CITY BISCO: The Disco Biscuits & Ichisan

Disco-Biscuits-2-600x400The bill for this weekend’s City Bisco is stacked high with heavy hitting artists. People will have the opportunity to see four sets from The Disco Biscuits, as well as performances from Gigamesh, Method Man & Redman, Emancipator, Treasure FingersShpongle(who just released a new album), Twiddle, and much more. From the reviews so far of the The Biscuits’ performance in Baltimore this evening, the next two nights should turn out to be an epic run from the electronic jamband. We’ll be coming back with reviews on the shows and possibly some interviews too, have a safe weekend!

A couple weeks ago Eskimo Recordings released a compilation album titled, ‘The Pink Collection’. Slovenian electronic artist Ichisan produced an exclusive track for album called “Jugoton, which you can listen to below. Several months ago we published an article about Ichisan, which he chose to be featured in his section of the album insert. So this weekend we’ll be journeying to Philadelphia for City Bisco to catch up with him at his first US appearance! Friday night at the Blockley he’ll share the late-night bill with Australian disco outfit The Swiss(DJ set) and Kung Fu, and Saturday he’ll be joining up with LA’s Plastic Plates, and the instrumental Brother’s Past project, BpM!

You can view the original article on Ichisan here.

You can view the album insert of the Eskimo Recordings compilation ‘The Pink Collection’, featuring Ichisan here.



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