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There’s something about the summer and flashy synthesizers that go so well together. France is no stranger to glamour beats, and Zimmer might as well be their national spokesman on the subject. Tropical synth-pop and night-time disco house merge together in the new ‘Hills’ mixtape from the Parisian electronic producer. Grab the mix for free download below!

SPOILER ALERT: There’s a pretty mean Toto rework in there ūüôā



419897_305343682858788_110402865686205_840410_1193838098_nThe snow is beginning to melt here, and we theorize that it is not because of the approaching spring season, but more so because of the heat from all this new music we’re getting. Zimmer, our French connection to savvy disco-house, dropped his March Mix Tape, titled ‘Birds’. Grab it below, and take it home!

While you’re here, you might as well check this edit he just put up for free download. A self proclaimed classic, this apparently is a¬†tune he frequented in his live mixing. Boogie down friends, or shall we say,¬†Descendre mes amis!

Stream/Download: “Ella” (Zimmer & Amadei Edit)

NEW MUSIC: Eskimo Recordings Alumni


I Love You Mixtape for Eskimo Recordings

Copenhagen’s rising star Brynjoflur is a brand new addition to Europe’s disco mafia, Eskimo Recordings. His first single with the label, “I Love You”, was made as an exclusive for the compilation album ‘The Pink Collection’, in addition he released an EP as well. ¬†Disregard the fact you’ve never heard of him. Like that matters, because you will. The kid is fierce, and nestles nice and snug with Eskimo. Far from a lethargic DJ (we don’t deal with those types), he’s been playing piano since he was a tiny Danish lad and experimenting with house music since his adolescence. This is his first EP¬†and he already has support from Tensnake, Djuma Soundsystem, and the release features remixes from Pharaoh Black Magic, and Peter Visti. His discography is short but saturated with style and zeal. Check out the new “I Love You Mixtape for Eskimo Recordings”¬†linked above, starting off with the title track and over an hour of first class disco-house picks.



Surahn- Wonderful (Aeroplane Remix)

Aeroplane just released a new remix of Surahn’s “Wonderful”,¬†which you can stream now (linked above). This tune is classic Vito (Aeroplane). ¬†To this day he hasn’t produced a track faster than 120 beats per minute, and he has no need to. The melodic piano rolls, the walking bass that just won’t quit, the flashy synthesizers, it’s all there. He has a brand, a patented style, and that is only one of several indications of his talent. After a long career with Eskimo Recordings and a brief hiatus, he founded his own Aeropop label last year. You can see him perform courtesy of FIXED in New York City at the Highline Ballroom on September 27th! The remix will be available for purchase on DFA Records September 24th!


La Crique August Mix Tape

Check out the new ‘La Crique’ August Tape from Zimmer! Summer may be at an end, but that doesn’t we can’t pretend. Zimmer crafted this mix to be “the perfect pool party music”, and meets that goal with much success.


Enjoy the beats folks, it’s a pleasure as always -Cb

Zimmer – Sol√© Fixtape Vol.14

French production extraordinaire Zimmer brings the disco heat in the 14th installment of Sol√© Bicycles “fixtapes”. Featuring tracks from Classixx, Tiger and Woods, Bit Funk, The Magician, as well as a stellar remix and original track from the man himself, Zimmer!


¬†Zimmer –¬†Sol√© Bicycles Fixtape Vol.14