The Beat Broker – Classy Dancer X (The End Of A Saga)


1618637_10151864459421269_1313956978_nAttention all you lovers of interstellar disco! This afternoon The Beat Broker dropped the 10th and final installment to the Classy Dancer Series, hot off the presses and available for free download now. San Francisco’s underground king of cosmic boogie wraps up 5 years of classy dancing with an epic finale. Don’t be discouraged, he’s merely on to the next groove. Grab the mix below!

Each chapter showcases another step in his musical progression. These are just the Classy Dancer Mixes we’re talking about here too. Ryan Bishop [the Broker] has stacks of originals. His diligence as a producer has only continued to impress us since we got turned onto him several years ago. You don’t see frequent releases from this artist because he puts hard work and meticulous care into his productions, even the DJ mixes. That’s where he started out, but it’s his true passion for music making that separates him from a barroom DJ. When he began this mix series he was just spinning local gigs in the Bay Area. Since then the Beat Broker has come a long way. Now he is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Some of that attention has come from respected labels like Catune, or Bear Funk, which he released his 2013 album ‘Limited Time’ on. What Ichisan is to Slovenia, Bishop is to San Francisco. And like our Slovenian friend, perhaps tBB could follow in the same footsteps as Ichi and combine his his growing audience with a tour!



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