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Brand New Mix from Denver’s Own Movesayer

Photo Credit: @Jim Mimna

Who else likes to lurk in the shadows of the cosmos at night? Deep in the trenches, when you’re lying still and finally free to digest the experiences of your day. The moment after you crack a cold one, take your socks off, and let gravity seduce your eyes shut. I’m sure we’re not the only ones who enjoy creeping through the depths of consciousness. Movesayer is certainly no stranger to such things. That’s inherently clear in his new conceptual piece ‘Fever Dreams’, which we’re spilling into your ears today. Read the rest of this entry


Why You Don’t Want To Miss Proper Sundays Tomorrow…



     Ending the week on a high note is a custom here in Denver. That tradition is going stronger than ever, perhaps with more concentrated passion than the actual weekend itself. Summer is upon us and it’s time to move outside my friends. As part of the Proper Sundays series, Afterhours Anonymous is bringing the eclectic duo Thugfucker to Beta Nightclub tomorrow afternoon for a daytime shindig! For those of you who haven’t been to these day parties, you’ll notice a refreshing lack of spiked high-heels and overcrowded bottle service tables. Instead you’re greeted with a crowd predominantly made of people who are there for the music and not the potential selfie opportunities with one-night-stands. This event series has produced some of the most quality underground electronic performances Denver has seen this year, and it’s not over yet.  Read the rest of this entry

Mysteryland USA Lineup Announced!

festivalmysteryland4Big news ladies and gentlemen, big news- The artist lineup for the 2nd Mysteryland USA is officially no longer a secret. Before we proceed to give you that information (don’t look down…yet), we want to ask you a few questions first. Are you a fan of underground techno and/or house music? Do you appreciate the presence of grassroots DJ’s who started their careers in the genesis of such music? Do you like really awesome pizza? If you answered “No” to these, we have other articles you might be interested in. If you answered “Yes”, then you might want to set aside a clean pair of underwear before reading the pink pretty page below. Check out the lineup!


Out of all the festival lineups that have recently dropped, this one is our favorite. Sure it’s geared specifically for fans of electronic music, but when they cater to their fans, they cater baby. Unlike Electric Fairy Festival, where the music literally doesn’t matter to the organizers, this event spends big money on every in-demand DJ they can get their hands on during the festival season. As you read down the lineup, the quality vs. demand for any given artist there doesn’t decrease a bit. There’s some garbage, but it’s an electronic music festival and that comes with the territory unfortunately. On the other hand, the mainstream acts don’t really mesh with the underground, which is one of the best aspects of this festival. The organizers have selected some amazing curators to take care of that for you. You’re not going to have a hard time weeding out the good artists with this lineup. It’s a techno-junkie’s wet dream come true, not to mention a plethora of niche acts spread over two days. How could we leave out the gorgeous backdrop of Bethel Woods, NY? These are the kind of lineups we don’t see in America too often, so perhaps we’re just a tad biased. Still, if this doesn’t tickle your fancy a little bit, then you’re either wearing too many layers, or your dead.

>> More Info On Mysteryland USA HERE! <<

LIVE This Weekend: Disco Biscuits Electric Factory Webcast!!!

10432541_10153641414683136_8944875394356057938_nThe Disco Biscuits are headed home for three nights at the Electric Factory this coming weekend! If you can’t make it to the shows in person, then get over the guilt, take the pistol out of your mouth, and start planning your couch tour party. The Philly-based electronic jamband is going to stream the entire run via LIVE WEBCAST! Boom. Every day is a walk in the park here at HoA. Just head to the link below for more info!

>> The Disco Biscuits LIVE WEBCAST From The Electric Factory! < <

March Madness: Gigs With Fur Coat, Maceo Plex, and More Announced At…

storelogoIf you live in the Northeast, there is simply no better time to see electronic music than in the month of March. The weather absolutely sucks, and the asphalt is plagued with open sores and cracks that tear your car to pieces. You’re going to brave it all though, and do you know why? Because the booking, especially in NYC, doesn’t get any better. (more…)

The New Deal: Spring Dates In Northeast Announced!


Spring is in the air…well at least the notion of it is. While the rest of the country flips out over Bruce Jenner and shovels snow out of their driveway, we’ve got our heads in the distant sunshine. That’s partly because The New Deal just added some live tour dates in the Northeast this April. After they take of care of things in Colorado, they’ll be hitting Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and more importantly two nights at the Brooklyn Bowl! It seems like the Toronto-based live techno group is sticking around for another year (they just got back together after a 2 year hiatus). Those Brooklyn gigs are going to explode too. Don’t worry, you could take refuge in the bumping walls of the Output nightclub, located just across the street. Yes, those are the makings of an epic night on town indeed. Take a look at the dates here and start planning your Spring with us!


