To support his newest release ‘Even Tundra, Benji Vaughan, aka Prometheus, will be playing at  SRB Brooklyn this month! On September 20th in the empty warehouse district of Brooklyn, New York, this venue will be host to yet another prestigious electronic event. The show will feature a headlining DJ set by Younger Brother and live performance by Prometheus, as well as five circulating openers. Minus a few random gigs a year(if that) with various acts, Vaughan hasn’t made an appearance of this magnitude in the Northeast since Camp Bisco VIII 2009, where he also shared the bill with Younger Brother. The venue is excellent too. They definitely pack the place up when the bigger acts are booked, but there’s a lot of floor space. Other than one little adjacent dive bar and the very nearby subway entrance, there’s nothing but street lights and shadows for blocks. Sounds scary but it’s not folks we assure you.

>>Watch Prometheus Live in Moscow 2011<<

Twisted Records is celebrated for it’s unique collective of musicians, and the originality of each of the artists signed. The two acts billed are both creators of hauntingly beautiful psytrance and experimental electronics. Both dismiss any notion of boundary and push the envelope with every track they produce, and both have Benji Vaughan behind them. He’s a mad scientist. This will definitely be an interesting, and very weird evening. ‘Even Tundra’, available now, is the first solo album he has released as “Benji Vaughan”. The material on his new solo project is a lot more ambient and exploratory, a step in a different direction from the dark and intensely melodic psytrance of the headlining Prometheus moniker. What mix of musical sorcery will take place is up to you to find out. His set alone is worth attending. As a musician himself, and literally the supervising album producer at Twisted Records, his experience shines on stage. No gimmicks, straight to the point.

He will also be doing a DJ set as Younger Brother which has the potential to be epic. The group was founded as a “psytrance supergroup” of sorts by him and Simon Posford (Hallucinogen, Shpongle) but various other members have been involved as well, such Marc Brownstein of The Disco Biscuits, Tom Hamilton of Brother’s Past, and Joe Russo. The last album, titled ‘Vaccine’, was very focused on vocals and song writing, leaving out a lot of the characteristics of their previous work. However, they are currently working on a more “electronic” version of the release says YB. No matter how artistic or refined a DJ is, they love giving fans a taste of some fresh productions they won’t find anywhere outside that show. That being said, we’re sure that some of the new material will be heard, it is the theme of the night after all. Feel free to express your anger if we’re wrong too, we have a wonderful comments section. Hope to you all at the show!

>>Benji Vaughan- ‘Even Tundra’ CD on Soundcloud<<

Event Website: http://srbbrooklyn.com/


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