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Adriatique Presents: The Maze Mix

downloadOk folks I don’t know if you heard or not, but things got pretty crazy in NYC last week. We’re talking Peter Gatien-era full-throttle clubland crazy here. Cityfox and Diynamic Music got together to throw what will likely be remembered as one of the greatest parties in the city this year. In what could only be described as an event of true passion, the aforementioned collaborators rented out a warehouse in Brooklyn for an epic 90’s style house party. They invited head-honcho Solomun, Magdaena, H.O.S.H., Adriatique, and even more to play all night with a curated sound-system and state-of-the-art theatrics! Disappointed you missed it? So are we. It’s definitely something worth being sad over. At least we have this though! The recordings may not have surfaced yet, but here is an exclusive mix that Adriatique did for last week’s epic event!


Post-Christmas Ragers Coming Your Way


Our newest employee, DJ Santa

The holidays are a time for loved ones, warmth, reunions- oh and a plethora of live music! Just as soon as Christmas is over, your obligations dissolve and it’s back to your instincts. Throw the leftovers in the ‘fridge, return to ignoring your annoying relatives, and hit the road to Boogieville, USA. Don’t celebrate Christmas? Then you’ve got a head start! It’s not like we want the holiday to be over just yet, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t excited for the aftermath. The parties leading up to New Year’s Eve are always the best. Below we’ve put together a small but ferocious list of some tasty-looking events happening after December 25th. Bands, DJs, even robotic drummers- we have some topnotch live acts for all connoisseurs of dance music coming to the Northeast this weekend!

12.26 Moon Boots ( DJ set) @ Verboten, NY

12.26 Z3 (featuring Ed Mann) @ Bishop’s – Northampton, MA

12.26 Start Making Sense (Talking Heads tribute) @ Middle East– Boston, MA

12.26 Bit Funk/ Escort (DJ set) @ Glasslands – Brooklyn, NY

12.27 Dubfire (DJ set) @ Output – Brooklyn, NY

12.27 Lotus @ Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA

12.28 Lotus/ Kung Fu @ Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA

12.29 Joe Russo’s Almost Dead featuring Phil Lesh @ Capitol Theater – Port Chester, NY

12.29 The Disco Biscuits @ Best Buy Theater – New York, NY

12.30 Joe Russo’s Almost Dead featuring Phil Lesh @ Capitol Theater – Port Chester, NY

12.30 Chromeo (rare DJ set!) @ Output– Brooklyn, NY

12.30 The Disco Biscuits @ Best Buy Theater – New York, NY

#SundayFunday Mixes: Magic Tape 48

Here’s your #SundayFunday mix of the week! In case you missed it, The Magician dropped another ‘Magic Tape’! As always, no tracklist and a free download- enjoy!

This Week At Mixmag: Patrick Topping, Richy Ahmed and WaFF LIVE In The DJ Lab

Hot Creations took over the London Mixmag office for the latest guest spotlight. These three spinsters just finished their b2b2b performance in the DJ Lab, check it out!!! In the elegant words of one of our consultants, “waFF is WaFF-tastic“.

Disco Double Feature: Goldroom & Pete Herbert Releases!!!

We’ve got a double dose of the ethereal funk this evening. This time the music is coming at us from both sides of the Atlantic. London’s cosmic wayfarer Pete Herbert released another installment of his ‘Music For Swimming Pools’ (live) Mix Series! European groove with an sharp British edge to get the floor hopping. This bad boy disco session feels alright friends. It’s all yours below. Check it >>>


Second up we’ve got Goldroom, dropping his new ‘Saguaro Mix’ from LA! A new hour of tropical, pop-soaked disco from one of the true purveyors of that Southern California style. This is his first tape in months so it’s kind of exciting. [FREE DOWNLOAD]

House Special: Phonique

Berlin’s Phonique is known to drop some good beats once in a while. Check out his new “deep tech-house for bedrooms and dancefloors” mix below. Free download coming soon.

Starship Connection Debut On Boiler Room!


Oh here we go. One of San Francisco’s best kept secrets is hitting the small screen- The Starship Connection have made their live Boiler Room debut, and the video was just posted on BRTV! California’s Bay Area has become a cultural hot-spot for all things funk and disco in the last decade or so. This duo, composed of Frite Nite Label founder B.Bravo and partner in crime Teeko, is a thriving paradigm for that community. Those roots are merely a launching pad for their music though. Starship is Bravo’s successful attempt at touching on his roots while expanding on them through a live music format, a format he felt that DJing inhibited. Armed to the teeth with synthesizers, MIDI’s, and bass (oh my!), his live electronic act is anything but predictable. Watch their diverse performance of disco, West Coast funk, and dub intertwined into an almost seamless set to see what we mean!

Watch The Starship Connection – LIVE on Boiler Room!


Side Projects Are Getting Old, Well Maybe Not This One…


Billy & The Kids have officially arrived! The newest side project from jamband land played a solid gig at the 26th Annual X-Mas Jam in Asheville, NC last Saturday. This “super-group” is lead by Bill “Billy” Kreutzmann of The Grateful Dead, and features members from Brother’s Past, The Disco Biscuits, and more. Now that lineup certainly looks explosive, but how does it sound? Is this new band going to sweep us off our feet, or are they going just going to remind us of what’s gone? We’re leaning toward the former but we’ll let you decide. Check out this video of them performing The Dead’s “Crazy Fingers -> Bertha” below and see how they stack up! Read the rest of this entry

New Tune From Eric Cloutier Out On Semantica NOW!


Eric Cloutier unleashed his new single “Anaphalantiasis” on the Semantica imprint yesterday. The label just released a new compilation, featuring this Techy gem as one of the exclusives. He was quoted on Facebook yesterday as saying “finally released” when the tune was posted on Youtube. We’re not sure of the story behind that, but we are glad it’s out. Listen to it below and grab the release here!

Cloutier has become an underground legend; a hero to some and an inspiration to many others. Over the years he’s built a reputation for authenticity, especially regarding his live performances. What we love most about him is his unassuming approach to deep house and his Detroit techno roots. When you listen to his productions there is this sense of humbleness and honesty to them, like he has no connection to outside trends and social music patterns. His music isn’t so much a narrative of his creative influences, but more a sonic projection of himself. He’s traded the aggressive attitude of his region for a more enigmatic, soulful style in which he is very much at home. By softening the abrasiveness tone of Detroit techno and implementing those grooves into a Deep House format, Eric has created something new out of something old. You really just have to hear him in order to get a grasp on it. He is the ghost in the machine. The soul in electronic music. Get a taste of his genius with the brand new “Anaphalantiasis”, out now!

Electricano – Promo Mix 12/10/2014 *FREE DOWNLOAD*

Electricano just dropped this new Promo Mix, over an hour of soulful Deep House grooves blended with his characteristic psychedelic aggression. Grab it for FREE below!