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The New Deal: Spring Dates In Northeast Announced!


Spring is in the air…well at least the notion of it is. While the rest of the country flips out over Bruce Jenner and shovels snow out of their driveway, we’ve got our heads in the distant sunshine. That’s partly because The New Deal just added some live tour dates in the Northeast this April. After they take of care of things in Colorado, they’ll be hitting Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and more importantly two nights at the Brooklyn Bowl! It seems like the Toronto-based live techno group is sticking around for another year (they just got back together after a 2 year hiatus). Those Brooklyn gigs are going to explode too. Don’t worry, you could take refuge in the bumping walls of the Output nightclub, located just across the street. Yes, those are the makings of an epic night on town indeed. Take a look at the dates here and start planning your Spring with us!



Lotus Tour Hits New England This Week!

Lotus (10-30-2011) Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OHLet’s give it up for an epic “Jam-uary 2015” guys! I’m not positive if that’s actually a real thing or not. If it is, then what could be better than a Lotus tour to close out the month?! Their stops in Vermont, Boston, and Connecticut this weekend are still only the beginning of a four month stretch of shows, one of the longest running tours of their career. Such a commitment to the asphalt might seem overwhelming to some, but these guys are killing it to be frank. The great thing about jambands and improv-acts is that the more they play, the better they get. I suspect after a week’s worth of “warming up”, these guys will be riding a mean wave by the time they get to Boston on Friday night. Check out a fan video of their recent performance in Pittsburgh >>>

Unlike a lot of other bands in their class, you can almost always count on Lotus to deliver. Over the last few years this Philly-based electronic jamband seems to have really found the sound they’ve been looking for. They’re taking more risks in their improv, their song-writing is getting more intricate, and they’re taking the old material to new places with considerably developed jamming (that’s “improvising” to the Lamens). Mike Rempel is still good at weirding you out with over-abundant eye-contact, but he’s also shredding the funk better than ever. With Electron being back in the picture, drummer Mike Greenfield is the most live getting practice he could ask for. A lot is happening for this quintet, and this tour is a huge testimony of that. They put the work in and that’s what counts these days. You can tell they practice, and that they’re serious about what they do and don’t take it for granted. They’re locked into their music 100% of the time, regardless of taste or quality, although they shine in both contexts. If The Disco Biscuits or Phish have taught jam-fans anything, it’s that we shouldn’t take them for granted either. Every show is a new adventure into the funky, jam-fueled Cosmos. Head out to one of the dates below and you’ll see what I mean. Who could ever take such a thing for granted? (wink wink)


Starship Connection Debut On Boiler Room!


Oh here we go. One of San Francisco’s best kept secrets is hitting the small screen- The Starship Connection have made their live Boiler Room debut, and the video was just posted on BRTV! California’s Bay Area has become a cultural hot-spot for all things funk and disco in the last decade or so. This duo, composed of Frite Nite Label founder B.Bravo and partner in crime Teeko, is a thriving paradigm for that community. Those roots are merely a launching pad for their music though. Starship is Bravo’s successful attempt at touching on his roots while expanding on them through a live music format, a format he felt that DJing inhibited. Armed to the teeth with synthesizers, MIDI’s, and bass (oh my!), his live electronic act is anything but predictable. Watch their diverse performance of disco, West Coast funk, and dub intertwined into an almost seamless set to see what we mean!

Watch The Starship Connection – LIVE on Boiler Room!


Lotus Announce Massive Tour In Early 2015!


Lotus just announced a massive 32-date Winter Tour, starting in January 2015 and ending in March! Get ready for a synth-heavy, guitar-shreddy, jazzy good time ladies and frogs. Things have only been going up for this band lately. The recent success from their Talking Heads: Deconstructed shows last summer will only add to the momentum they’re no doubt coming at us with. Since the turn of 2013 they’ve hit a stride that hasn’t let up. They’ve always had talent obviously, as years of sold-out shows will prove, but they seem to have really found the sound they’ve been looking for in recent years. The new material is becoming more dynamic, and they’re Read the rest of this entry

Tiga Hits The Cover Of Mixmag, Exclusive Mix Below

10614273_10152655490155837_7322468557158421644_nUsually we’d leave it to Mixmag to tell you about stuff related to, well, Mixmag. We can’t resist sharing the labor of bringing this month’s cover mix however. Each month the electronic media giants feature a new artist on the cover, and with it an exclusive mix they’ve put together for the occassion. For October’s issue, they’ve chosen Tiga, one of house music’s longest running, and consistent icons to date. This guy likes to keep things modest, but he’s been leaving his mark on music for decades. When he does have something to say, it’s probably something you should take time to hear. Listen to his exclusive cover mix now!

Tiga  (n) [tee, gah’/] – a cheeky electronic music producer from Montreal who specializes in variations of extraterrestrial house music and robot mating calls.


Never Forget The “LIVE”

Never forget the unique or the true. Never forget the moment makers, nor the emotion. Never forget the genuine, the honest and the authentic. Never forget why we are here ladies and gentlemen…

…never forget the “LIVE”!

