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New Remix From Solomun Hits All The Notes


It’s all about feeling ladies and gentlemen, and the latest remix from Solomun is a blitzkrieg of emotion. The German producer’s rework of Liu Bei’s “Atlas World” premiered on DJ Mag yesterday, and it is sweet as it is dark. While we love a good floor banger as much as the next music blog, the world is in serious need of artistic direction. Dance music should be viewed like the humans who make it- if it doesn’t have a soul, it’s probably not safe to be around.  It seems that yet again, DIYNAMIC Music is answering the call for quality over calamity, proving once again the future of international techno is safe in the hands of artists like Solomun. Talk is cheap without the walk, so we’ll cut to the sonic chase. Listen to a preview of the track below and head the link at the bottom of the page to see more from the recent issue of DJ Mag! Oh, and did we mention that he has another remix of the tune coming out?! Read the rest of this entry


When Does A Producer Become An Artist?


Ah yes, the quintessential debate that has thrown countless individuals under a compromising spotlight- What qualifies a DJ/producer as an artist? In terms of integrity and musicianship, Electronic music has received more skepticism from critics than any other genre. Who could blame them though? The lack of a clear answer has allowed people like Steve Aoki to be Read the rest of this entry

The Results For DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs of 2014 Are In…

20130719-OUTDOORS-slide-NTT4-superJumboThe votes are in, the polls have closed, and the results for DJ Mag’s annual Top 100 DJs are in. Guetta stays in the top 10, but I don’t imagine that will ever change (that would call for a majority of enlightened listeners). There’s some reasonable choices in the rankings, so it’s not a complete joke. Head to the link below for some cheap laughs, followed by a frightening realization that these “artists” are going to be the ones remembered for making this music 50 years from now. >>>