Eskimo Recordings and a brief hiatus, he founded his own Aeropop label last year. You can see him perform courtesy of FIXED in New York City at the Highline Ballroom on September 27th! The remix will be available for purchase on DFA Records September 24th!


La Crique August Mix Tape

Check out the new ‘La Crique’ August Tape from Zimmer! Summer may be at an end, but that doesn’t we can’t pretend. Zimmer crafted this mix to be “the perfect pool party music”, and meets that goal with much success.


Enjoy the beats folks, it’s a pleasure as always -Cb

The Magician To Release EP This Fall…

artworks-000057515613-59rhkv-t500x500Rather than kicking off the month with another installment of his Magic Tape series, mysterious disco debonair The Magician just dropped a preview of his new single, “When the Night is Over” featuring Newtimers. Even better, he will be releasing his untitled debut EP on Parlophone Records this November! Not only will the EP include at least one original track, but it seems he has already gained remix support from Busy P, Digitalism, Todd Edwards, and more!

This will be The Magician’s first studio collection released since the formation of the solo project. He has a couple handfuls of original tracks and remixes he has dropped over the years, such as his remix of Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers” which continues to circulate on dancefloors across the globe after being released 2 years ago! He’s been known to collaborate with Yuksek, releasing tracks as Peter & The Magician, the most recent of which was “On My Brain”. The two have a couple EP’s together: On My Brain and Twist. The upcoming debut in November will be the first EP released solely by the Magician however.

>>Listen to The Magician’s “When The Night Is Over (featuring NewTimers)” here<<

1234692_597081687009633_1137040986_nFormerly the second half of Aeroplane, in 2010 Stephen Fasano said his goodbyes to his partner Vito.  The Magician started out a small DJ project as an attempt to keep his career moving forward after leaving Vito Deluca and the Aeroplane moniker behind. From the beginning his Magic Tapes were catching on. He was coming out strong, and he needed to with the large portion of fans still attached to the Aeroplane name. The disappointment from the breakup was a quickly being forgot, soon to become an anecdote in the two artists’ history. This was especially true once he did his first US tour, showcasing his genuine skills as a DJ and taking clubs by storm. By the time the 3rd installment to theMagic Tapes was released, it was clear that The Magician was going to do big things. 

The new single will be available for purchase and download on September 23rd, and keep your eyes for the new EP, out November 4th on Parlophone Records! Who knows, perhaps we might get a little tour out this too…



Belgium Producer Aeroplane Flies Off Course

Eskimo Records’ disco superstar, Aeroplane, dropped his much anticipated August Chart Mix on Soundcloud this week, his first release in over two months. Formerly a duo consisting of he and partner Stephen Fassano (now The Magician), Aeroplane’s been flying solo since July of 2010. The Belgium native has continuously modified his style over the years, adapted to the split and impressing fans and critics over and over again. Over the course of 2012 however, he has openly taken a different path in his work as musician, and with some disappointment.

Aeroplane, also referred to as Vito Deluca within the confines of Earth, has stated on several occasions that his passion doesn’t lie within the context of EDM, but rather more classical, orchestrated styles. In an interview with Greg Bowler for Scion AV, Vito said he was put in a position where he had to put a dance-able twist on his compositions, and the ensuing formation of Aeroplane occurred. This just shines a dim light on the inner workings of his genius, openly producing some of the most acclaimed hits in modern electronic, such as the album We Can’t Fly, but with no background experience in the genres. However, the European synth-pop style unique to the Brussels-born duo has long since departed from his craft. With the Magician gaining instant success with his project after the split, Vito seemed to effortlessly bounce back on the scene as a new artist, starting fresh, both taking full advantage of their opportunity to pursue their own desired sound.

As we progress through 2012, his works are getting slower and deeper with the passing time. No exception to the liberty of artistic freedom, but it would almost seem that the producer is growing tired. Perhaps the recent sluggish and drawn-out mixes are an attempt to distance his work from that of the Magician’s, or, as Vito has implied, perhaps he is ready to pursue a style more adept to his fortes. One could argue that the change in pace over the last year could be attributed to the separation between him and Fassano, but 2011 saw some of the best releases from this artist yet. The release of In Flight Entertainment in fall of 2011 was unanimously viewed as one of the best electronic record releases of the year. His featured single “Save me Now” was a perfect blend of the synth-ridden choruses reminiscent of the old days, and the heavy club house sound he has currently developed with his production routine. But now its very apparent he intends to leave that behind with a new flightplan. He still edits in the low tempo realm, but contrary to his previous tracks he is dropping the familiar 80’s analogue vibe. His lethargic remix of Erica Springs “Happy at the Gate” utilized some prominent bass lines to build the song further and further upward, but never quite climaxed, leaving the listener hanging. Its no question that the split of the duo left two brilliant minds instead of one collective brainchild, and the potential result is twice the music. But will Vito carry on with the same funky force he did post separation?

Aeroplane is, and always has been a voice of his own; easily considered a spearheading influence on the exponential rise of disco/house in the past couple of years, and a master of the composed universe he has created. At this point its hard to say what path he intends to take in his career, but I am sure that everything he does is with a specific agenda.

Vito tours constantly abroad but he will be appearing at The Disco Biscuits’ City Bisco Festival in Philadelphia this October. Check out T&A for a review!