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Shall Ocin Celebrates DGTL With Some Evil Grooves…

The DGTL Electronic Music Festival is right around the corner, and with it a stockpile of brand new releases to celebrate! If you’re under the presumption that this is your typical mind-blowing International event, stacked with a lineup you’d kill your 2nd cousin to see, you’re right on the money. As lame Americans like ourselves, you might not be heading to Amsterdam this April to lose your heads; but you can still hear it. Take the enigmatic Shall Ocin for example. His label Ellum Audio will be showcasing some of their top acts at the festival, and to celebrate he released this DGTL podcast! Kiss your sense of reality goodbye and dive in below!

If you’re just hearing about him now, then this is the perfect introduction to his intricate world. Ellum has been mostly recognized as a mainstay for the iconic Maceo Plex, however, it’s artists like this that really grab our attention. Over the last several months Ocin’s name has been coming up more and more, with artists like Scuba or Steve Bug showcasing some of his beats on the stage last fall. You can find his work on some of the top electronic music labels in the world including Akbal, Get Physical, Culprit, and of course his current home at Ellum. Where DJ’s like Maceo kind of smash your skull into oblivion with raw Techno fury, this guy smashes your concept of reality with Techno innovation. Shall’s decelerated approach to Tech-house bears a refreshingly psychedelic sound, and even more so aesthetic. Each track is door to another world, leading to the next door after that, and opening the next after that. The themes are inherently heavy and full of shadow, but his manner of constructing and deconstructing those sounds is uniquely delicate. Everything unfolds at just right the pace, never jumping the gun or derailing from the flow. One moment you’re experiencing a world of cosmic psychosis, and the next you’re lost in a face-melting exchange of crunchy bass lines. And rather than observe these various elements from afar, you become immersed in the thick of them. Conventional dynamics are tossed out the window, and you are no longer just the person on the other end of the speakers. The boundaries of your typical producer v. listener relationship dissolve, and the music becomes personal. There isn’t a single moment of static. You are always present and in the moment at hand. It’s as if he were a sonic architect and these compositions are the schematics to his own little world, to which you’ve all been invited. Suffice to say we are thoroughly impressed with what we’ve heard from Shall Ocin. It’s a new story all it’s own, instead of another retelling. We hope you enjoy…



Back 2 Back Sets From Electricano & Johny Adroit!

Electricano recently teamed up with Johny Adroit for a back to back performance, and the recording is finally available! For about 94 minutes straight, these two producers pull every cerebral ghost beat they see fit from the shadowy depths of their collection. A man can be heard repeating the words “I thought he left the psychedelic stuff behind him” in the background of one of the tracks. It’s almost as if they were repying “No sir, no quite”. Once again Electricano executes his role of the dark passenger on the decks with much class, gracefully adding his signature dark and aggressive Deep House grooves into the mix. Furthermore, his tastes have proven to be pleasantly unpredictable, which is a characteristic you should cherish in today’s world of modern electronic music. Just like his work, he sits in the shadows on the production realm, patiently building toward the payoff. Once he makes his mark, however, it’s impression lingers for a long time. This isn’t the first feature we’ve done on him and it certainly won’t be the last. Enjoy!

Diynamic Advent: 25 Tips On Performing Live From Stimming

Stimming_600Stimming is another Techno enforcer in the Diynamic Music arsenal. We’ve come to appreciate this label quite a bit in the last year, one of the main reasons being that these guys and gals love touring, and we love live music. Martin Stimming has found a festive way to touch on that exact subject. Last year he made an Advent Calendar which revealed new tips on music production each day as Christmas closed in. This year he’s bringing the calendar back, only now he’ll be giving tips on performing live! To make it even better, guest artists like Henrik Schwarz will be appearing with their own cosmic knowledge on how to keep it legit on stage. Well we’d just like to say Bravo mister. May your beats bump hard and your wisdom be spread throughout the world.

