Betoko Drops Summer Heat With New EP


Summer is upon us folks, I heard it myself. It has arrived in the form of a short Mexican-born electronic music producer. Betoko is here to take you out of the cold and into whatever sunlit paradise your imagination deems fit. This week saw the official release of his Phobik EP on Einmusika Records, featuring three brand new original tracks! After a ridiculously interminable winter, the anticipation for summer has been so thick you can smell it in the air. It smells like metallic radiators and dwindling optimism. Fortunately the odor is finally fading, the birds are back north, and that means a seasonal shift in music too. It’s a special thing when a tune takes you to a specific place in your mind. It should be acknowledged, and this track will certainly get it’s praise. Grab your aviators, change your tires, and get ready to hear “Botox” all summer long.

As talented as Beto “Betoko” Cohen is, those skills are relatively particular and his releases don’t typically emanate a sunny vibe. Then again, international techno and London bass never really do. This isn’t an exception to that perception either, but the words “summer track” are still written all over the EP’s third song“Botox”. Thoughts of sunshine and the ol’ Memory Lane aren’t what give this humble banger it’s seasonal vibe. The fact that you’re inevitably going to hear the song in a dozen summer mixtapes from DJs around the globe is what will qualify this as a summer banger. I’m not complaining either, it’s just that good. Here’s a preview to get your feet wet:

There’s a certain lack of ego in this tune that gives it those qualities. It’s classic, not too complex, and genuine, a combination which by defintion is near perfect. Instead of putting pressure on you to like the release, or making failed promises of granduire like MSTRKRFT did with Fist of God, Betoko sticks to what he knows and what he’s good at (which is a lot)- producing authentic techno-influenced music that’s specific to him only. Phobik is his first EP release in over a year, and it’s a huge relief to see he’s still got all that intrinsic moxy left in him. He’s not an old dog, but he doesn’t need to learn any new tricks either. Beto’s approach to music production is adherently metculously and strict. Rather than using pre-programmed sound bites, he turns a simple frequency into a complex and staggeringly original composition like a master of sonic alchemy. That’s why he’s been a model for our criteria since the get-go. We tip our hat yet again to you sir. Head to the link below to get more of the Phobik EP!

Grab Your Copy of ‘Phobik’ HERE!



New Podcast From Raxon!

Raxon, rax-off, don’t forget to breathe, very important Daniel-son.”

If Mr. Miyagi was a real person in the modern day, do you think he’d incorporate house music into his martial arts training? It can be quite physical. Maybe he could start teaching all of those terrible dancers we see at the clubs some decent moves. (We don’t actually discriminate against bad dancers. Everyone’s guilty of a poorly executed robot at least three times in their life. We do discriminate against bad taste though.) I’m pretty sure I’d be a blackbelt, but who could say? What I do know for sure is that this newest Raxon tape is absurdly ninja-like. Zen meets zap, mind meets grind, check it >>>



New From The Boiler Room: Solomun Live in Tulum


People-watching is some of the best mind-numbing entertainment around, if you’re in the right place at least. The Boiler Room has always provided us with some classy dancers to laugh at (not to mention some epic music). From the famous “Ellum kid”, to the “crazy ginger girl”, they’re all passionately making fools of themselves to the soundtrack of the world’s best electronic artists. In reality, however, you’re just getting a glimpse of what you actually look like on the dance floor. There’s no shame in happiness though. In the modern age of live streaming cultures and homeland security, it seems like self-conscious tendencies and public humiliation are fairly moot concepts anyways. If you’re a true live music junkie, then you’re probably on record somewhere in the Youtube Sea. So you might as well just let loose, turn the subs up, and watch Solomun throw the people of Tulum into a rhythmic fervor with his massive 2 hour set. It’s hilarious, it’s moving, it’s got a mean beat to it, and it’s the future of music folks.

Preview The New Electricano Remix!

Vladimir Ivanoff, aka Electricano, just did this little work of Telekollektiv’s “Robot Noir”, which you can preview now! The remix is out next month on Spring Tube, and it is a certified rumble in the deep dark jungle folks. It’s like dropping acid in the Amazon, only in the comfort of your own home. Massive waves of imperial shadows echo against the backdrop of a fierce bass and percussion collaboration. Picture a dim bed of hot coals, illuminating more as the wind passes through. Listening to it makes you feel like you’re engaged in some sonic rite of passage. In reality, however, it is a beautiful example of where international house music is going. Check it out!

Watch Jamie Jones and Seth Troxler B2B at CRSSD Festival!