The Bays are an English live electronic/jazz group who only play live. They have no studio work whatsoever, and each performance is completely improvised. Because of this unique method of music making, the group has become widely known and respected, and consequently unknown. The Bays represent the fundamental core of what makes music so great, and that is a moment, a moment which can never be replicated.

Artist Spotlight: Starship Connection

starship-connectionOk, this time around we’ve got something special for you guysSan Francisco has been spitting out the funky beats for decades, and the local scene there is sounding better than ever. From the Grateful Dead, to The Beat Broker, to B.Bravo and his Frite Nite label, the city has never fallen short of great musicians. This week Tits & Acid would like to shine the spotlight on The Starship Connection

The Starship Connection is a heavy hitting four piece electronic funk band from the Bay Area. Composed of a bass player, keyboardist, and two  synthesizer/MIDI players, their modern presentation of the style is both uniquely appropriate, and executed with precision. Picture Chromeo if they had four members and were all on a copious amount of Valium. Their beats sound like 90’s influenced cosmic funk that blankets the nerves and turns your limbs into puppets. Considering the arrangement of instruments, the limitless potential of those instruments, and the ability to implement snap decisions on stage as a live band, these guys are far from predictable.

Listen to The Starship Connection perform live @ The Star Theater on RBMA

304629_279117312197596_1741987955_nB.Bravo has been bringing his interstellar grooves to the Bay Area for years and is no stranger to the West Coast. Since starting out as an aspiring producer/live performer years ago, he has built himself a reputable beat-making empire and earned nationwide praise for his works as a musician. Following the formation of his Frite Nite label, he has shared the stage with Flying Lotus, Dam-Funk, Chromeo, and held top billing spots at events like SXSW Festival. Never complacent in one particular area of music, most noteably DJing, he and fellow Frite Nite member Teeko set out to form The Starship Connection in early 2012.

They can lay it down slick and smooth or heavy and proper, whether you’re driving down the dark rainy freeway or hitting the dancefloor its all there and its all done right before your eyes. Keep an eye out for TSC and any other Frite Nite artists in your area. Still slightly under the radar, if you’re ever in the Bay Area you’d be wise to look these guys up.

Watch The Starship Connection Performing “The Roll Out” for Pitchfork Tv

Ideal Digitalism Bash at the Yost Theater

My shot from the Yost Theater 9/5/12

In the midst of their California take-over, Digitalism rocked the house at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana Wednesday night, and T&A was lucky enough to catch it! Comprised of Hamburg’s Jens Moelle and İsmail Tüfekçi, and comparable to a post-modern Daft Punk, Digitalism has respectively been on the electronic radar for almost ten years now.  Their phenomenal debut album Idealism made them instant giants, perpetually recognized for half a decade on a single album before finally releasing another EP in 2010. Although the duo played a DJ set as opposed to the acclaimed live band performance, the night was far from a letdown.

The Yost was a very impressive place to host the performance for one. Upon entering through the front glass doors you’re greeted by two parallel aisles leading downward to the general admission area; an upper dance floor accompanied by sofas and a full bar(score), and a lower level. The walls are covered in red drapes, giving one a faint sense of culture in the atmosphere, which doesn’t hurt at an 18+ DJ event. The stage was pretty serious. Although a smaller theater, a stage-wide visualizer screen stretched over the front of the DJ booth with Go-Go girls dancing away atop each side. An LED backdrop erupted with a plethora of colorful animations behind the stage, and radiant lasers bounced off two disco balls fashionably hovering above the stage for optimum stimulus. Most importantly, THE SOUND QUALITY. Few events come to mind that could beat it. I could hear the person next to me perfectly, all the while the music was incredibly loud and every single note permeated with crystal clarity. It was like an IMAX for techno. Easily one of my favorite venues.

My own shot taken at the Yost Theater 9/5/12

At about midnight the stage went black, and their logo appeared across the booth and backdrop. You knew what time it was. Digitalism opened with a super spacey “digital” tune, building the mood with such a professional finesse, I mean these guys really had you before you knew it. Not to be taken lightly either, they tore into some high-octane house and nullified any challenge of predictability. Amid a compilation of tech-house beats and their own remixes, they dropped classics such as “Idealistic” , “Pogo”, and “Zdarlight”. Electrifying build-ups kept the energy surging, especially with a dedicated fanbase to hit the peaks with unanimous enthusiasm. Despite being a DJ set, it was mostly composed of their own tracks and edits, and their ability to unleash the right amount of intensity down to every note and calculated execution made it irrelevant at the time anyways. The tracks were certainly tasteful and delivered in a style that mirrors their live show. Crispy house rhythms fused with the trance beauty that Digitalism does so well. Whats great is that the place wasn’t even close to selling out, and they still played an over the top show, full of spectacular theatrics and relentless floor killers. This was West Coast indoor at its best.

Still going strong after forming ten years ago with limited releases goes to show you the power and potential musical genius behind the converging of these two German noggins. What keeps them firmly intact in the electronic hierarchy, and what it always comes down to, is their genuine artistic knack for creative uniqueness, and a good live performance. They expertly carry you through serene sequences of digital love and dance rock breakdowns, and continue to persevere with their classic approach in an era of failed, detrimental experimentation.

Digitalism delivered. What more can I really say?