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New Podcast From Raxon!

Raxon, rax-off, don’t forget to breathe, very important Daniel-son.”

If Mr. Miyagi was a real person in the modern day, do you think he’d incorporate house music into his martial arts training? It can be quite physical. Maybe he could start teaching all of those terrible dancers we see at the clubs some decent moves. (We don’t actually discriminate against bad dancers. Everyone’s guilty of a poorly executed robot at least three times in their life. We do discriminate against bad taste though.) I’m pretty sure I’d be a blackbelt, but who could say? What I do know for sure is that this newest Raxon tape is absurdly ninja-like. Zen meets zap, mind meets grind, check it >>>




Watch Jamie Jones and Seth Troxler B2B at CRSSD Festival!

What happens when you put two legendary DJ’s on a sunny San Diego festival stage together? Well ask yourselves folks- what happens when you light a stick of dynamite? What happens when you give Paris Hilton too much alcohol? What happens when it rains in Southern California? Explosions, sex, and a lot of dancing is what. And that’s pretty much what we got when Jamie Jones and Seth Troxler decided to throw down a back to back heater at the CRSSD Festival last weekend (which had one of the best American lineups we’ve seen so far this year). It’s like a celebrity death-match of electronic music icons, we just need Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond to MC. On the left we have Jones- a UK-born, palm tree-loving House producer. On the right we have Troxler- an often naked, mustachioed menace with a permanent place in the history of Detroit Techno. Punches are thrown. Acid is dropped. Did we mention the transition into a beautiful California sunset? Watch it the whole thing below, courtesy of Mixmag >>>

Straight From The Garage…

Sometimes ladies and gentlemen, you just want to get hit with a brick (musically speaking, of course). When that feeling comes there is nothing better than some good old fashioned Garage music. We’re talking about the electronic kind, not the high-school indie band kind. Before trampolines came into the picture this timeless genre was a standard of House music production. Carrying that legacy now with a tough-beat attitude is Germany’s Ben Mono. Check out his new exclusive mix for White Widow Records!


Dashdot Live From Warung! *FREE DOWNLOAD*

OK folks, there’s “hot stuff”, and then there is “hawt stuff”. The new recording from Brazilian house duo Dashdot is “hawt stuff” ladies and gentlemen. These two chaps recently stopped in for a performance at Warung, the international hub for all things live and electronic. What followed could be described as 77 minutes of demented bottle-popping Garage beats. When one thinks of ghetto blasting House music, it’s easy to assume the emotional layering stops at dancing. In the case of Dashdot you’d be a little off though; their approach to the format is charmingly deranged. It’s urban depravity with Thought, and it’s free to download below >>>

Friday Morning Mix Session:

Stereo? Mono? What about Ben Mono on your stereo? Here’s another power-hour of Garage beats from one of the genre’s top producers. Billy Joel once said you can dance and still look tough, and he had no idea how right he was. Happy Friday everyone…

Ben Mono And That Sunday Heat

IMG_9695-nashvilleBen Mono is the bare-knuckle boxer of house music, and that’s why we think he’s a perfect choice for kicking off our first #SundayFunday of 2015. Classic tough-beat House music with a progressive spin- just what we need to transition into the new year. The recent podcast he did for Ad Infinitum is now available for free download below! Check it out. His no-nonsense approach to UK Garage is what you’d want to hear after midnight on the best Friday night of your life. It’s what the kids might call…”the dirty stuff”. It’s debauchery with class, and it’s yours.


Tiga Hits The Cover Of Mixmag, Exclusive Mix Below

10614273_10152655490155837_7322468557158421644_nUsually we’d leave it to Mixmag to tell you about stuff related to, well, Mixmag. We can’t resist sharing the labor of bringing this month’s cover mix however. Each month the electronic media giants feature a new artist on the cover, and with it an exclusive mix they’ve put together for the occassion. For October’s issue, they’ve chosen Tiga, one of house music’s longest running, and consistent icons to date. This guy likes to keep things modest, but he’s been leaving his mark on music for decades. When he does have something to say, it’s probably something you should take time to hear. Listen to his exclusive cover mix now!

Tiga  (n) [tee, gah’/] – a cheeky electronic music producer from Montreal who specializes in variations of extraterrestrial house music and robot mating calls.