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Juan Maclean: Radio 1 Essential Mix

juanYes, it is true! Juan Maclean has been given the honor of hopping on the decks for the latest Radio 1 Essential Mix ladies and frogs. For those unaware, Juan Maclean is simply a master of music production. As one of the first artists to be signed to DFA Records, and longtime colleague and collaborator of James Murphy, he is the label’s secret weapon for house music. You may recall his sudden and epic appearance as an astronaut DJ during LCD Soundsytem’s final performance at Madison Square Garden, which you can view on the Shut Up And Play The Hits DVD. Reaching far beyond the boundaries of an ordinary DJ/producer, this bearded beast is adept in playing multiple instruments and records all his tracks himself. He fully embodies the “Too old to new, too new to be classic” motto of DFA.

The mix ignites with a fierce smack to the face and extends into the flawless perpetuity one craves with old fashioned club house. Slide some Dr.Scholls into your shoes and enjoy the…

FREE DOWNLOAD: Juan Maclean – Essential Mixdfa-records-logo_1000x664px

Daft Punk’s Album Flop Vs. The Future of Music:

DaftPunk_Closeups01 Daft Punk’s long awaited album Random Access Memories is a heavy contender for the most hyped release of the decade. After seven years of nail-biting anticipation(oh this definitely included us), it’s premature debut was greeted by a deafening yawn that resonated across the world. Sales of their 4th studio release dropped by 73% just after the second week of being on shelves and digital download. Astonishingly, despite the pre-ordered purchases (done without the influence of critical reviews or leaks at the time we might add) and the incredible media build up, in the first week the robotic duo only sold 338,677 copies and landed a No.1 spot on the Billboard Charts. In the second week they sold 92,677 copies, a substantial decrease, and will “get lucky” if they hit a million by the fall. Granted that this is easily described as a triumph for any artist and i’m sure they feel the same, but lets face it, this is Daft Punk‘s first album in seven years.

The forefathers of the modern electronic movement, the ones we look to for salvation, have failed, and the struggle for creative satisfaction has gone terminal. Is this really true though?

Of course you have the undying loyalty of their fanbase who will justify every and any aspect of the album in fear of losing their heroes, especially when those very icons are some of the few that can help to reverse the progression of mediocrity in contemporary music. Now don’t misconstrue what this article is getting at; RAM is without a doubt a demonstration of their ability to produce and make music. We’re not reviewing the album, simply analyzing it’s effect. It is however a step in a very different direction in contrast to their previous work. Daft-Punk-Random-Access-Memories-Cover-Photo-2

Another writer purposed to me an idea that Daft Punk’s new album was never meant to be another declaration of their magnanimous talent, but rather an admirable attempt to show the current demographic of our generation that electronic was still important, and was a tool to make real music of all types. They want the future generations to keep focus on the music itself, not just the image of DJing, the superficiality of which is destroying what started out as a musical revolution. This concept does make sense when you think about who Daft Punk really is. If this is the case, and that is in fact what their agenda was in making this album, then what does that say about our generation when considering how Random Access Memories was received? Perhaps this is an indicator of the official death of mainstream. The intention may not have been for the public majority to like it as theorized, but if it is to be used by the future generation to keep innovation in EDM alive, then it must be canonized to some degree by our generation. In order to reach such a  profound and noble effect, the message needs to be delivered. We don’t usually cover topics of the mainstream, but this affects the core of music itself, and the definition of modern and future cultures. Your icons, the genuinely unique and original musicians you idolize today, their artistic instincts are a traced to roots, to influence, and to history, even if they are making it as they go. If the fundamental standards of music continue to warp into a fashion show and keep pushing imagination out of the status quo, then who knows what American music will be reduced to 20 years from now. daft-punk-random-access-memories-650-430

Even if this theory is a bust, and Random Access Memories is just another legendary “flop”, music of the masses is in desperate need of another revolution. Daft Punk may very well be fighting a cause, but that’s really irrelevant, because it is up to us to win it.

Moon Boots: Backyard Boogie

4It’s time to kick off your shoes and walk in the sky with Moon Boots. Southern California Disco adds another tile to the dance floor with one of French Express Label‘s most elite members. Available to you via the interstellar freeway(and of course Soundcloud) is the Backyard Boogie Mix, the latest display of style from one of LA’s finest. Allegedly the result of a classified experiment aboard a space station, Moon Boots is one of the more integral producers in the vast cosmic sea of disco artists that are flooding the industry. For this installment, he’s taking a more terrestrial route in his groovy endeavors and giving us a 47 minute homage to vintage disco licks.

Moon Boots- Backyard Boogie Mix

Check out Moon Boots along with the French Express Label this summer as they bring the disco to Camp Bisco, July 11-13 Mariaville, NY!images

Poolside Drops First Single Off Upcoming Album

artworks-000049988672-e8ttj8-t500x500Over the last year Poolside has become a nation-wide sensation, finding themselves on the bill of several summer music festivals and remaining on charts across the globe for what seems like forever. With the Indie scene making a staggering comeback, and Disco blatantly ruling the world again, the immaculate fusion of both worlds that Poolside has accomplished in their sound leaves little inquiry of their success. Their song “Take Me Home” was easily one of the best tracks of 2011. Rather than being a simple combination of genres, the guys of Poolside have stripped away the overplayed tones of their roots, and found an aesthetically original style.

Listen to the single “If We Make It” off their upcoming album below, and look for the release on Scion Records. The track is also available for free download!

Poolside- “If We Make It”