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James Teej: Subversive Spectacles of Length and Depth

james_teej_0 James Teej just released a new mix for Okini, titled “Subversive Spectacles of Length and Depth” last week. The title is quite an accurate indicator to what you’re going to hear. What we’re showing you here today is a very special compilation of intertwining streams of music. Teej is an adept house/Minimal music producer and performer, and local hero in the underground scene of Toronto, making him one of the top recording and touring artists signed to My Favorite Robot Records. The winds are picking up in Toronto though, and the seeds to his growth as a musician are taking root in other fields.

 This is no ordinary mix ladies and frogs. “Subversive Spectacles of Length and Depth” takes you on very unexpected dive into quicksand, only take away the terror aspect of such an experience. The entire time you’re listening it’s as if you’re perpetually moving forward all the while sinking further into the unknown. If you struggle it pulls you further down, if you remain still you come out alive. Listeners will find reward in beautiful soundscapes, aesthetic grooves, haunting vocals, and a great use of analogue synths over the course of this mix-tape. James Teej may not be your cup of Canadian tea, but the coalescence of emotion and various styles acheived here is pretty impressive.

FREE DOWNLOAD:  James Teej “Mix for Okini: Subversive Spectacles of Length and Depth”

artworks-000058209836-j0x6gd-t500x500Late last September James Teej  collaborated with Sasse and Phonogenic on the song “Tangential”, released on MFRR, in addition to an accompanying remix. This remix is another testament to his transition into psychedelic terrains. The soft vocals, eerie synthesizers, and the classic Minimal build-ups of triplet high hats puts you on edge. That doesn’t make it a bad song; the track has depth to it. It’s not abrasive, but it leaves you with an overwhelming feeling you can’t put your finger on. It’s the esoteric mystery found in both this remix, and his new mix-tape that make them so unique.  James Teej is already a talented performer as seen with his work on MFRR, but this recent jump down the rabbit hole has an endless amount of potential with the technology at hand. No stranger to hard work, his next sonic experiment is sure to pop up soon, and we’re curious to say the least. 

Listen to: “Sasse and Phonogenic ft. James Teej – Tangential (James Teej remix)” HERE!

Minimal is a genre that we just can’t get enough of it. It’s really quite challenging to produce such music well, and thus a little bold don’t you think? Teej puts a nice spin on it with his previous works. The core of the genre and it’s sub-genres is the progression of a small selection of beats, and using those rhythms as a foundation to build on. Without the cluster of over abundant samples and patches, the artist can focus more on the production of each sound being made and utilized as well. What seems like a small amount of layers, can do huge things.  “Big things have small beginnings” right Ridley Scott?