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Disco Double Feature: Goldroom & Pete Herbert Releases!!!

We’ve got a double dose of the ethereal funk this evening. This time the music is coming at us from both sides of the Atlantic. London’s cosmic wayfarer Pete Herbert released another installment of his ‘Music For Swimming Pools’ (live) Mix Series! European groove with an sharp British edge to get the floor hopping. This bad boy disco session feels alright friends. It’s all yours below. Check it >>>


Second up we’ve got Goldroom, dropping his new ‘Saguaro Mix’ from LA! A new hour of tropical, pop-soaked disco from one of the true purveyors of that Southern California style. This is his first tape in months so it’s kind of exciting. [FREE DOWNLOAD]


Goldroom Drops Hypnotizing New Single

artworks-000087658806-vw5bp0-t500x500You’re sitting with a loved one, the month of August closes in around you. As the sun sets even earlier than the day before, you reflect on the troubles behind, and the trials ahead. The high speed summer vibes soon fade into nostalgia, but you still know that the sun will rise again, and shine away your worries. Now Que the dramatic score. My friends, this is that song. This is the background to your existential desires. After much build-up, LA’s prince of trop-pop Goldroom finally unveiled his “Til’ Sunrise” track, featuring Mammals! This is the ultimate ‘end of summer’ tune, you heard it here folks. This is a song for a moment. Listen to “Til’ Sunrise (featuring Mammals)”, the new original by Goldroom below!

Josh Legg, the man behind the Gold, seems to have fully transitioned into an electronic pop sensation. The soul piercing release of his “Embrace” track caught the remix attention of dozens of artists, as well as charts across the globe. We’re certain that this is sure to receive the same accolade. Not only is Legg proving to be one of the most successful stars coming out of LA’s tropical disco scene, but he is truly a man of the fans. When he’s not touring with his live band or taking over club turntables, you can usually find him getting as involved with his followers as possible. He’s always giving away his music. The most noteworthy case of which is this very song. Before dropping his own original mix of the track, he released the vocal stem for “Til’ Sunrise” over a month ago, giving remix opportunities to any artists out there who wished to do so, for free. The electronic world is all about the sharing and spread of one’s music, but it’s pretty cool to give your work away before you have even finished it yourself. When you think it about market-wise, Goldroom is kind of like the Jerry Garcia of electronic disco pop (oh yeah, I went there). I’d be living a lie if I didn’t say, that this song was here to stay. This one goes out to YOU.   -CB

“My dreams are always a world away
I’d be living a lie if I didn’t say
That night I wished for you to stay
Till sunrise”


8009_750441878321548_870127121_nWhat are your plans for tonight? Yeah it’s the middle of the week, but those can be the best shows! As you get older, it gets harder to drive back from a concert you’ve just thrown everything you had into, only to work 8-12 hours the next day. Sometimes it’s just simply worth it though. You deserve to occasionally get down for a one-off musical experience once in a while. If you live near the City, Goldroom will be heading to Rough Trade Brooklyn for a headlining DJ set tonight. After this, LA’s prince of beach-side disco will be hitting the road with his live band again, so you really don’t want to sleep on this mid-week party session!

Wednesday June 25th, 2014


[w/ Lips, and The Mast]

Rough Trade Brooklyn- Brooklyn, New York


Z I M M E R _ M U S I C _ I N S I D E _ > > >

There’s something about the summer and flashy synthesizers that go so well together. France is no stranger to glamour beats, and Zimmer might as well be their national spokesman on the subject. Tropical synth-pop and night-time disco house merge together in the new ‘Hills’ mixtape from the Parisian electronic producer. Grab the mix for free download below!

SPOILER ALERT: There’s a pretty mean Toto rework in there 🙂