What happens when you put two legendary DJ’s on a sunny San Diego festival stage together? Well ask yourselves folks- what happens when you light a stick of dynamite? What happens when you give Paris Hilton too much alcohol? What happens when it rains in Southern California? Explosions, sex, and a lot of dancing is what. And that’s pretty much what we got when Jamie Jones and Seth Troxler decided to throw down a back to back heater at the CRSSD Festival last weekend (which had one of the best American lineups we’ve seen so far this year). It’s like a celebrity death-match of electronic music icons, we just need Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond to MC. On the left we have Jones- a UK-born, palm tree-loving House producer. On the right we have Troxler- an often naked, mustachioed menace with a permanent place in the history of Detroit Techno. Punches are thrown. Acid is dropped. Did we mention the transition into a beautiful California sunset? Watch it the whole thing below, courtesy of Mixmag >>>

Morning Mix Sessions:

I C H I S A N – S A V A N N A   M I X T A P E (NEW!)



Mysteryland USA Lineup Announced!

festivalmysteryland4Big news ladies and gentlemen, big news- The artist lineup for the 2nd Mysteryland USA is officially no longer a secret. Before we proceed to give you that information (don’t look down…yet), we want to ask you a few questions first. Are you a fan of underground techno and/or house music? Do you appreciate the presence of grassroots DJ’s who started their careers in the genesis of such music? Do you like really awesome pizza? If you answered “No” to these, we have other articles you might be interested in. If you answered “Yes”, then you might want to set aside a clean pair of underwear before reading the pink pretty page below. Check out the lineup!


Out of all the festival lineups that have recently dropped, this one is our favorite. Sure it’s geared specifically for fans of electronic music, but when they cater to their fans, they cater baby. Unlike Electric Fairy Festival, where the music literally doesn’t matter to the organizers, this event spends big money on every in-demand DJ they can get their hands on during the festival season. As you read down the lineup, the quality vs. demand for any given artist there doesn’t decrease a bit. There’s some garbage, but it’s an electronic music festival and that comes with the territory unfortunately. On the other hand, the mainstream acts don’t really mesh with the underground, which is one of the best aspects of this festival. The organizers have selected some amazing curators to take care of that for you. You’re not going to have a hard time weeding out the good artists with this lineup. It’s a techno-junkie’s wet dream come true, not to mention a plethora of niche acts spread over two days. How could we leave out the gorgeous backdrop of Bethel Woods, NY? These are the kind of lineups we don’t see in America too often, so perhaps we’re just a tad biased. Still, if this doesn’t tickle your fancy a little bit, then you’re either wearing too many layers, or your dead.

>> More Info On Mysteryland USA HERE! <<

Betoko Hits The Spot

We have your meat-beats on lock ladies and gentlemen. Don’t eat meat? Maybe you can listen to it then- Betoko hopped on the decks for a set at Beats Buffet, and we’ve got the recording right here, courtesy of Meattransmission! Before you know it you’ll be licking your lips and asking for more, because your spot is about to get hit with a brick. Almost a full hour of deep, techy flame is at your fingertips, waiting to crawl up inside your brain. Get ready to chow down on some Grade A London cuts, because Beto Cohen is the Top Chef of his class. Every ingredient is essential to the finished product, and not a single soundbite is borrowed. His neighbors come to him for the sugar. The man is…an artist.


#Sunday Funday: Sexy Disco Time Edition w/ Miguel Campbell

It’s sexy disco time ladies and gentlemen. Nothing kicks off your weekend like some silky disco-house, and Miguel Campbell is the turntable Lothario we’re turning to for the job. The 10th installment of his Radio FG mix series dropped recently, check it out! Out of all the guys at Hot Creations, this DJ is the most consistent in terms of style. You know what you’re going to get with Miguel, unlike some of the other beach bums on his label that we won’t name. If you take away the ambiance of neon tank tops, vodka-red bulls, and Ibiza drug binges, who will be left to stand the test of artistry? We suspect that Miguel would still be in the shadows of a dimlit club in London, spinning glamor-gold for all the remaining connoisseurs of dance music. There’s a good level of cheese, but hey that’s what disco is all about right? He adds a signature edge to it that can’t be beat. When it boils down to his production and the reputation he has built around it, Campbell is all killer and no filler. Underneath that baseball cap he fancies so much, is a hard-working brain with an actual musical objective.



Ichisan Sends More Musical Love From Home

Our man Ichisan steps up again- This artist simply doesn’t quit. It seems like he’s always in the studio working up some interstellar magic. Check out this exclusive podcast he did for the Slovenian record label/festival-combo Stiropor! It’s good to know his community appreciates him as much as ours, as that’s not always the case with some artists. Press play and do your thing folks, the download is FREE!