“…I also asked other live-artists which I like to submit us an overview of their set, how it’s build, what’s the philosophy behind it, and so on.” -Martin Stimming (from his Facebook Page)

This artist is a solid representative of the German underground. You get what you put in, and Stimming and his colleagues work harder than most producers out there. He’s constantly producing music while managing to share bills with label giants like Solomun at 50+ shows a year. With all that time on the road he still finds time to kill it in the studio. His music is definitely a trip to say the least. The man has a sound that will shake your feet and warp your mind into a fervent convulsion. Techno never felt better folks. These guys know what it’s like to keep things, well…dynamic. Head to the Diynamic Music website to see more about the Advent. While your here though, check out this recent 4d performance he did in Amsterdam last spring!

Daniel Avery Premiers Haunting New Music Video

Screen-Shot-2014-01-06-at-14.00.28So far 2014 has treated Daniel Avery very well. In a very short span of time he has gone from resident DJ at Fabric London, to Phantasy Sound‘s latest success story. Not even a year after the release of his brain-tickling ‘Drone Logic’ LP in 2013, Avery is already playing American nightclubs alongside craft legends like Simian Mobile Disco and Bicep. By the end of this year, every corner of the Earth will have gotten a taste of his dream-like Minimal style. So let’s see, made his mark in the studio? Check. Strutting his stuff on stage? BIG Check. What else are we missing? Oh yes that’s right, the new video!

Earlier this week he premiered the esoteric music video for the album track, “Knowing We’ll Be Here” on Dazed and Confused Magazine! Now you can experience his subterranean, acid-laced sounds on a visual level. This transcends your ordinary electronic music video (if such a thing even exists), however. The theme of the video is euphoria through death, specifically drowning. Joshua Lipworth, the director of the video, said he “got the idea from the euphoric distorted drones which sounded [to me] like a kind of drowning sensation”. Studies have shown that a person drowning can reach a brief state of euphoria, a byproduct of the oxygen starvation. While this subject is creepy enough as it is, Lipworth somehow managed to capture the true atmosphere of such an experience on film. Through his use of underwater filming and lighting effects, and Avery’s unique sound manipulations, the two have a formed a dark yet beautiful insight into death itself. We’re not trying to get all Emocore on you folks, we promise we’re happy people here. We can’t pass on aesthetics though. Avery has a higher agenda in his music that we may never fully understand, but it’s clear that the world is beginning to recognize his talent. These two have come together to form something everyone can relate to in their own personal way. We don’t usually care for music videos, but this is a welcomed exception. Visual and audio creativity have come together as one unit. Watch the brand new video for “Knowing We’ll Be Here” below!

“The one thing I knew was that I wanted this record to be a trip. All the best artists and DJs, they take the audience with them when they play; people lock into their world for a few hours and can’t easily step out again. You’re with them for the ride. When I go out, I want to give myself up to music. That was the idea for the album.”   -Daniel Avery on his ‘Drone Logic’ album



Ichisan just announced another performance while he’s here in the US! Plan accordingly, July is stacking up nicely!


July 11th, 2014


@ Stella Blues- New Haven, CT


Ichisan Drops New Mix Today…

10306229_10152335951544361_6632520648036343189_nGot a case of the Monday’s do you? Well try a shot of this small-batch psychedelic whiskey, distilled somewhere between Slovenia and the far reaches of space! You can always count on Ichisan to provide a remedy for your mundane Monday mornings. Download the brand new Whiskey Mix below and say goodbye to the stress of your early week routine!

Betoko Presents: A Grey Day in May

Did you get a chance to hear the new mix from Betoko? You can stream ‘A Grey Day In May‘ below, and check out this small piece Rolling Tuff did on the release. The article is brief but the writers there have a similar view as us on this artist, and we share mutual sentiments. Unlike the usual guest spots and live recordings he frequently drops, this release was specially crafted for the listeners at home. Betoko has taken us into the abyss before, but this is something else entirely. This is not just a compilation of dark, pulsating house music, it is a sonic journey. Listen as he unravels new layers in both the mix, and himself, surprising us yet again with his versatility. You’d better dive in before he releases something else, the man is always on the brink of dropping new music.

>>Rolling Tuff on Betoko- A Grey Day In May<<

New Solomun EP: Review and Preview Inside…

Solomun1Solomun just released his new ‘Samson’ EP this month on DIynamic Records. For those who are now being introduced to this fine gentleman, he is from Germany, and he makes electronic music. This creature of the Black Forest is no stranger to the studio or the stage. In one solid year, he received the honor of winning Best Producer at the Ibiza DJ Awards, and Mixmag Magazine’s DJ Of The Year award. His “music is moments” motto is something he embodies on a daily basis.

