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Asheville Police Shut Down STS9 Show Last Night

10659236_10152789624382710_4848020673671108438_nAsheville, NC was the site of some not-so-great jamband debauchery last night. Just after midnight on October 26th, local police shut down the STS9 performance at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium. After 7 patrons were rushed to the hospital for confirmed overdoses, and 4 others landed in Police custody, officials ended the concert early for security reasons. The fans present didn’t take the news too well, as bottles and various items were being thrown at police officers. Not long after that, social media outlets and various message boards were buzzing with furious posts and pictures of fans allegedly convulsing and falling ill. Police comments confirmed that drugs were the cause of last night’s calamity. Many fans seem to claim that some particularly malignant substances were being circulated under the guise of something else. We won’t release the names like other sites have, but the charges being pressed on the currently-incarcerated don’t typically match such allegations. While irresponsible use of such chemicals is never acceptable, knowledge is power folks. We’re not condoning substance abuse here, but to each their own. You’re free to live your own lives through what experiences you choose. However, please do be responsible. Times have changed for the better, and instances like these are much more preventable than before. It’s a shame that this happened, and we wish the people receiving medical care the best. If you think someone or someone’s illicit actions are doing outright harm to a person, then alert the authorities. Help your fellow fans experience the same music you love in a healthy and safe way. STS9 posted this reply to the incident an hour ago:

“Hey all, we’re real sorry about last night in Asheville. We were indeed asked to wrap things up a little bit early due to some folks at the show that needed some extra medical attention. We hope everyone is feeling better today. It’s a good reminder to keep an eye on our friends and family out there and try to help everyone make solid decisions. Our thoughts go out to those that need it most right now.” 

Notice how they said “hey all”, instead of “y’all”? It seems their grammar skills have improved quite a lot in David Murphy’s absence.