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Betoko Drops Summer Heat With New EP


Summer is upon us folks, I heard it myself. It has arrived in the form of a short Mexican-born electronic music producer. Betoko is here to take you out of the cold and into whatever sunlit paradise your imagination deems fit. This week saw the official release of his Phobik EP on Einmusika Records, featuring three brand new original tracks! After a ridiculously interminable winter, the anticipation for summer has been so thick you can smell it in the air. It smells like metallic radiators and dwindling optimism. Fortunately the odor is finally fading, the birds are back north, and that means a seasonal shift in music too. It’s a special thing when a tune takes you to a specific place in your mind. It should be acknowledged, and this track will certainly get it’s praise. Grab your aviators, change your tires, and get ready to hear “Botox” all summer long.

As talented as Beto “Betoko” Cohen is, those skills are relatively particular and his releases don’t typically emanate a sunny vibe. Then again, international techno and London bass never really do. This isn’t an exception to that perception either, but the words “summer track” are still written all over the EP’s third song“Botox”. Thoughts of sunshine and the ol’ Memory Lane aren’t what give this humble banger it’s seasonal vibe. The fact that you’re inevitably going to hear the song in a dozen summer mixtapes from DJs around the globe is what will qualify this as a summer banger. I’m not complaining either, it’s just that good. Here’s a preview to get your feet wet:

There’s a certain lack of ego in this tune that gives it those qualities. It’s classic, not too complex, and genuine, a combination which by defintion is near perfect. Instead of putting pressure on you to like the release, or making failed promises of granduire like MSTRKRFT did with Fist of God, Betoko sticks to what he knows and what he’s good at (which is a lot)- producing authentic techno-influenced music that’s specific to him only. Phobik is his first EP release in over a year, and it’s a huge relief to see he’s still got all that intrinsic moxy left in him. He’s not an old dog, but he doesn’t need to learn any new tricks either. Beto’s approach to music production is adherently metculously and strict. Rather than using pre-programmed sound bites, he turns a simple frequency into a complex and staggeringly original composition like a master of sonic alchemy. That’s why he’s been a model for our criteria since the get-go. We tip our hat yet again to you sir. Head to the link below to get more of the Phobik EP!

Grab Your Copy of ‘Phobik’ HERE!



Betoko Hits The Spot

We have your meat-beats on lock ladies and gentlemen. Don’t eat meat? Maybe you can listen to it then- Betoko hopped on the decks for a set at Beats Buffet, and we’ve got the recording right here, courtesy of Meattransmission! Before you know it you’ll be licking your lips and asking for more, because your spot is about to get hit with a brick. Almost a full hour of deep, techy flame is at your fingertips, waiting to crawl up inside your brain. Get ready to chow down on some Grade A London cuts, because Beto Cohen is the Top Chef of his class. Every ingredient is essential to the finished product, and not a single soundbite is borrowed. His neighbors come to him for the sugar. The man is…an artist.


When Does A Producer Become An Artist?


Ah yes, the quintessential debate that has thrown countless individuals under a compromising spotlight- What qualifies a DJ/producer as an artist? In terms of integrity and musicianship, Electronic music has received more skepticism from critics than any other genre. Who could blame them though? The lack of a clear answer has allowed people like Steve Aoki to be Read the rest of this entry

JUST RELEASED: Betoko Live @ Bar Americas 10.11.2014 *free download*


Betoko released the recording from his set at Bar Americas last month. Download the two hour performance for free below.

Betoko Presents: A Grey Day in May

Did you get a chance to hear the new mix from Betoko? You can stream ‘A Grey Day In May‘ below, and check out this small piece Rolling Tuff did on the release. The article is brief but the writers there have a similar view as us on this artist, and we share mutual sentiments. Unlike the usual guest spots and live recordings he frequently drops, this release was specially crafted for the listeners at home. Betoko has taken us into the abyss before, but this is something else entirely. This is not just a compilation of dark, pulsating house music, it is a sonic journey. Listen as he unravels new layers in both the mix, and himself, surprising us yet again with his versatility. You’d better dive in before he releases something else, the man is always on the brink of dropping new music.

>>Rolling Tuff on Betoko- A Grey Day In May<<

T&A Monday Mixes

Sydney Blu Presents: Blue Radio 056 ft. Betoko

Betoko: Little Miss Darkness


Betoko- Little Miss Darkness EP OUT NOW on Nurvous Records!

Betoko, London’s prince of analogue house music, released a new EP last week on Nurvous Records. Embrace the shadowy comforts of his latest single, “Little Miss Darkness”, paired with a dub version of the title track as well. You can purchase it on Beatport now, and preview the song below!

Listen: Betoko“Little Miss Darkness” (original mix) 

Listen: Betoko“Little Miss Darkness” (dub)

New Betoko Remix

For starters, here’s a BRAND NEW remix from Betoko

Serge Devant and Rachel Starr- You and Me (Betoko Remix)