Solomun specializes in meditative, cerebral house grooves. Although his music takes a fairly classic approach to the genre, this artist has rewritten the formula with his own unique twist. He is like the ghost of an era haunting the corridors of the modern electronic industry. The heavy notes of trance, disco, tribal, and especially house influences are all wrapped together in a semi-conventional yet somber format. He is in tune with something higher than the basic desire to make dance music. His tendency to reference theological figures in his titling could have something to do with the otherworldly feel to his sound. As to what, we do not know. Perhaps he chose that moniker because he himself is a prophet, like the Muslim’s fabled Solomon. The ‘Samson’ EP is out now, and you can purchase it on Beatport here! Preview the two new originals below and check out the review>>> Read the rest of this entry

FREE DOWNLOAD: Bonobo Essential Mix Just Dropped!

Bonobo+dj+set+KatowicePoland+by+wwwsvLast week the eclectic British producer Bonobo was the guest star on the BBC Radio One Essential Mix, and today he released the mix for FREE DOWNLOAD! Simon Green, the man behind the Bo, has been making quite a name for himself over the last couple of years. Just last year alone, he played over 140 sold out shows. Primarily performing as solo DJ, he’s also toured with a 10+ member live band (varies from 5 to 16 members). Audiences at festivals like Coachella, Camp Bisco, Bonnaroo, and headlining events around the world have all walked away with whispers of accolade.

This guy has a vision for his career and he hasn’t strayed from that path in the slightest. Over a decade ago he signed to Ninja Tune Records,and he really hasn’t had the need to go anywhere else, it’s the perfect place for a musician like this. They carry a stark reputation for unique musicians, to say the very least. NTR is currently home to producers such as Amon Tobin, FaltyDL, Blockhead, and Machinedrum. If you have any familiarity with those artists, then you could maybe start to form a small basis for comparison between them and Bonobo. Oh did we mention he’s American?! Read the rest of this entry

Clash Of The TiTunes

Shit RobotAfter disregarding our insanely classless pun header, you’ll see that Shit Robot got together with Clash Music for an all-vinyl guest mix this week. Without a doubt this is DFA Records‘ most unique character, but he’s also one of their first and most respected members. Marcus Lambkin [the bot] doesn’t seem to think too highly of his existence as a robot though, nor a musician since he labels a lot of releases as, well… you know. Perhaps he’s giving a new meaning to the word, because this mix is an incredible blend of decades worth of house music’s evolution in the underground, and as far as we can tell it doesn’t carry an odor either. The collection ranges from 1992’s “Nu Nu” by Lidell Townsell, Metro Area’s “Miura”, to Lambkin’s recent collaboration with Lidell Townsell “Do It (Right)”, two decades and some change later. He’s just as excited about this as we are actually, you can read all about it in Clash Music below (we just came for the beats folks). While you’re there, grab the mix for free download there or on Soundcloud!

> Clash DJ Mix with Shit Robot (FREE DOWNLOAD INSIDE) <


1. Lidell Townsell – Nu Nu [Club House Records]
2. Iz & Diz – Mouth (Brad peep’s Remix for friends) [Classic]
3. Metro Area – Miura [Environ]
4. Mountain People – Mountain 004 [Mountain]
5. Mango Boy – Need A Fix (Dub) [Mango Boy Records]
6. Paranoid London – Transmission 5 [Paranoid London Records]
7. M.C.D.E. – Sun Sequence [Four Roses Recordings]
8. Spectacle – Prism [Permanent Vacation]
9. FNM – Verde [Save The Black Beauty]
10. Shit Robot – Do It (Right) Ft. Lidell Townsell [DFA Records]
11. DJ Disciple Meets David Tort & DJ Ruff – Crossroads [Innervisions]
12. AFX – PWSteal.Ldpinch [Analord]

Oh you might wanna check out this live recording of SR’s set at Panorama Bar from last February too! Now you’ve got two collective hours of signature deep, tribal, psychedelic acid house coming at you in live and vinyl DJ formats!