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New Remix From Solomun Hits All The Notes


It’s all about feeling ladies and gentlemen, and the latest remix from Solomun is a blitzkrieg of emotion. The German producer’s rework of Liu Bei’s “Atlas World” premiered on DJ Mag yesterday, and it is sweet as it is dark. While we love a good floor banger as much as the next music blog, the world is in serious need of artistic direction. Dance music should be viewed like the humans who make it- if it doesn’t have a soul, it’s probably not safe to be around.  It seems that yet again, DIYNAMIC Music is answering the call for quality over calamity, proving once again the future of international techno is safe in the hands of artists like Solomun. Talk is cheap without the walk, so we’ll cut to the sonic chase. Listen to a preview of the track below and head the link at the bottom of the page to see more from the recent issue of DJ Mag! Oh, and did we mention that he has another remix of the tune coming out?! Read the rest of this entry



artworks-000018261294-fr2xvj-originalThis is HUGE! The recordings from the BPM Electronic Music Festival are practically pouring through our newsfeeds. As always, Germany’s top-dog techno imprint DIYnamic was there to showcase their arsenal of live DJing wizards. It looks like they’ve started another year of intense touring and live performances (insert sarcastic sadness). Among the many epic sets that place last week, the sultry Magdalena, Adriatique, and label-founder Solomun dropped some of the biggest sets of the entire festival. Now you can relive every moment! It just wouldn’t be a real #SundayFunday without some goodies- download the Solomun set for FREE below! Want more? Then head to in the link below to watch each of the DIYnamic performances now! Mind, meet Bender, you’re about to become best friends.

>> Watch The Entire Diynamic Music Showcase At The 2015 BPM Festival HERE <<

Adriatique Presents: The Maze Mix

downloadOk folks I don’t know if you heard or not, but things got pretty crazy in NYC last week. We’re talking Peter Gatien-era full-throttle clubland crazy here. Cityfox and Diynamic Music got together to throw what will likely be remembered as one of the greatest parties in the city this year. In what could only be described as an event of true passion, the aforementioned collaborators rented out a warehouse in Brooklyn for an epic 90’s style house party. They invited head-honcho Solomun, Magdaena, H.O.S.H., Adriatique, and even more to play all night with a curated sound-system and state-of-the-art theatrics! Disappointed you missed it? So are we. It’s definitely something worth being sad over. At least we have this though! The recordings may not have surfaced yet, but here is an exclusive mix that Adriatique did for last week’s epic event!

Diynamic Advent: 25 Tips On Performing Live From Stimming

Stimming_600Stimming is another Techno enforcer in the Diynamic Music arsenal. We’ve come to appreciate this label quite a bit in the last year, one of the main reasons being that these guys and gals love touring, and we love live music. Martin Stimming has found a festive way to touch on that exact subject. Last year he made an Advent Calendar which revealed new tips on music production each day as Christmas closed in. This year he’s bringing the calendar back, only now he’ll be giving tips on performing live! To make it even better, guest artists like Henrik Schwarz will be appearing with their own cosmic knowledge on how to keep it legit on stage. Well we’d just like to say Bravo mister. May your beats bump hard and your wisdom be spread throughout the world.

“…I also asked other live-artists which I like to submit us an overview of their set, how it’s build, what’s the philosophy behind it, and so on.” -Martin Stimming (from his Facebook Page)

This artist is a solid representative of the German underground. You get what you put in, and Stimming and his colleagues work harder than most producers out there. He’s constantly producing music while managing to share bills with label giants like Solomun at 50+ shows a year. With all that time on the road he still finds time to kill it in the studio. His music is definitely a trip to say the least. The man has a sound that will shake your feet and warp your mind into a fervent convulsion. Techno never felt better folks. These guys know what it’s like to keep things, well…dynamic. Head to the Diynamic Music website to see more about the Advent. While your here though, check out this recent 4d performance he did in Amsterdam last spring!

JUST RELEASED: Betoko Live @ Bar Americas 10.11.2014 *free download*


Betoko released the recording from his set at Bar Americas last month. Download the two hour performance for free below.

Mix Mondays -Triple Feature

It’s already looking to be an incredibly busy week folks. The music is flooding in and we’re almost drowning in it, but no complaints here. For Mix Mondays we’ve got 3 new heavy hitters for you, a little something for everyone. To start you off, Rayko travels to funky space and beyond with his new ‘Disco Feelings Mix’ for SPA In Disco. Would you believe that this guy isn’t even signed right now? How anyone could pass this artist up is truly a mind blowing thought. Free download below!

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Mixmag Adds New Streams From ADE 2014!

ADE2You can’t turn a single corner on the internet without seeing an ad for the Amsterdam Dance Event right now. The annual electronic music festival has become one of the best collections of live DJs in the world. Naturally, Mixmag was on scene filming the Diynamic Music Showcase along with some other performances, and they were kind/awesome enough to post four epic streams from the event! Well thank you kindly guys, we’ll be melting accordingly this Sunday evening. You can watch this 3 hour set that Solomon & Kollektiv threw down together right now, and just head to the link below to see the others!


>>  <<

New Solomun EP: Review and Preview Inside…

Solomun1Solomun just released his new ‘Samson’ EP this month on DIynamic Records. For those who are now being introduced to this fine gentleman, he is from Germany, and he makes electronic music. This creature of the Black Forest is no stranger to the studio or the stage. In one solid year, he received the honor of winning Best Producer at the Ibiza DJ Awards, and Mixmag Magazine’s DJ Of The Year award. His “music is moments” motto is something he embodies on a daily basis.

Solomun specializes in meditative, cerebral house grooves. Although his music takes a fairly classic approach to the genre, this artist has rewritten the formula with his own unique twist. He is like the ghost of an era haunting the corridors of the modern electronic industry. The heavy notes of trance, disco, tribal, and especially house influences are all wrapped together in a semi-conventional yet somber format. He is in tune with something higher than the basic desire to make dance music. His tendency to reference theological figures in his titling could have something to do with the otherworldly feel to his sound. As to what, we do not know. Perhaps he chose that moniker because he himself is a prophet, like the Muslim’s fabled Solomon. The ‘Samson’ EP is out now, and you can purchase it on Beatport here! Preview the two new originals below and check out the review>>> Read the rest of this entry