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Lotus Announce Massive Tour In Early 2015!


Lotus just announced a massive 32-date Winter Tour, starting in January 2015 and ending in March! Get ready for a synth-heavy, guitar-shreddy, jazzy good time ladies and frogs. Things have only been going up for this band lately. The recent success from their Talking Heads: Deconstructed shows last summer will only add to the momentum they’re no doubt coming at us with. Since the turn of 2013 they’ve hit a stride that hasn’t let up. They’ve always had talent obviously, as years of sold-out shows will prove, but they seem to have really found the sound they’ve been looking for in recent years. The new material is becoming more dynamic, and they’re Read the rest of this entry


DEEP Radio Presents: Mark Farina Live (ALL VINYL)

WLP0843You order a DJ set? Ya’ wanna’ party? Perhaps this might do the trick then. Last month, DJ Mark Farina visited LA to throw an epic alleyway party off of Hollywood Blvd, and it’s been released for free download! Despite the dominating mainstream glamour that Los Angeles is known for, Hollywood in particular has a surprisingly tasteful underground presence. While Billboard artists were likely filling up the Nokia or the Hollywood Bowl, DEEP Radio hosted an old-school shindig at the King King nightlcub. Farina rocked the place right into Easter Sunday with nearly 4 hours of all-vinyl house music. Grab the recordings below and check it out!

“I look at my job as a modern traveling minstrel, to bring music to as many places as I can, and expose obscure records that, otherwise, might go hidden”. -Mark Farina

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