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Why You Don’t Want To Miss Proper Sundays Tomorrow…



     Ending the week on a high note is a custom here in Denver. That tradition is going stronger than ever, perhaps with more concentrated passion than the actual weekend itself. Summer is upon us and it’s time to move outside my friends. As part of the Proper Sundays series, Afterhours Anonymous is bringing the eclectic duo Thugfucker to Beta Nightclub tomorrow afternoon for a daytime shindig! For those of you who haven’t been to these day parties, you’ll notice a refreshing lack of spiked high-heels and overcrowded bottle service tables. Instead you’re greeted with a crowd predominantly made of people who are there for the music and not the potential selfie opportunities with one-night-stands. This event series has produced some of the most quality underground electronic performances Denver has seen this year, and it’s not over yet.  Read the rest of this entry


March Madness: Gigs With Fur Coat, Maceo Plex, and More Announced At…

storelogoIf you live in the Northeast, there is simply no better time to see electronic music than in the month of March. The weather absolutely sucks, and the asphalt is plagued with open sores and cracks that tear your car to pieces. You’re going to brave it all though, and do you know why? Because the booking, especially in NYC, doesn’t get any better. (more…)

Back 2 Back Sets From Electricano & Johny Adroit!

Electricano recently teamed up with Johny Adroit for a back to back performance, and the recording is finally available! For about 94 minutes straight, these two producers pull every cerebral ghost beat they see fit from the shadowy depths of their collection. A man can be heard repeating the words “I thought he left the psychedelic stuff behind him” in the background of one of the tracks. It’s almost as if they were repying “No sir, no quite”. Once again Electricano executes his role of the dark passenger on the decks with much class, gracefully adding his signature dark and aggressive Deep House grooves into the mix. Furthermore, his tastes have proven to be pleasantly unpredictable, which is a characteristic you should cherish in today’s world of modern electronic music. Just like his work, he sits in the shadows on the production realm, patiently building toward the payoff. Once he makes his mark, however, it’s impression lingers for a long time. This isn’t the first feature we’ve done on him and it certainly won’t be the last. Enjoy!

Mix Of The Week (end): Ripperton- Defected In The House

The latest Defected In The House podcast series featured the legendary Ripperton on the decks for an exclusive mix. It seems only fitting that a House music staple like this gentleman should team up with one of the genre’s best and oldest labels. Much like the names implies, Ripperton rips, well sort of. The word “rip” seems a bit too abrasive to describe his style. It’s a lot more surgical and precise, perhaps “methodical” would be suit him better. His latest hour of beats cut nice and deep and take the time to sink in. That’s his whole shtick: Instead of bashing your head against the wall with an overzealous bass line, he likes to shake your hand, and let you settle in before taking off. The Ripperton portion of the broadcast starts around one hour into the mix. Enjoy yourselves.


Silky: Live In The Lab

Mixmag asked DJ Silky to stop by for a live set in their DJ Lab this week! When he’s not quietly tearing up the local London club scene, he’s hitting the studio with his companions at My Favorite Robot Records. His name might not be frequenting the Beatport charts, but between the Ray Ban aviators he never takes off and his classic approach to Deep House, he’s as much a rockstar DJ as any. Rather than pumping his fists or chatting it up with a stage full of girls, however, he’s got his head down and his mind in the mix…always. Silky is all flow and fluff ladies and gentlemen. You recognize that sound? Well it’s the underground!


Dashdot Live From Warung! *FREE DOWNLOAD*

OK folks, there’s “hot stuff”, and then there is “hawt stuff”. The new recording from Brazilian house duo Dashdot is “hawt stuff” ladies and gentlemen. These two chaps recently stopped in for a performance at Warung, the international hub for all things live and electronic. What followed could be described as 77 minutes of demented bottle-popping Garage beats. When one thinks of ghetto blasting House music, it’s easy to assume the emotional layering stops at dancing. In the case of Dashdot you’d be a little off though; their approach to the format is charmingly deranged. It’s urban depravity with Thought, and it’s free to download below >>>

Track Of The Day: New Deetron Remix Cuts Deep

There’s Deep House, and then there’s Deep House. And when talking about such things, it’s not strange to hear Deetron mentioned in terms of success of integrity. His new remix of the Headless Ghost track “Let’s Fall” is now fully available, and you can listen to it here. Impressively, this silver-toned devil has managed to turn an already stellar original into a Deep cutting classic. Seriously, the song carries on with an old-school piano laden purity that you just don’t hear often enough these days. Sometimes you can tell a producer extended their track to make mixing less difficult for other DJ’s who might play it, and the end result can be a stale, over-played rhythm. Not in this case though. With this track, the 7+ minutes that it stretches on for doesn’t seem enough. If you had to give it a name, then this remix is, without a sliver of doubt, deserving of the “Deep House” label. Dive in ladies and gents ^^^

This Week At Mixmag: Patrick Topping, Richy Ahmed and WaFF LIVE In The DJ Lab

Hot Creations took over the London Mixmag office for the latest guest spotlight. These three spinsters just finished their b2b2b performance in the DJ Lab, check it out!!! In the elegant words of one of our consultants, “waFF is WaFF-tastic“.

New Tune From Eric Cloutier Out On Semantica NOW!


Eric Cloutier unleashed his new single “Anaphalantiasis” on the Semantica imprint yesterday. The label just released a new compilation, featuring this Techy gem as one of the exclusives. He was quoted on Facebook yesterday as saying “finally released” when the tune was posted on Youtube. We’re not sure of the story behind that, but we are glad it’s out. Listen to it below and grab the release here!

Cloutier has become an underground legend; a hero to some and an inspiration to many others. Over the years he’s built a reputation for authenticity, especially regarding his live performances. What we love most about him is his unassuming approach to deep house and his Detroit techno roots. When you listen to his productions there is this sense of humbleness and honesty to them, like he has no connection to outside trends and social music patterns. His music isn’t so much a narrative of his creative influences, but more a sonic projection of himself. He’s traded the aggressive attitude of his region for a more enigmatic, soulful style in which he is very much at home. By softening the abrasiveness tone of Detroit techno and implementing those grooves into a Deep House format, Eric has created something new out of something old. You really just have to hear him in order to get a grasp on it. He is the ghost in the machine. The soul in electronic music. Get a taste of his genius with the brand new “Anaphalantiasis”, out now!

Electricano – Promo Mix 12/10/2014 *FREE DOWNLOAD*

Electricano just dropped this new Promo Mix, over an hour of soulful Deep House grooves blended with his characteristic psychedelic aggression. Grab it for FREE below!