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Brand New Mix from Denver’s Own Movesayer

Photo Credit: @Jim Mimna

Who else likes to lurk in the shadows of the cosmos at night? Deep in the trenches, when you’re lying still and finally free to digest the experiences of your day. The moment after you crack a cold one, take your socks off, and let gravity seduce your eyes shut. I’m sure we’re not the only ones who enjoy creeping through the depths of consciousness. Movesayer is certainly no stranger to such things. That’s inherently clear in his new conceptual piece ‘Fever Dreams’, which we’re spilling into your ears today. Read the rest of this entry


Live This Week In Boston: Dr Fameus (of The Disco Biscuits)

25-atxl1On a scale of one to ten, describe how much it hurts to not see live music. When you’re away from festivals, nightclubs, and summer tour, do you often feel fatigued, run-down, or depressed? Do you find yourself short of breath after long bouts of silence? How long have you felt like this? OK, now just turn and cough please. OK I know where to go for help, there’s a doctor right down town. You can always talk to me. Dr.Fameus is making a house-call at the Wonderbar this Wednesday, and he’s ready to remedy, my friends.

You may know him as a sort of robotic octopus being. You might know him as the current drummer of The Disco Biscuits, widely recognized for his quick draw of the sticks, handsome smile, and ability to write some killer setlists. His parents usually refer to him as Allen Aucoin. When he’s not touring with the Biscuits (which gives him a lot of free time), this assiduous musician still performs and keeps the momentum rolling. The Fameus project features Allen playing solo over programmed segments on Ableton Live, and sometimes performing with various special guests in the process. The programmed loops leave a lot of room for improvisation and the man basically goes nuts. While this format isn’t overly complicated, the Doctor is. What you’re seeing has plenty of substance. He tears through several styles of drumming at hyper speeds, and with an uncanny sense of time signatures and measurements. It’s really quite amazing to stand right in from of him, and still fail to follow the details of his precise movements.

With tDB having just announced six new gigs this coming September, it looks like the Doctor will be hitting the road for some bar room warm-ups. Hop over to the Wonderbar in downtown Boston tomorrow night, tickets at the door!


The Doctor Is In… Saturday 3/22/2014

b_smAllen Aucoin, the quick handed drummer of The Disco Biscuits, is bringing his solo project Dr.Fameus to Western New York this Saturday, March 22nd! This is a great opportunity to see the bionic man do his thing in a smaller, more personal environment. We’d all love to see TDB tour again, but after a great couple of runs in Philadelphia and Colorado, and we’ll have to ride those recordings out for the time being. The Doctor is a blast to see live if you haven’t yet. Musically it’s nothing boundary breaking or innovative, mostly just Allen, in his raw form, playing over loops on Ableton Live. However, it is Allen Aucoin, so you’ll be watching one of the most mechanically fierce, and agile drummers of our modern day, drop those sticks like a madman right in front of you. It won’t cost you much either, you can find tickets in the link at the bottom of the post.

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