Lotus 2015 Winter Tour (Part 2): FREE BOSTON WEBCAST!!!


Couch touring has begun and Phish isn’t even on the road yet. Can’t make it to the Lotus shows this weekend? (See previous article below for more tour info) Well then it’s your lucky weekend folks. If you were too lazy to get tickets and move your booty to a venue (just kidding guys), then worry not. The electronic jamband sensation that is Lotus will be doing a FREE webcast from their House of Blues performance tomorrow night! Their guitarist’s overly-awkward eye contact might be missed in your screen’s resolution, but as long as your speakers are functional then you’ve got party potential. Tune into the Yahoo! Live link below and you’re on you’ll be on your way to a crunchy-funk, jam-fueled Friday night! The webcast starts around 9pm!

⇒ Head HERE for the FREE WEBCAST of Lotus In Boston 1/30/2015!!! ⇐


Lotus Tour Hits New England This Week!

Lotus (10-30-2011) Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OHLet’s give it up for an epic “Jam-uary 2015” guys! I’m not positive if that’s actually a real thing or not. If it is, then what could be better than a Lotus tour to close out the month?! Their stops in Vermont, Boston, and Connecticut this weekend are still only the beginning of a four month stretch of shows, one of the longest running tours of their career. Such a commitment to the asphalt might seem overwhelming to some, but these guys are killing it to be frank. The great thing about jambands and improv-acts is that the more they play, the better they get. I suspect after a week’s worth of “warming up”, these guys will be riding a mean wave by the time they get to Boston on Friday night. Check out a fan video of their recent performance in Pittsburgh >>>

Unlike a lot of other bands in their class, you can almost always count on Lotus to deliver. Over the last few years this Philly-based electronic jamband seems to have really found the sound they’ve been looking for. They’re taking more risks in their improv, their song-writing is getting more intricate, and they’re taking the old material to new places with considerably developed jamming (that’s “improvising” to the Lamens). Mike Rempel is still good at weirding you out with over-abundant eye-contact, but he’s also shredding the funk better than ever. With Electron being back in the picture, drummer Mike Greenfield is the most live getting practice he could ask for. A lot is happening for this quintet, and this tour is a huge testimony of that. They put the work in and that’s what counts these days. You can tell they practice, and that they’re serious about what they do and don’t take it for granted. They’re locked into their music 100% of the time, regardless of taste or quality, although they shine in both contexts. If The Disco Biscuits or Phish have taught jam-fans anything, it’s that we shouldn’t take them for granted either. Every show is a new adventure into the funky, jam-fueled Cosmos. Head out to one of the dates below and you’ll see what I mean. Who could ever take such a thing for granted? (wink wink)


Normal Instruments Coming Your Way This Weekend!


Time for a Pants-Off/Dance-Off with one of the jam scene’s best kept secrets- Normal Instruments has hit the road and they’re coming our way! This mini-super group is collectively based in the northeast and features Jules Jenssen and founder Mike Carter of The Indobox, Matt Becket of Cosmic Dust Bunnies, and the key-wizard Jeff Bujak. Separately they all have something to bring to the table, but together they form the perfect storm of 100% IMPROVISED jam-tronica. (We hate that word but with groups like this, describing their sound can be quite tricky, you know what I’m saying?) Just watch this clip from their performance in Philiadelphia last weekend and things will start to fall into place. 

Pretty neat, huh? Mike Carter has an undeniable knack for improvised playing. Back in 2010 The Disco Biscuits chose him to stand in for lead-guitarist Jon “Barber” Gutwillig for a stretch of shows after a wrist injury put him out of commission, which are not the easiest shoes to fill. Matt has been always been a go-to bassist for this type of playing. The ‘Dust Bunnies might not have a far reach, but their grip is firm. Jeff Bujak could do this show by himself, and often does under his own name. He’s been quietly tearing up the Northeast with his episodic soundscapes for over a decade. All of that combines into one unique force, relentlessly propelled forward by Jenssen’s digital and acoustic percussion. Like we said, a perfect storm. If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing these musicians perform, this weekend is a perfect opportunity to get your ears blasted out with dynamite. If you plan actually dancing your pants off though, you might want to consider wearing shorts underneath.

Head to their Facebook for more info on the events >>>