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Watch Jamie Jones and Seth Troxler B2B at CRSSD Festival!

What happens when you put two legendary DJ’s on a sunny San Diego festival stage together? Well ask yourselves folks- what happens when you light a stick of dynamite? What happens when you give Paris Hilton too much alcohol? What happens when it rains in Southern California? Explosions, sex, and a lot of dancing is what. And that’s pretty much what we got when Jamie Jones and Seth Troxler decided to throw down a back to back heater at the CRSSD Festival last weekend (which had one of the best American lineups we’ve seen so far this year). It’s like a celebrity death-match of electronic music icons, we just need Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond to MC. On the left we have Jones- a UK-born, palm tree-loving House producer. On the right we have Troxler- an often naked, mustachioed menace with a permanent place in the history of Detroit Techno. Punches are thrown. Acid is dropped. Did we mention the transition into a beautiful California sunset? Watch it the whole thing below, courtesy of Mixmag >>>


New Tune From Eric Cloutier Out On Semantica NOW!


Eric Cloutier unleashed his new single “Anaphalantiasis” on the Semantica imprint yesterday. The label just released a new compilation, featuring this Techy gem as one of the exclusives. He was quoted on Facebook yesterday as saying “finally released” when the tune was posted on Youtube. We’re not sure of the story behind that, but we are glad it’s out. Listen to it below and grab the release here!

Cloutier has become an underground legend; a hero to some and an inspiration to many others. Over the years he’s built a reputation for authenticity, especially regarding his live performances. What we love most about him is his unassuming approach to deep house and his Detroit techno roots. When you listen to his productions there is this sense of humbleness and honesty to them, like he has no connection to outside trends and social music patterns. His music isn’t so much a narrative of his creative influences, but more a sonic projection of himself. He’s traded the aggressive attitude of his region for a more enigmatic, soulful style in which he is very much at home. By softening the abrasiveness tone of Detroit techno and implementing those grooves into a Deep House format, Eric has created something new out of something old. You really just have to hear him in order to get a grasp on it. He is the ghost in the machine. The soul in electronic music. Get a taste of his genius with the brand new “Anaphalantiasis”, out now!

New Bricolage EP From Ryan Crosson Out Monday

99255-1Ryan Crosson unveiled his new Bricolage EP this weekend, officially out next Monday. The Visionquest superstar took some time off from his ridiculously busy touring schedule to hit the studio for his first 12″ solo release in almost six years! Bricolage features three forward-thinking original tracks that will no doubt be another paradigm of the Detroit background he’s emerged from. Preview one of the new tracks now before it’s official release on October 27th! Read the rest of this entry

Sunday School: An Intimate Musical Experience At A Not-So-Intimate Festival

The Main Stage @ Mysteryland USA

The Main Stage @ Mysteryland USA

Memorial Day Weekend has taken on a completely different meaning to the lovers of live music, and it would seem everyone got their own little piece of heaven this weekend, especially the techno junkies (guilty). From the furthest depths of the underground to big stage DJ’s, everyone got their fix as hundreds of performers from around the world shared bills at multiple festivals across the country last weekend. Detroit celebrated the annual Movement Electronic Festival with a seemingly endless bill of top-notch producers. Once again, Insomniac took over New York City with this year’s initial Electric Daisy Carnival. Then there was the Mysteryland Electronic Music Festival held in Bethel, NY which made history both with it’s first US appearance, and as the first camping event on the original Woodstock grounds since 1969! While it is true that the title slightly reminisces some pop star’s mansion that you’d never let your kids near, this fest actually proved to be really unique.

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Jimmy Edgar, House Music Extraordinaire


In the spirit of bringing you authentic beat makers and live performers, we’ve got a real gem for you today. Detroit-based Jimmy Edgar performed at Dimensions festival earlier this fall, and let me tell you, this guy is really unique. Detroit it notorious for being ground zero to house music and this artist proudly carries that legacy with admiration. This guy throws a true party, and with integrity. You can listen to the performance below.

House music has lost its momentum in recent days, after breaking the mainstream, artists like Deadmau5 and Guetta have completely skewed the genre into something unrecognizable. It’s all radio pop now and the Lamens don’t want to hear it unless it’s on the Ultra headlining bill. So seldom do I hear something that gets the boots shakin’ but it makes the search of true genius a much more fulfilling endeavor. Well I’m going to sleep like a baby knowing this artist won’t disappoint you. Let the troglodytes listen to their Tiesto.

Simply put, Jimmy Edgar gives no impression of fooling around. His track selection and releases are quite tasteful, reveling in the spirit of true old-school house and keeping the flow just right. Propelling forward with innovation though never disconnecting from his Detroit roots, he seamlessly captures the perfect balance of digital assault and relentless basslines with an almost jazzy /hip-hop undertone. His live performances are on point, and of course I wouldn’t write about him if he didn’t posses a unique quality. Aside from the flawless continuity of his mixing skills, he performs on live synthesizers in addition to the standard 1’s and 2’s. Edgar works the floor like few others can, and his speed and technicality on the keys are more than impressive. Red Bull Music Academy was kind enough to release his Dimensions set, and you can get here on T&A. Enjoy!

And if the mix isn’t enough, here’s some behind the stage footage of him performing his skills live